Trashy TV Recap! Where has all the excitement gone?

Is it just me, or is there an abundance of lackluster shows on at the moment? Iron Chef is pretty good, but the chefs don’t live together and so you don’t get that tension you do with other shows like Top Chef. Making folks co-habitate certainly ratchets up the crank factor. (That was a terrible pun, I know)

So, what happened this week to make me so ho-hum?

Well, on The Next Iron Chef, one of my favorites went home. Well, that’s not saying much since I only had a few. Now it’s a 50/50 chance my favorite will win. Dang. But, I get ahead of myself…

This week the chefs got to play a little game. They had to bid on food items using time. It was a wacky system that meant the chefs were really stretched to make a fabulous meal with very little time. Except for Anne Burrell. She got extra time for winning last week and also bid early, so she had something like three days to cook  her food. Okay, not three days, but a lot of time. Way more than the other chefs.

The chefs barter and bicker and finally everyone has food and a set amount of time to cook. I know I’ve said it before, but what these chefs are given and the time they have to make something amazing is just mind boggling that they actually pull off decent food.

I mean, tuna jerky souffle? You read that right. Chef Falkner made a tuna jerky souffle that the judges thought was delicious. Dang. Those must’ve been some mighty fine pieces of tuna jerky.

She won with that masterpiece (as well she should have. Tuna jerky!).

Which put Chef Burrell and Chef Zakarian in the bottom two. Darn it! These are two of my favorites, so it doesn’t who goes home, I lose. I know, it’s not really about me, but darn!

The secret ingredient for the showdown? Panko crumbs and ponzu whatever. It’s like soy sauce, but with citrus. I think. Anyway, the chefs were told to make a dessert with the two items.

What does chef Burrell make? Some zucchini thing rolled in panko. Really? For dessert? Ew.

Chef Zakarian makes a berry souffle thing that looks really yummy. What’s with the souffle theme today? Will the judges be over the whole souffle thing? Hmmm…

Nope. Chef Zakarian wins, which means Chef Burrell goes home. She’s a little shocked (why are they always shocked? It’s a 50/50 chance you’ll go home!), but says she had a great time. I’ll miss Chef Burrell. She’s got rockin hair and wacky skirts. Have you ever noticed her socks never match? My daughter does that too… ; )

Next week promises to be good. Two chefs might go home. Oooh, intriguing!

Since I watched Top Chef so soon after watching Next Iron Chef, I realized something interesting… Nyesha Arrington looked awfully familiar to me. That’s because she was on another cooking show that airs commercials during Next Iron Chef! Yep, Nyesha was on Chef Hunter. Apparently she won, because now she’s the executive chef at Wilshire, a restaurant in Los Angeles. Wow, go Nyesha!

Still, it makes me wonder about some of these chefs. Last season on Top Chef Just Desserts, Orlando and Chris had both been on Food Network’s Challenge. How many other chefs have been on multiple cooking shows? Is competing a way for them to gain fame, or is it more about the food? Probably both. Or just fame. Not sure. What do you think?

Alrighty then! Back to the show. What happened? Oh yeah, the chefs had to prepare a bazillion steaks for ranchers at some fancy party. The chefs had to all work as a team, which is a riot since they work terribly together!

Ty-Lor stepped up to be in charge of the steaks and then he goes and gouges out his hand. That guy has some major huevos, though. He spent the night at ER, got stitches, no sleep, and went back to cook 200 steaks for the challenge. He’s my hero!

So, what do the other chefs do? They ruin his steaks. Yep. I forget which one of the bossy girls, probably the short blonde one, decides it’s time to fire the steaks waaaay too early. They are supposed to be cooked medium-rare, which Ty-Lor does, but then bossy pants ruins them. Ugh! I’d be pissed, but not my man Ty. He sucked it up, took the blame and held himself high. I heart him.

Grayson won the challenge (and she won the Quick Fire), which makes me happy. She seems to get in there and cook without a lot of drama, but she stands out enough that you notice her cooking ~ in a good way.

The bottom three are Ty, Whitney (who?), and Edward. As you’ve probably guessed, two of those chefs I like. I don’t even remember Whitney. So, when it was her that got cut, I wasn’t too bummed. If they’d cut Ty-Lor, I would’ve stormed the set and demanded a revote!

*Spoiler Alert*!

Whitney went on to out cook Chuy in Last Chance Kitchen, so I guess we’ll see more of her in the future. Yay?

What is up with America’s Next Top Model? Last week when they teased us that someone would be disqualified, I thought for sure it would be Lisa.

But first… the girls have to do the requisite Cover Girl commercial and photo shoot. As usual, Allison has trouble opening her eyes in the sun. Um, not so good for a commercial about eye make up, but she pulls through.

Angelea looks amazing here. I love her eye shadow, probably because it’s pink, but I think it makes her look soft and vulnerable.

Lisa is a little quiet this episode. I’m not sure what’s up with her. Maybe it’s nerves or she’s just over it all.

The girls head off to the beach to do an Italian Vogue beauty shot. How lucky are these girls? I mean, they’re in Greece, they get to take photos on the beach, life is good for them!

Runway! The final runway challenge is bizarre and amazing at the same time. The girls have to swim, fly, and walk the runway. As if that wasn’t enough, they have to run to backstage and change their outfits. Yikes! Before you feel too bad for them, look at these guys they had ‘helping’ them.

Yeah, it’s a hard life.

All three of the girls did great, well except for when Angelea thought should would drown and Lisa swam the wrong way in the pool. Oh, and when the wind blew their dresses so hard they almost fell over them. That wasn’t so good.

On to judging!

Wait, what?!? We’re back in Los Angeles? What happened to Greece?

Oooooh, this is where Lisa gets disqualified, right?

Wrong! My girl Angelea is disqualified. What? Why? Who did this? I’ll kick their butt. Angelea is going to win. That’s my prediction, who’s messing with me?

According to the online rumor mill… either Angelea is pregnant (I doubt it), or she posted spoilers on her FB page that she won. Now, the second scenario is much more likely, but I don’t think we’ll ever get the whole story.

In my mind, Angelea won and that’s why Lisa was so reticent.

Well, Congratulations Lisa! Sort of. Naw, not really. Ugh. Bitter, party of one, please.

What were you watching this week? My husband got me hooked on BBC’s ‘Sherlock’. Have you ever seen it? Fab show with modern twist. What’s in your DVR queue?


13 thoughts on “Trashy TV Recap! Where has all the excitement gone?

  1. Yeah, I was disappointed with top model as well. Hubby researched it and said he found the same thing on the rumour mill – that she posted spoilers that she was in the top 3 on her facebook page and that disqualified her….and that she HAD actually won so they had to do a retapping in los angelos with Lisa winning…but who knows?!?!? The ending was lack luster, that’s for sure…sniff…

  2. I’m not a reality TV viewer, heck I don’t even own a TV, but the Food Network recap is just what I’m after. I especially like the Next Food Network Star in the summer. Love new talent.

    • My sister got me hooked on the Next Food Network Star. After each episode, we’ll call each other and talk about it, which is pretty hilarious since she always likes someone I don’t and vice versa.

  3. I thought Lisa looked a little, well, not as excited as I would have expected. And Allison looked, well, like she sort of expected to lose. In other words, like the two of them knew what the outcome would be. (Which supports the theory that Angelea had won and the retape was to announce the new winner, aka, runner-up.)

    As far as my DVR queue? It’s all over the place! We have WWE Monday Night Raw, How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, House, The Vampire Diaries, ANTM, Extreme Home Makeover along with other shows like Bones, Criminal Minds, and White Collar that we follow whenever we get the chance. (And I’m sure I’m forgetting things.) There are a TON of shows we’d like to START watching, but where on earth would we find the time? (BBC’s Sherlock as well as Dr. Who are two of those shows.)

    • So many great shows, so little time! Wow, you have an eclectic mix in your DVR. Except for WWE, I’m pretty sure my whole family could hang out and watch something with you on any given night. Super cool!

  4. I can’t comment on the reality stuff, but the BBC Sherlock is AMAZEBALLS.

    Love it, can’t wait for the next installment (yes, there will be more). BBC has me on the hook right now – waiting for more Sherlock and more Downton Abbey.

    • We just got BBC, so I have to check it out more and see what they have to offer. I used to love watching Absolutely Fabulous and I hope it will be on sometime. That and all those old sitcoms like, Are You Being Served? and Black Adder. I just love dark British humour. ; ) I need to check out Downton Abbey, I’ve heard good stuff about it.

  5. Tameri, I can’t wait to meet you in person! The way you go on has me falling off my chair! You generate way more excitement than those shows do themselves. I’m so glad I don’t watch them and wait for your recaps instead. They are the best.
    Now I’m going to give you fair warning about BBC! Amber is right (AMAZEBALLS? – great word Amber!), BBC has some truly fabulous shows and Sherlock is totally addictive. Downton Abbey too. You’re gonna love them!

  6. I really enjoy these recaps.

    I like Anne, but I felt Jeffrey’s dessert was more refined…despite the dusting of powdered sugar. (Ugh…that judge needs his chrome dome dusted with some sugar.) The claws are coming out in Top Chef. I’ve peeled and deveined fifty pounds of shrimp before. It takes a long time! Still don’t feel that any of the Top Chef contestants are as good as last season’s, but we’ll see!

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