Naughty or Nice? The Wild Child is Revealed!

Happy New Year! My wish for you is that each day of 2012 is filled with Light and Love and Laughter. Whether that comes from your family, your goldfish, or yourself, may this year be way more superfabulous than last year.

To start the New Year off right, let’s get down to business…

Just how much of a badass was I? Well, I’m going to say I wasn’t totally a badass, but I certainly had a Wild Child inside of me!

1. Got arrested for stealing candy from a kid.

Yes! When I was 16, my BFF thought it would be cool to take a kid’s Halloween candy. In the ensuing chaos, I drove away from the scene (with my BFF and her loot), which made it a felony of grand theft. The only reason we didn’t get thrown in jail is that the judge compared us to rapists and murderers and my mom got super pissed at him. We ended up being charged with petty theft and had to do 10 days of community service. It totally sucked and I still get that dip in my tummy thinking of it.

2. Joyrode in a cop car through downtown Los Angeles at one in the morning.

Oh, my god NO! So many of you thought I actually did this. Are you kidding me? I tried to stay as far away from the police as possible. After that candy incident, the threat of jail was enough to keep me away from stupid pranks.

3. Got chased by park officials at two in the morning for sliding down the grass on ice blocks.

Totally! Um, you can buy large blocks of ice in Southern California. Sheesh, just because we don’t get snow doesn’t mean we can’t make ice. We’d get a huge block of ice, sit on it, and slide down this grassy mountain in Presidio Park near Old Town. It was loads of fun, even more so if you happened to be a little intoxicated, *cough, cough* which I am in no way admitting to being.

4. Dated the bassist for a punk rock band.

Yep! He’s going to feature in an upcoming blog post, so I’ll keep him secret for now.

5. Tattooed a vampire bat somewhere on my body.

Well done, you that guessed yes! It was one of my favorite tattoos, but alas all of my tattoos are gone now. I’ve had then removed for so many reasons, that just might have to be another blog post as well. Suffice it to say, at one time I had 9 or 10 tattoos. And 14 ear piercings, shocking pink hair, and a nose ring. I was all punk rock in my early 20’s.

6. Have been married four times.

Nope! Only three. David is my third and final husband. For those of you who are thinking what I think you’re thinking, no I didn’t kill my first two husbands. As far as I know, they are living very happy lives with families and mortgages, and stuff like that. Well, except for one.  No one really knows what he’s doing, but he has been seen since we split.

7. Worked for a phone sex company.

Oh, yeah! When I was 21 and lived in Los Angeles, I needed extra cash, so I got a part time job in one of those 1-800-slut phone sex places. It was this nondescript building in Santa Monica and I worked there for all of 38 minutes. After the initial 10 minutes of ‘training’, they let me listen in on a phone call. I couldn’t stop laughing at the ludicrousness of the situation, so they let me go. Or I quit, not sure which.

8. Discussed the benefits of nose rings with Bruce Willis.

Yeppers! Since the whole phone sex thing didn’t work out, I found part time work as an extra on TV shows. I was in one of the final 8 episodes of Moonlighting and hung out with Bruce Willis on the set. He was super cool and I totally would’ve dated him if he’d asked. This was way before Demi, so I think I had a chance. I think he was too shy to ask.

Cybil Shepherd, by the way, was a complete meanie pants about nose ring and kept telling the director to make me move away from them. So, in the episode you can see my hair, my earring, my hand, and the back of my dress, but no facial shots of me and my dreaded nose ring. It was a diamond, get over yourself, Cybil! To this day, I refuse to watch anything with her in it, but I will watch all of Bruce’s work.

9. Kissed a girl and liked it.

Ohmygosh! I can’t believe how many of you thought I’d do this. Nope, never have and don’t think I ever will. That is just one road I never bothered to travel.

10. In college, turned in the same paper to two different teachers.

Oh, heck yes! I was pregnant and tired and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Fortunately, it was in different semesters, but the funny thing is, I got a ‘B’ the first time around, did nothing to the paper to revise or clean up, and got a ‘D’ the second time. Huh. The Professor who gave me the ‘D’ did me a huge favor ~ she told me why the paper sucked. That was the first time I ever had an honest critique and I learned the value of getting feedback that can help me improve. Sure, it hurt my ego, but when I’m editing, I still think of that professor and her advice.

Thanks again to everyone who commented and those who read the blog, but kept in the shadows. You know who you are, you there in the back trying to duck your head behind that kid with the huge curly hair, we see you.

Who will take up the naughty or nice challenge now? Angela Peart? Lesann Berry? Diana Murdock? Come on gals, it’s loads of fun!




48 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice? The Wild Child is Revealed!

  1. hahaha – thanks for the enlightening mental picture – you are totally a badass!
    PS: I have a whole yard full of ice – if you wanna go sliding bring everyone from SoCal – I think we have enough for everyone!

    • A whole yard full of ice? Ooooh, the fun we could have!!! Actually, I had to keep the list family friendly ~ there are other things much worse that I’ll never admit to doing… mwuahahahaha!

      I love that you played and are an active part of our blogging family. You so totally rock!

      • I’m more than the evil angel on your shoulders! Egging you gals on!

  2. AWESOME! I loved it and learned so many ahhhmazing things about you. You’ve had an absolutely incredible life with such adventure and stories to tell…wild child!! Eeeekeee…fun!
    I cannot believe your pay money for blocks of ice to go sliding. What a hoot. Save your cash for airfare in the winter and you can come here and slide for free on mountains of snow and ice. LOL!
    LOVE it Tameri…and simply ADORE you!!!

    • Love you too, sweet Natalie! I’m afraid if I went to NB in winter, then I would freeze and never thaw. We stayed in Park City a few years ago and it was 7 degrees. I thought we were all going to get frostbite just from running to the car from the condo. We’re wimps, what can I say? Spring. Spring is a good time ~ it should be thawed a bit by then, right? ; )

      • I gotta say, we aren’t fans of winter over here so I don’t blame ya. Spring rocks but hubby’s right, make it more towards the end of May…we’ve been known to get 30+ centimetres of snow in early April…no fun! Ugh…
        But…on the plus side, there is very cute snow gear to buy and wear! It’s what I keep telling myself anyway…LOL!!

  3. OMG…LMAO…..Whoda thunk? I have a whole new respect for you, girlfriend. Life is meant to be exciting, and you nailed it!!!!! Love it!

    Well, let me think about this. I have quite a few naughty skeletons in my closets….Not so many nice ones, but let me see what I can pull together. *shaking head*

    • That’s okay, some of my really good friends didn’t know, either. I’ve kept many of these in my back pocket for just such an occasion. That, or talking about working for a phone sex company never came up in conversation. I haven’t the foggiest why not! Are you going to play? I’d love to know more about you…

  4. These are so fun!! And what a fun way to get to know about your wild punk rock past!!

  5. Ha! Fantastic expose, Tameri. 😉 I had a ball picturing your mom telling the cops off. At least your offense was for a good (delicious?) cause!

    If it makes you feel any better on the girl smooching, I figured it was a trick item—you kissed a loved one platonically. Not that there’s anything wrong with lady-smooching, of course.

    Thanks again for playing the N/N game! I crown you both, for mucho worthy reasons. 😉

    • Hahaha, thanks August! There were opportunities for the girl smooching, but I always got giggly. Not a very polite reaction. The best part of us getting arrested was that we showed up at the police station in our costumes ~ I was a green alien and she was a red devil. We were totally covered in face paint and wore our headbands with horns & alien eyeballs. It was awesome.

      Thanks for starting us on this road, it’s been great fun!

  6. What a wild and crazy (and awesome) life you have led! Alas, mine is not nearly so interesting (yet!). Thank you for sharing so much with us! It was a blast to read!!! And I totally wish I could hang out with Bruce Willis too. Strike that. Bruce would be awesome and fun, but I want to hang out with Johnny Depp for a day. Not because he’s gorgeous (although he definitely is) but because I love and respect his work so much that I would greatly enjoy picking his brain and just getting to know him as a person as well. Ah dreams…..

    • I love the yet! in there. Johnny Depp? Hmmm, I used to have such a crush on him when he was on 21 Jump Street. He got too Captain Jack for me, but I think he would be fun to sit around and just chill with. Like he’d be totally cool and make nibbles for us to eat and then drink too much wine and spill the beans on all his co-stars. That would be great!

  7. This was SO fun! I loved getting the inside glimpse on you. I can’t match up your profile pic with your pink rocker do. wow!

    • I’ll look through my old photos and post some pics. I used to ride a Vespa and my BFF had electric blue hair. We were so awesome back in the day!

      Glad you enjoyed it! You should do it… it’s really fun.

    • Your life, boring? No way! I bet you have some stories to tell about you and your BFFs running through the town past curfew. You’re such a hoot, you should do a post and make up tons of stuff. It’s almost more fun to see what people really thought you did vs. what you actually did!

  8. Oh my Tameri! I missed the original post in the huge holiday overload I accumulated so I had NO idea … *fanning face and wiping coffee off my keyboard*. Pink hair, piercings, nose ring and tattoos??? We want to see photos!

    • Hijacking this comment to say that I’ve been saying for years that I’m going to get a little, itty-bitty, silver hoop in my belly but I ‘might’ be too chicken. I need someone to hold the bottle of wine with the straw in it for me and promise I won’t look like I’m having a mid-life crisis! 🙂

      • Myndi, I love you. She was a total bitch! My nose ring was a sweet little diamond. Nothing crazy or ostentatious. The nose ring didn’t really hurt, but some of my ear piercings did. Stay away from the cartilage!

        Ginger, you’re a hoot! I’ll hold the wine while you get your belly ring. I think they’re cute, but not when you wear a ginormous dangly thing like Brittany Spears had in some trash magazine I saw at the market. It was scary. A nice little hoop would be cute. Just let me know when you’re ready and I’ll come hold your hand.

        Geez, I’m such a bad influence!

  9. I am sooo bummed I missed the original post. Booo! Cool, cool, cool to see your list! You are so much fun Tameri! I want to jump on the bandwagon but I don’t think my list would be much fun. 😦 Your group is much more exciting. So much fun to read. Yay!

    • Hmmm, did WANA711 get all the badasses? Naw, it couldn’t be. I bet you’ve got some craziness tucked away in a drawer somewhere. This was way too much fun, but it was scary, too. Putting it out there publicly? Good thing I know how to laugh at myself! It’s been a crazy/cool life.

  10. OMG I haven’t laughed that hard in ages! *high fives* you bad ass, you!! I was laughing so hard trying to read this to my husband last night, he took the tablet away from me. THEN he demanded to know who all these people are I’ve been “hanging” out with. LOL

    ….then he started suggesting the things I could include in my post….ARGH!!

    • He took the tablet away? He thinks we’re bad influences, doesn’t he? Okay, here’s the plan, leave a ladder by your window and I’ll drive over so you can sneak out and then we’ll go hang out by the corner store until someone comes along who can buy us some hootch. Then we’ll get liquored up and go ice sliding!

      Wait! I just saw that last part… yeah you totally need to do this game. I would love love love to know what you’ve done. ; )

  11. You STOLE candy???!!! That is too funny! And, how in the world did I not know you were an actress on Moonlighting? How is that even possible that I didn’t know this.

    What a great reveal. I’m really looking forward to learning more about your tattoo removals. Sounds like a great story there. . .

    • Okay, just to clear this up ~ I did NOT steal candy. My BFF did. She took the kid’s bag and jumped in my car. I simply drove the getaway car. Not the same thing. ; )
      Oh, I wish I was an actress on the show! I was only an extra. They are lower than the gaffers on set. I think. I’m not sure what a gaffer is.

      Oy. The tattoo removal. Yeah, maybe I’ll have to post about it. Painful, that’s all I can think of right now.

      What about you? Do you have a naughty list you’re going to share? Please?

    • My husband has a theory that you shouldn’t get tattoos until you’re 30. By then, he figures, you know who you are and will pick something that you’ll love the rest of your life. I was young and impetuous. Some of the designs I loved, but they were huge. I’ll definitely blog about it soon.

      If I had to pick a tattoo now, I love the one Diana Murdock got a few months ago. It’s a quill on her abdomen. Of course, she has a flat tummy, so it’s super cool.

      What’s your tattoo of? Will you get more?


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