10 Random Facts About Me

My WANA711 Blogging Sister Angela Orlowski-Peart tagged me to post 10 Random Facts About Me and here they are in no particular order:

1. I used to be all punk rock in my late teens/early 20’s. My favorite hair color was fucshia and I drove around on a Vespa scooter. Good times!

2. I used to get hurt so much when I was a kid they knew my name at the ER. I’m the youngest of five and I was always competing with the big kids.

3. I collect Barbies. I probably have over 100 so far. I need a bigger house.

4. I also collect tiaras and sometimes just for fun, I’ll wear one around the house while vacuuming.

5. I’m a huge Disney fan. I try to go to Disneyland once a month and I’ll get twitchy if it’s less than that. If I could, I’d live in Walt’s apartment above Pirates. In April we went to Walt Disney World and it felt strange to me. Too big, too commercial, too unlike Disneyland. Weird, I know.

6. We have tons of video games in the house, but the only games I’ll play are Zelda. I’ve beaten Ocarina of Time at least 10 times and I cannot wait for Skyward Sword to come out later this year. The only Zelda game I put down was Majora’s Mask. That game sucked. I have a bit of a crush on Link. Again, weird, I know. But seriously, watch this trailer and tell me he’s not dreamy.

7. I don’t follow any sports teams, but come July I’m glued to the TV to watch the Tour de France. Every two years I’m just as fanatical about the Olympics. I tend to pick favorites and take it personally if they don’t win. I’m still heartbroken over Andy Schleck. Next year.

8. My favorite color is pink. As in, my office is pink, my iPod is pink, my iPhone cover is pink. If I could paint the whole house pink, I probably would. And black. I like black too.

9. When Dave retires I want us to live in a little cottage somewhere in the southwest of England. I’d love to have a proper English Garden, but I’m afraid I kill plants.

10. In 2007 we stayed in Scotland for a summer and I drove the length and breadth of both Scotland and England. I was terrified the entire time, but never told anyone. I drove an entire week in the highlands and found out upon returning the rental that I’d hit the tire against a curb and we were damn lucky the tire didn’t blow out. We had to pay one hundred pounds to replace the tire, which in American was about $200. At least we didn’t die on those sketchy roads.

And a bonus fact: I spent three days in Paris and all I remember is rain, losing my daughter at Paris Disney, and gashing my forehead in the pool. I want a do over!

That’s it for me. Now I get to bestow the honor on four others to share their 10 Random Facts. These are four amazing ladies that I’ve come to know through Facebook, Kristen Lamb‘s blogging workshop, and writer’s conferences. They are:

Chastity Bush            Diana Laurance      Jessica Theirrien          Elena Aitken

I hope you enjoyed my random facts. What’s something random or special about you? Come on, everyone has a bit of quirky in them, it’s okay to share with us. We’re all friends and family here, but without the drama.


24 thoughts on “10 Random Facts About Me

  1. That was such fun. I’m posting my ten facts at the end of the week.

    With so many tiaras, I’m glad you actually wear them even if it’s while doing chores :). Definitely do Paris over! You need to have fond memories of touring museums that feed your soul and eating decadent food that nourishes your body.

  2. So interesting and fun, Tameri! I would love to see all your Barbie dolls and tiaras. I’m bummed about your Paris experience, though…you definitely need a do-over Thanks for inviting me to participate–I just put my post up!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Isis and Diana!

    I’m sure I’ll blog about my tiaras and Barbies, so I’ll make sure to put up pictures. OR, you could always vacation in Carlsbad and see for yourself!

    I’m definitely doing Paris over. That weekend was a nightmare. I can’t wait to read your blog, Diana. Heading over there now.

  4. I agree, I grew up in England and I never wanted to drive over there – I still haven’t learned to drive. I love that you vacuum in a tiara sometimes, that sounds so fun. Have you ever answered the door forgetting that you’re wearing a tiara?

  5. Oh my! That was so much fun reading about you! What a wonderful voice you have – you’re so funny and interesting! I love that you wear a tiara while vacuuming!

    I’m a fellow campaigner in the Fantasy group. It’s so great to meet you!

  6. Patricia, thanks! It took me about a month to get which side to drive on in the states. I would ask my husband, am I on the correct side? He’d just laugh and tell me, nope. Ugh.

    Cheryl, Yes! I answered the door to a UPS guy once and he just gave me an odd look. After I signed for the package I passed a mirror and just started laughing. Totally forgot I was wearing it. The one pictured in my header is my current favorite.

    Brenda, Great to meet a fellow campaigner! I’m making my rounds today and will stop by your blog. Thanks for your kind words. Sometimes I’m only funny in my head, it’s nice to know others think I have humor. ; )

  7. From punk to Barbie and Disney??? Well, at least I can agree with liking Zelda games, though Ocarina of Time drove me nuts with the li’l fairy. The game wouldn’t let me shoot her, either 😦 Will be linking you to my site, if you don’t mind 🙂

  8. Quite a switch from your youth to Barbie’s and Tiara’s! While vacuuming! So funny about answering the door wearing it.

    I would so love to tour England and Scotland, special interest in Land’s End in Cornwall, York (recommended by a twitter connection) and the Scottish Highlands. A little more time, and a little more money and maybe ….
    Wishing you a great do-over in France!

  9. Sorry to be so late in responding. Great list of 10 facts. Love the tiaras and bummer about Paris. I’ve driven in California, D.C., Houston, and Dallas but it would blow my mind to drive on the “other” side. I am enjoying the 10 random facts for everyone who has participated.

  10. Hey Meredith! Great to meet you. I’ll stop by your blog and say hello as well.

    Marion and Linda, Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment. I’ve been having a lot of fun reading everyone’s list. We’re all so different and interesting!

  11. Jan, you sound like my kind of gal!
    I hope your trip to Paris is amazing. I’d be happy to come and be your driver, haha. I think they drive on the proper side in France. I forget.
    So glad you popped in for a visit!

  12. Love love love your random facts. Especially the collection of tiaras that you wear sometimes when you vacuum – fantastic! Love it! Barbies, pink, and Disney – girl – you are my hero!

  13. Aw, Angela, I hope you’re all better and don’t have to visit ER’s anymore. I’ve learned my lesson and leave the daredevil stuff to the professionals. My son plays Plants Vs. Zombies and tried to load it on my phone. I hissed at him. I don’t need another time sucker, I’m already addicted to Tiny Towers.

    Natalie, thanks! I like the new look too, but your blog is still my favorite design. I have serious blog envy with you and your pink.

    • I’m much better. 🙂 Now I can go 1-2 years between visits. I have diabetes, so when I get the flu, it’s bad and I need to go in, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started getting sick less often. (Hallelujah!)

      My mom loves Plants vs. Zombies too, lol. She sneaks onto my computer when I’m not home to play it. The good thing about my video game obsessions is they always peter out.

  14. Pink and black are my favorite colors, too! But the sad thing is, I’m still a bit punk/goth. It’s just who I am. Thanks for including me in the 10 Random Things blog. I had a blast posting mine! Oh, and you lucky duck! I’ve always wanted to go to England/Scotland!

    • Really? You know Elena outside of the blogosphere? Jealous! She’s a super woman and every time I read her post I get exhausted.

      I have commitment issues, so a sports show only once a year or once every two years is perfect for me. ; )

      Thanks for commenting. Love, love, love your blog by the way!

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