Wednesday Whimsy – Taxidermize? Is that really a word?

Been out hunting and now you want to keep your prize? Not to worry! Chuck Testa can help! He will taxidermize your kill. BUT, Chuck Testa does not taxidermize pets.

What?!?! I can’t have Fluffy taxidermized, but I can get a hippo stuffed if I wanted?

Is it just me, or do you think he specializes in the most life-like dead persona as well?

(In case you’re wondering, because I was, taxidermized is not a real word. It’s the most life-like dead word on, I guess)

Now, before you get all twitchy on me and think I’m going to be posting a craft every week, relax. I just wanted to share this with you because when I went to work out yesterday, Nicole had these in her yard and they are so adorable!

Nicole's daughter and husband made Mr. Bones and his son. Aren't they the sweetest?

Actually, seeing you get all twitchy might be fun. For about a minute, then I’d feel bad.

If you’d like to make these, and really, who wouldn’t, you can find the instructions here.

That’s all the fun stuff I’ve got for you today.

I hope you got a giggle from Chuck Testa and maybe feel a little inspired to make some pvc pipe skeletons.

Tell me… would you ever have your pet taxidermized? Do you hunt deer or caribou? If you do hunt, do you have the heads hanging in your den? What would you like to have taxidermized for all time?


22 thoughts on “Wednesday Whimsy – Taxidermize? Is that really a word?

    • I know, right!?! His lips don’t even move.

      We were driving home from Santa Monica Saturday night and my son kept playing this on his phone for my daughter and I just kept laughing every time I heard it. Seeing it only makes it better.

      Don’t they decorate for Halloween over there? I love that you call them skellies. I might have to adopt that word.

      • We didn’t used to decorate for Halloween at all, except maybe a few jack-o-lanterns, although with trick-or-treating spreading from the US maybe people do decorate a bit more now, I’ll have to see. Mostly though we would celebrate Guy Fawkes night on November 5th, with bonfires and fireworks and yummy food, that was our big celebration at this time of year.

    I don’t hunt. Nope. But hubby from time to time brings his gun with him and does a little bird hunting (partridge) while we go out biking. But no one is hanging anything in my den or in my camp…lol…although if hubby got himself a huge moose, he probably would want to – ewwww!! That one might require a “conversation”! LOL!

    • Hahaha, they can’t even put up a deer head if they bedazzle it first?

      My uncle hunts and has several heads in his house – I always think they’re watching me and whispering, “Red Rum, Red Rum!” Creeeeepy.

  2. Wow! *coughs* He he he You find the craziest things. Watching that wolf pretend to jump over the tree branch I just about spit my water out all over the key board. I could never do that to any of my pets. I could never eat it either if it looks like a living thing. Nope.

    The skeletons are so cute. I can tell how they are made just by looking at them. What a neat idea! I’ll have to pop over there and comment.

    • I like it when the lady at the end says, ‘Did that Rhino just order a drink?’ Nope.
      Sorry about your key board.

      I thought of you when I saw the skellies (I’m using Cheryl’s word from above). I can totally see you making these without any instructions! (I need the instructions)

      • No worries! LOL We used to use pvc to make large enclosures at Halloween for people to walk through. We used pvc for everything. Like my friend Bruce who runs the haunted house I blogged about, we ran a hauntat our house as well. It was totally crazy.

        That ad was just totally crazy. “Is there a bear in my bed?” WHAT?

    • Hey J.L.! Thanks for stopping by.

      Yeah, I’m not into the taxidermy thing either. It’s just wrong and creepy.

      You’re so funny. Then after you fall over them you’d probably freak because they look so lifelike. I know I would. Eeek.

    • I didn’t even think of that, Patricia, but you’re so right! That’s totally a SNL skit. Unfortunately, I think Chuck Testa is serious. Which makes it even more hilarious!

      Hope the grandkids have fun with the skellies.

  3. LOL I have to show the video to my husband and son. Love Chuck Testa! You just keep adding to my family quotes Tameri. “most lifelike dead animals” My husband hunts but so far we just have antler mounts which don’t include the whole head with eyes and stuff. In Alaska I saw “butt mounts” where it was just the you-know with the tail up. Now, I challenge you to find a video of that…

  4. Tameri,

    I love to go shooting but I don’t like killin’ stuff. Though I’ll absolutely eat something somebody else kills, I just couldn’t do it myself unless the fam was starving. I’m a pansy that way. 🙂

    LOVE that video!

    • That’s pretty funny – I don’t think I could eat something I killed either. Once, when I was in high school I visited my aunt and uncle (who lived on a farm). One night we were eating hamburgers and I said how good it was – my uncle then tells me it was one of my favorite cows. Ewwww! I was a vegetarian for four years after that. Freaked me out.

  5. My uncle hunts and has tons of animals taxidermized….when I was growing up, we loved our cat so much we talked about it, but we ended up burying him out back when he passed. I’m not sure I could taxidermize my animals, but maybe some game that my guy shoots. If he ever goes hunting…

    I stayed in a cabin at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri one year, and my cabin was full of taxidermized animals. To be honest, it was kinda creepy. Especially the bobcat above the television set.

    • My daughter wants to taxidermize our dog, but I just can’t let her do it. Reminds me too much of Scrubs and Rowdy.

      A bobcat? Yeah, that would make my television viewing pleasure diminish. A lot.

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