Two of the best friends a girl could have.

It’s Monday, so it must be Magical and I thought I’d introduce you to two members of my family that make every day magical.

Sleepy puppies in my office. They are not very a-musing right now.

Dogs are the coolest. You can teach them tricks, take them places, you can even teach them to talk. Well, some people can, I don’t seem to have that magic touch. We’ve got two dogs in the Etherton House: Zora and Ganon. For you Zelda fans, yes, they are named after the video game. I’m kind of a huge Zelda freak, but that’s a whole other blog!

Back to the dogs.

The big guy is Ganon – he’s an Australian Shepherd and possibly the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned. I’m thinking about taking him to Therapy Training so that he can go to hospitals and let kids lay all over him. That would be Ganon Heaven.

The little dog in the picture is Zora – she’s a Jack Russell and would fail Therapy Training miserably. She’s mama’s dog and don’t no one try to tell her otherwise. If anyone tried to hurt me I would fear for their lives before my own. She’s little, but those jaws are powerful.

These dogs are more than just pets. They’re our walking partners, beach buddies, hiking pals, snuggle buds, and best of all, they are our best secret keepers. I tell my dogs everything. Sure, their advice usually revolves around bacon, but sometimes there’s a gem amidst all the slobber. I’ll have a funny video on Friday about a dog and bacon, make sure you come back to check it out!

Someone once told me I was nuts to have a Jack and an Aussie together, but they’re great playmates and while yes, they are wicked smart, they use their power for good and not evil. Except that one time Zora got into the chocolate covered espresso beans. Again, that’s a whole other blog. Suffice it to say she’s fine and no, she didn’t learn a lesson.

After a couple of edits, I like to read my novel out loud and my dogs make an excellent audience. They never whine or complain or tell me the pacing is too slow. Usually, they just sleep (refer to picture above). I have to skip over words like ‘treat’ or ‘walk’ because those just gets them too excited.

I’ve heard that the simple act of petting a dog calms us and releases endorphins in our brain saying we’re happy. Maybe so, but all I know is that it’s way easier to snuggle with a dog than a horse or lizard. And forget about cuddling a fish. No pun intended.

What is your chosen pet? Do you tell all your secrets to them? If your pet could speak to you, what do you think they would say? I know mine would say, ‘more bacon please’. Is there a fantastical creature you wish could be your pet? A dragon, perhaps?


10 thoughts on “Two of the best friends a girl could have.

  1. I’m a cat person but appreciate dogs too. If I could have any sort of pet, woolly mammoth please. It’s a minor obsession.

    My aunt volunteered at a senior home for many years and took dogs/cats/rabbits/goats for visiting day. It was wildly popular and so enjoyable for the residents. It wasn’t practical for them to have pets but they loved handling and snuggling the animals. One of the cats and the rabbit were like furry slugs, they just draped over whatever appendage they could find and gloried in the attention.

    Sharing a little love with a furry beast makes a lot of people smile.

    • A mammoth? That would be so much fun. Imagine riding through town on one – people sure would give you a strange look. Makes me think of Ice Age. ; )

      I didn’t think about senior homes. That would be a great place to take Ganon as well. Animals really do add so much to our lives and they ask for so little in return.

  2. Cats for me. 😀 Being around animals is definitely medicinal. I went several years between pets and was often miserable. I realized I need a cat in my life who I can love and who will love me back unconditionally.

    If my cat could talk, she would say “get off the computer, I want your lap.” She does talk, though. Whenever I tell her to stop doing something mischievous, she whines at me.

    As for a fantastical pet, I would love a teacup dragon. It wouldn’t grow bigger than my hand, could sit on my shoulder, and would eat all the spiders.

  3. I was always a cat person until I got my duck toller, Tess, 10 years ago. The moment I laid eyes on her, I fell head over heels in love. She’s my baby. I adore and treasure her and she’s been with me through some of the roughest patches of my life. I’d be lost without her and we have a very special bond. If you’ve seen some of my latest blog posts, this past July she ruptured a ligament in her knee and had to have reconstructive surgery. We’ve been doing intense physio (about 2-3 hours a day) for the last 6 weeks. And although it’s been tough and stressful, I couldn’t imagine doing any less for her. She’s a gift.

  4. Tameri, your dogs are adorable! I don’t have any pets at this time, but I promised my kids a dog in a few years, when they can take care of it. In the past I had a miniature bunny — the sweetest thing ever. I loved to play with her and carying her around (she was under 1 pound).

  5. Your puppies are wonderful! I have a rat terrier so I know about the terrier antics. He does listen to my stories but if I’m reading a blog or watching Honey Badger videos and laugh he startles and barks. My daughter has a Border Collie German Shepherd mix. About a month ago she took Sonny for therapy training and they visit the nursing homes in the area. Sonny is a rescue dog and such a gentle soul, it’s fun to hear her stories of his interaction with the residents. Pets are wonderful. Thanks for this post!

  6. I don’t know what I do without my Chewy and Clint. I love them so much that they are my kids. I love the fact that they never tire of my baby talk and kisses, like a 13 year old girl I know.

  7. I love hearing about your pets! Cats, dogs, bunnies, teacup dragons (I so want one!), they really are our children.

    Thanks for sharing your pets with me.

    Natalie, I’m so impressed with all the physio you’ve done for Tess. I know I’d do that too, for my babies.

  8. The puppy, King, would say, “Please, please, just want to cuddle. Pet me. Pet me. Food? Why don’t you like it when I lick you? More food” & lick lick, & then would run off to find something to mouth around and chew, then tear back and try to crawl inside one of us again. “Aren’t all these things my toys?”

    If perchance he is able to settle down with our soft words, and strokes, he can stay in the living room. If he continues to be wild, he has a nice gate to hold him in the laundry room or two and a half acres of fenced yard.

    Buddy is a 5 year old adopted lab, and is pretty calm. He sits in front of my husband and stares at him. “Are you really going to keep me? Honest? Do you love me? Can I have some more food? Can we go swimming? Can’t you do something about that little blond guy? He pesters me all the time to play.”

    Bottom line: our lives are enriched.

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