She REALLY loves cats! A little Whimsy for your Wednesday.

My son, who I’ve told you is my main go-to guy for videos, showed this to me and I can’t get it out of my head. Or stop laughing.

I’m trying to get him to put the zombie ‘I love turdles’ guy to this song. Can you imagine how awesome that would be!

Sing it with me… I love turdles, I love every kind of turdle, I just want to hug them all, but I can’t. Can’t hug every turdle.

Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about because you haven’t seen the video? Well, rectify that right now!

What do you really love? Do you think she got dates from this video? I bet she did. I also wonder if she knows Carrie Spencer, aka The Crazy Cat Lady!

For those of you who forgot about the zombie kid, here’s that video:


24 thoughts on “She REALLY loves cats! A little Whimsy for your Wednesday.

  1. Wow. Just wow. The girl who loves cats a little too much was almost painful to watch. Going to have to share these with my husband when he gets home 🙂 He’ll think it’s absolutely hilarious.

  2. I feel sad for the cat girl. I am afraid of where she could end up in 10 years. Maybe a house with 100 cats? My aunt did. That’s right, freaky cat lady for sure! Any whoo… I think turtle boy would ROCK it! Yeap.

    Oh, and I am soooo sharing this video with Monkey tomorrow after school, because that could be her someday. *sigh* She was talking about our dead cat right before I put her to bed. Long memories those little ones.

    • Let me know if Monkey likes the video, but I hope it doesn’t traumatize her! We had five cats at one time (I know, crazy since I don’t really like cats) and I was called the Crazy Cat Lady on the street. I had nothing on this lady! She totally freaks me out.

    • Yay! So glad it brightened your day.

      Michael was playing around with the songify app and it cracked me up. We should make something with Mundies! It’s hilarious how it does that. We could get into so much trouble…

  3. Hilarious! I hope she finds the man of her dreams who’s not allergic to cats! I love cats, too…as evidenced by the $$$$ I spent on one of ours within a six-week period.

    Thanks for the grins!

    • Me too! Every time I see this I keep thinking, I hope she found a really great guy who loves cats.

      Ugh. Pets can be expensive! Sorry you had to shell out the $$$$ on your cat, but now you have a healthy kitty, I hope! Glad I could give you a giggle.

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  5. I’m speachless. Hmmm, I know, it’s funny, but I don’t know what to think of her.
    I am JUST returning from Carrie’s blog! She has a short post with fun dog videos. I am a dog person but I also like cats. Heck, I love all kinds of animals, as long as they don’t try to eat me!

  6. Dogs, cats, cats, dogs, it’s all about the animals! Your requirement for animal love is pretty much the same as mine, except I’m not too fond of scales. If it has fur, I’m good. Scaley critters kind of freak me out.

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