Chewbacca builds a Lego VW Bus!

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Here’s a sweet stop motion movie of Chewbacca helping Hailey and Todd build a VW Bus out of Lego’s. Who are Hailey and Todd? They’re my friends, specifically, the daughter and husband of Nicole, my superfabulous trainer.

The music is ‘Click Click Click’ by Bishop Allen. I love it!

Have you ever made a stop motion movie? Do you have videos on youtube? My son has a youtube channel (I don’t even know what that means, but he’s my son so here’s a shameless plug for him!). If you or someone you know is into Minecraft, check out Michael’s channel:

Have a groovy day!


26 thoughts on “Chewbacca builds a Lego VW Bus!

  1. Great video! My son also has a youtube channel (which i think means you have a profile page where you load your videos and people comment/like them), but lately he’s been watching videos other people post of their video games. I don’t know how to describe that, but in my world that would probably mean me video taping Real Housewives of BH as I watched it and then posting it on Youtube. Ha ha.

    • I totally get you, Coleen! It makes him happy and he’s learning video stuff, so I’m cool with it. Someday our kids will be able to make us a webpage with great graphics and videos and I still won’t now what the heck they are doing!

  2. Lego actually had a movie making set that my son loved. It recorded in stop action and had all kinds of special effects. Now that my son is in college, he would like to get minor in film!
    Tell your son his video rocks!

    • Really? I should see if I can get that for Michael. Then again, now he has a professional movie thing on his laptop, so he’s probably moved on. My husband made a stop motion Lego Star Wars film when he was about 13. We still have it on VHS. I think stop motion is so cool, but always think of how long it took them to make it. I don’t have the patience for it.

      I hope to see your son’s films someday! That is awesome. Thanks for the compliment to Michael. I’ll tell him when he gets home, he’ll be so excited.

  3. Love this and have never heard of a stop movie before. So cool! I’m going to have to look into it further. Totally my thing.
    I don’t have a personal YouTube channel but I did create one for my workplace so I’m familiar. Soon, we’ll all have a personal channel like a twitter account and facebook page. LOL!!

    • Hey Natalie! Stop motion is super cool, but you have to have patience to do it. You basically take a picture, move the stuff one little bit, take a picture, on and on until you have things moving across the screen. Seriously, it would kill me to do it.

      I can’t believe you don’t have a youtube channel! You would make the funniest videos EVAH!

  4. You’ve obviously bestowed your creative gifts on your son! Don’t tell him but I had to look up ‘minecraft.’ LOL ‘Stop movie’ is also news to me.

    I have a few videos on YouTube and a channel, but it’s a rather sad and lonely place, as I still haven’t fully figured out what it is… (Thanks, Coleen, for opening my eyes!)

    Man, that’s a lot of learning from one post… Thanks, lady! 🙂

    • Aw, thanks August! He is a totally cool kid ~ got my creative/social genes and my husband’s creative/engineering genes. Minecraft is his life right now. My husband says it’s a good online game for him since it teaches him to ‘sort of’ program. Um, okay. If he says so, I have to believe it since I know nothing about online games and programming.

      You need to visit your youtube channel more often. Put up a video of you singing your Christmas song or exercise videos you could put on your blog. There are thousands of things you could do that could cross over to your blog. Have fun with it!

  5. That’s totally awesome, man!
    I love the van and the song is great. I have no idea how to make stop motion videos, but I’m totally in awe of people who do it. 🙂

    • Thanks Elena! I don’t have near the patience to do it, but I think it looks great. The old Gumby and Pokey shows were my first introduction to stop motion and I remember after I found out how they were made, I would watch the shows to see if I could find a flaw in the movement. Isn’t that terrible? I’m really about about finding continuity flaws in movies, too. Like if a picture is on the wall in one scene and crooked in the next, I always catch those mistakes. I’m weird.

  6. Not only is the old VW van an awesome Lego model, but the video is rockin! I lvoe stop motion, but I, too, would NEV-ER have the patience to record one. I haven’t experimented with a video channel, but eventually I want to do video interviews for my blog—way down the road from now though. Cool stuff, Tameri!

    • I know, I love the van! Todd actually buys vans and restores them before reselling them. There is usually one or two of them at their house and it’s fun to see the transformation.

      Oooooh, video interviews. I never thought of that! How fun. have a good time experimenting and if you have any questions, my son can probably answer them. Me? I haven’t the foggiest, but I know I should learn someday. Ugh, more technology!

    • Nicole said it took them about a week, working off and on for an hour or so each session to make the VW. I think it’s cool Todd had the foresight to start taking pictures in the beginning so he could record the whole process. If you like Lego building, the time goes fast and it’s fun. My husband and son make a ton of stuff and I usually cheer from the sidelines. ; )

    • Thanks so much! I know, I love that song. I have it on my iPod now and can’t get enough of it. I’m sure I’ll burn out soon, but for now I’m loving the Click Click Click.

      It did take a lot of work, but they had a blast doing it. Do you build Lego sets?

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      • Our youngest is 23 and he loved and still loves Legos. We vacationed in Carlsbad this past summer and he took the nephews and nieces to Legoland. They loved it!

      • That’s so sweet of your son! Legoland is great ~ we haven’t been for awhile, but I used to take the kids every week when they were young. My son and husband still build huge Lego pieces, mostly from Star Wars (because I like Star Wars and so I buy them the kits.) They have yet to tackle the Death Star, maybe I’ll record it when they do finally build it. If you ever happen to vacation in Carlsbad again, be sure to let me know. I’d love to grab a cup of tea with you.

  7. My son received a Lego Fire Station and a Police Station for Christmas. Everyone but him played with them all day…then he happily dismantled what had taken hours to build! …but he had a great time! A stop-motion video like this would have been a great idea!

    • Oh no! We built the Hogwarts Express one time and it got slightly destroyed when someone, probably me, dropped it. The kids were beside themselves until my husband picked up the pieces, showed them the instructions and they rebuilt it. *cough* I wasn’t allowed near it ever again.

      I hope your son makes hybrid Lego structures someday. Those are too much fun and drive engineers crazy. ; )

    • You should put the link here! I’d love to see it and I’m sure my son would as well. That’s so cool you have your own channel (I think I’m starting to figure out what that means).

      If you want to share the link, please do. Thanks Angela!

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