Techno Chicken!

Last week I brought you the King and Queen of the Techno Challenged and this week I present to you…

Techno Chicken!

If you can make it through the entire video without laughing, we need to have a serious talk. I mean, it’s a chicken – dancing on a disco floor with lasers.

For this festive mix, I’ve made up a strong brew of Fancy Formosa Dragon Oolong black tea because I’ll need my strength. Excuse me while I get my groove on! Enjoy…

What gets you moving or laughing? Do you put on music when no one’s home and dance around the house? Think you’ll add Techno Chicken to your dance repertoire? I know I have!


10 thoughts on “Techno Chicken!

  1. Tee Hee that’s hilarious. With me it depends on my mood. If I’m doing any serious cleaning I put on some Ozzy Osbourne or Clutch or Metallica or something (because I’m an aging rock chick) but if I’m in the mood to dance around I’ll put on some CeeLo Green or Pink or Lady Gaga.

    • Ozzy? Wow, you are a rocker chick! So cool.

      Love, love, love Pink and Lady Gaga. Here’s a little secret – if I’m in the car alone and CeeLo comes on, I don’t say ‘forget you’, but the naughty line and I yell it real loud. Very therapeutic. ; )

      I love it when you stop by and share with us.

  2. LOL – total riot – I loved it. Hubby and I had a good chuckle and enjoyed a little techno chicken! I absolutely dance around the house. Sometimes I even sing into my vacuum and listen to the fans roared outside my window. Always makes me smile…LOL!!!

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