Zombies Invaded the Blog!

Everything is topsy turvy here at A Cup of Tea and Sorcery! Magical Monday has been taken over by Zombies.

First, there was this little tidbit of parenting gone wrong…

I mean, seriously? You like turdles? You’re a ZOMBIE! You’re supposed to like Fresh Brains! Like this guy… just go ahead and skip to the :50 mark to get to the good stuff.

And if that wasn’t enough Zombies for you, head over to Debra Kristi’s blog and read about the Walken Dead. Yeah, you read that right. Jump over there and check it out, but make sure you bring some cowbell.

Since today was Zombiejacked, Wednesday will have our regularly scheduled blog of goodness. I hope. You just never know when Werewolves and Vampires might show up!

So, which is it? Do you like turdles or Fresh Brains? What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Any scary skeletons in your closet you want to share?


21 thoughts on “Zombies Invaded the Blog!

  1. OMG, Tameri, this is so fun! You always find the greatest clips 🙂
    As for the Halloween costume, I’m not sure if I will be dressing up this year but if I did, I would love to get Amy Winehouse costume, which I blogged about a few days ago.
    Thanks for sharing Debra’s link — I’m off to read her post!

    • I would love to take credit – but my husband and son find a lot of the videos. My son found this one and I was cracking up all weekend over it!

      We now say, ‘I like turdles’ in response to almost every question. We’re such geeks.

      Amy Winehouse? That’s hilarious! If you do, you’ve got to post pics. With the beehive and all? I so want to see that!

    • I know, right? Just getting that zombie clip from the Return of the Living Dead freaked me out.

      I think I could handle Spongebob, but even his little sponges falling off in decaying little bits is creepy to think about. I’ll stick to princess movies. ; )

  2. How funny was that little boy! Must have gotten stage fright. You’d think they would have prepped him on what to say. Ha ha ha.

    I need your husband and son hunting down clips for me. Lol Kristen gave us the assignment to find 10 on youtube and it’s HARD! I must be doing the searches all wrong.

    How did you get two vids in one post? I have been trying to do that and every time I preview it and only get one? It’s really frustrating.

    Thanks for the link up!! And you’re welcome for yours. I forgot to mention that the other day.

    • You need to get your husband on the video trail! Both my son and husband surf the internet far more than I do, so I’m very, very lucky. I’ll look for videos and I think I’m like you, I must be putting the wrong keywords in because I don’t get anything nearly as silly as they do.

      As for the two vids in one… I just wrote out my text, clicked the ‘add video’ link, put in the information and went on to the next part of text, ‘add video’, then done. Weird you couldn’t do it. I still don’t completely understand WordPress.

      Do you follow Carrie Spencer’s Woodie Knows WordPress series? She’s amazing at breaking down the techie stuff so even I understand it!

      You can find it here: http://smartassromance.com/woodie-wordpress

  3. I think the boy would have been more effective if he’d said “I like turtles” in a zombie voice! lol. The last time I dressed up for Halloween, my husband and I were told to show up at a party dressed in costume. We were the ONLY ones to do it and we felt a tad out of place. Talk about uncomfortable. Nice post. Thanks.

    • Yes! Or, I like to EAT turdles. It’s just so random it makes me laugh.

      That’s terrible about the party – although I’ve had that happen to me. We just pretended like everyone else was dressed up and they all probably thought we were loons. Which, we are. ; )

      Thanks for sharing!

  4. SUPER fun! Love the videos. The kids face painting was ahhhmazing! Wow…but yeah, he seemed to get a bit “star struck” when it was camera time! LOL!!!
    I am not dressing up this year…sniff…have a girl’s weekend planned for the time when we normally have a party at the camp. Last year I was the bride of Frankenstein and hubby was the grim reeper…LOL!!!
    What’s are you going to dress up as???

    • What? No dressing up for you? Even when you’re out with your gal pals? Bummer. I’m not slimmed down enough for my super fabulous Cinderella costume, so it might be a pink sparkly witch, or maybe a ghost. Depends on how much make up I feel like putting on that day! : )

      I still think you and the girls should dress up. I saw you in that pink wig with the guitar, you could be a rocker chick!

  5. The funniest part was how confused the newswoman was!! lol She recovered nicely though. I have to show this to my boys, they’ll crack up.

    Yeah, we need to do a poll on twitter for costume ideas! I have a party to go to on Friday and no idea what to dress up as.

    • Hey Shannon, thanks for stopping by the olde blogge!

      I know, right? That poor newswoman did recover nicely, but I’m sure she was thinking, WHAT?!?

      We’re wondering how old that kid is now and if he knows he’s an internet sensation.

      Ohmygosh, costume ideas… aren’t they always the hardest to think of? I try to keep one or two standby costumes in the attic each year so I have something at least, but I do love to mix it up. Check out my friend Angela Peart’s blog – she has some ideas:


      Good luck and have fun!

    • Thanks Myndi! I’m right there with you howling each time I see that. It doesn’t take much, I guess, but I don’t care! It’s funny.

      I am so pleased you like the banner picture. Yes, it is a shelf on my bookcase and those are some of my ‘inspirations’. That’s what I tell my husband they are, he thinks it’s just stuff. Ugh. ; )

      I’ve got a new saying I must use – For the love of Pete and his love of cheese – slays me! Thanks for the giggle.

    • Thanks Bridgette! I love her reaction. It’s stunned, but composed and she just moves on to talking about the fair.

      If I was that kid’s mom, I would’ve been doubled over laughing. Or mortified. I’m not sure which one.

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