Whimsy Wednesday Laugh ~ Talking Animals

At Etherton House we often quote the oddest things. Movies, commercials, this hilarious video of animals talking… Yep, we can often be overheard playing the nighttime daytime game, or calling out to Alan, I mean Steve. Do you quote things? Where do you get your inspiration? Watch the video and maybe you’ll find a few more gems to add to your list.

The monkey dentist and the gorilla with flatulence crack me up. Which animals got you laughing?


20 thoughts on “Whimsy Wednesday Laugh ~ Talking Animals

    • Dentist always do that. They ask a question and then say don’t try to speak. Why??? And those giraffes, don’t they hurt each other? Yikes.

      You have one of the best profile pics/avatars I’ve seen on the internet. It always makes ME smile!

  1. Oh my, I just have to share this. They all got me cracking, especially those owls at the end. And the monkey dentist, reminded me so much of my hygienist, that’s exactly what she asks, lol…

    • Myne,

      Really? Your hygienist does that? Too bad you can’t ‘accidentally’ let her see this! Thanks for sharing the video, it’s one of my favorites and always picks me up.

      Great of you to stop by and comment!

  2. Nothing like flatulence to get an embarrassed laugh! The expression on the face of the gorilla was priceless. They were all pretty funny, but the monkey probing the mouth was incredible. I adore the British Accent. Every clip was cute, and made me smile.

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