Some days, I just want to be a Honey Badger.

I don’t know who Randall is, but he’s wicked funny in his interpretation of the Honey Badger. Warning! There is explicit language in this video, not a lot, but if you have kids in the room, watch it later when they’re napping. You definitely want the sound on, otherwise it’s just a boring nature video.

We have a tendency in our house to quote movies and T.V. shows. Can you guess what our new quote is at Etherton House? What would be your favorite from this clip?


5 thoughts on “Some days, I just want to be a Honey Badger.

  1. You have to give him credit, he is persistent. Oh Tameri this was so funny. Thanks for the good laugh. I’m going to share this with my family (adult kids) hmmm…. I wonder if your family and my family will be saying the same thing?

  2. What is the quoete you liked from the clip?

    It was a very funny clip. If I had to pick a quote from the clip it would be:
    The honey badger just going to pass out for a few minutes and then it’s just going to get right back up like nothing happened.

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