Bubbles, bubbles, baby, and dog. Wait? Is that Vader? Oh my!

It’s Whimsy Wednesday and everyone needs a little pick me up in the middle of the week. You know, there is just something about a child’s laughter that makes me feel all warm and squishy inside, how about you?

So, I’m looking around youtube for a little giggle and I stumble upon this little sweetie. My dogs jump at bubbles too!

And then I saw VADER with the baby and bubbles. What could be more fun than Darth Vader with a baby laughing at bubbles? Nothing! So here’s that video:

I hope you enjoyed both videos and they gave you a giggle. Happy Wednesday to you!

Now, I’m off to get some bubbles. What’s your favorite way to have a laugh? Jokes? Silly youtube videos? All out tickle fest? Raspberries on bellies?


14 thoughts on “Bubbles, bubbles, baby, and dog. Wait? Is that Vader? Oh my!

  1. Bubbles are awesome. I bought my son and myself these bubble guns that spew bubbles continuously. Love it!

    Glad I could lift your Wednesday a bit, Ladies! Thanks for hanging out and getting a giggle this morning.

    Cheryl, I’ve heard that and my son confirms it is true, the internet is not only made of cats, but ruled by them.

  2. I love a laughing baby…have you seen the video of the two twin toddlers talking to each other in the kitchen? Ah, so cute! I have twin nephews and probably understood better than most that those two really were having a conversation. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Animals too – kitties and dogs can always make me smile if not giggle.

    Great Wednesday pick-me-up! Thanks!

  3. Angela, hmmm, never thought of that. Yeah, ew.

    Tiffany – the one where they say, ‘fluffing’ instead of the bad word? That cracks me up! And then, when the mom comes in they say goo goo gaa gaa. I’ll have to post that one next week.

    Glad it brightened your day.

  4. AWESOME!! That’s exactly what I needed. Love it, and thank you for the pick-me-up. We’re in a Campaign group together, and I’m popping over to say “hi”. Guess I didn’t need to bring along the virtual cheese. *looking at it hungrily* Oh well! More for me. =)

  5. Thanks for finding those! I am short on time, but needed a joyful break, and this did it for me! Darling baby, and dog. But it proves the doggie has no taste buds! Eeeeuuuw. Soap!

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