To Our Veterans, A Heartfelt Thanks

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Today we honor those men and women who have served our country to the betterment of all our lives. You might not agree with me on that and that’s fine, it’s your opinion, but I sincerely believe we have our freedoms due in large part to our military.

I just want to give a shout out to my father who served in the Army for many years and to my sister Karla who gave 25 years to the Air Force, retiring as a Major. Thank you.

We live near Camp Pendleton and every time I drive to Disneyland, I pass tanks or helicopters out on maneuvers. Don’t think for a second that I don’t see the irony of the situation. Each and every time I get misty eyed and I say a silent ‘thank you’ to those men and women who risk their lives so I have the freedom to take my kids to Disneyland.

And to those in covert operations? Words cannot express my gratitude to you for living your lives in secret, doing the things we really don’t need to know about. Piper Bayard‘s writing partner Holmes is one such individual and if you haven’t been to their blog, you should check it out. Holmes just did a post about the Berlin Wall that gives a personal perspective I’ve never heard before.

Debra Kristi never forgets our heroes as she honors her father and grandfather on her blog today.

If you’ve ever seen someone wearing a red poppy, but didn’t know the significance of it, check out Patricia Sands’ blog. She wrote a lovely post on not only the meaning of the flower, but the history behind it.

It isn’t just the Veterans who deserve a huge Thank You on this day, it’s also the wives and family members who stay home and try to keep some semblance of normalcy while their loved ones are away. To them, I say, Thank You.

At 11:11 this morning I will observe two minutes of silence for our Veterans. I hope you’ll join me.


8 thoughts on “To Our Veterans, A Heartfelt Thanks

  1. Well said, Tameri, I agree wholeheartedly. This day is not about how we feel about war but rather about honouring all of the men and women who serve their country in time of war. They deserve our respect and thanks.

  2. Lovely Tameri. I have passed by Camp Pendleton many times. The last time was on the train on the way to CC. I sat next to an ex-soldier. He had several stories to share during the ride that made me very sad. Oh, the things the service men and women and their families endure. Bless them. Setting my alarm for 11:10.

    • Truly, bless them. We don’t even know a third of what really happens. My first husband was a Navy corpsman for the Marines and what he saw in combat changed him so completely that our marriage didn’t survive. It was terrifying and still gives me nightmares and that’s only from a second-hand account.

      I’ll be silent with you at 11:11 today. Thank you also for your post. Your dad and grandpa are heroes in my eyes.

    • I completely agree. I’m so proud of my sister for serving for 25 years. I think by honoring them and giving a thank you every now and then (or buying them a coffee, etc), it lets them know that what they do matters to us.

  3. I come from an Army family – three generations and counting and I’m very, very proud of our soldiers past and present. Freedom isn’t free, especially not for the soldiers and their families. I too say thank you in every way possible.

    • Especially living so close to Pendleton, I’m constantly reminded of what it takes to keep our freedom. I found out about a holiday card program for the troops too late this year, but next year I’m going to make several hundred Christmas cards to send over the guys and gals that don’t have family. I can’t tell those folks thank you enough.

      Thanks for sharing your story and I’m darn proud of your family and all our troops, past and present as well.

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