Quite Possibly THE Cutest Costume Ever.

My super fabulous husband sent me this video because he just knew all you would get a giggle out of it. Isn’t he sweet?

Okay, so as you’re watching, check out the back of the plane thing – there’s a boom box playing the theme song. Brilliant! Makes me want to rent the movie again.


Well? What did you think? Pretty cute, eh? What was the cutest costume you saw Monday night? Any wicked zombies? Sweet fairies? We only had six trick or treaters, so I saw mainly my dog running out the front door to tackle kids with candy. I was so flustered I forgot to look at the costumes! They all got extra candy from me and Ganon got a few good pets.

Happy Wednesday!


11 thoughts on “Quite Possibly THE Cutest Costume Ever.

  1. Clever and adorable – Dad looked like he was having the most fun! We were on a plane the evening of Hallowe’en … no trick or treaters there. Not even a free pretzel from the airline!

    • What? If I owned that airline, the flight attendants would be dressed up in costume and everyone would get cider and candy!

      You are such a traveling lady – I envy your life. Hope you were coming back or going to someplace spectacular!

  2. That, is the most adorable costume I’ve seen in quite a while! Thanks Tameri! This is the one thing I miss about living in the city. We used to have tons of trick or treaters at our old house. Now, because we live out in the sticks, we don’t see anyone. My husband insists on buying candy every year though. Let’s face it, we’ve lived here six years and not one kid has trekked up the hill. The candy is for him. LOL.

  3. What a creative idea! I am lousy with costumes. Absolutely no cute ideas like that. But I can top your six trick-or-treaters —- I had 0! LOL. We live in the boonies and never get them. When we lived in suburbia we used to go through four or five bags of treats. Fun times, and I’m glad we got to do it.

    • Me too, Bridgette! That’s why I liked the one I made for my son – gluing fabric on cardboard boxes is about my limit. This family, though, they went all out. And the dad cracks me up. He’s having a blast.

      Where do all the kids trick or treat that live out in the boonies? ; )

  4. I definitely have to admit that is WAY CUTE! Oh my goodness. I can only imagine what my husband and I will dress our kids up as someday. We went trick-or-treating in 10th grade together as characters from the Wheel of Time book series! That was wayyy before we started dating (although he would have liked to have been dating me then, he says lol).
    Thanks for sharing!

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