The Magic of Chocolate Chip Cookies

~ Actual Cookies Made by Michael ~

What do cookies say to you? Besides, ‘eat me!’ because you know, that’s what they say to me.

Way back before the new millennium, Alexzandra cheered for Pop Warner, which meant every Saturday she and I would drive all over San Diego for football games. Since Michael was a tiny guy, he got to stay home with Daddy.

Pretty soon, every Saturday when we came home from a game, there would be chocolate chip cookies waiting for us. David was so good at making cookies that it became his ‘thing’. Kind of like making chocolate chip pancakes is his ‘thing’. Hmm, I see a trend here…

Fast-forward a few years and for some reason David decided it was time to teach Michael the art of chocolate chip cookies. Soon enough, it became Michael’s ‘thing’ to make the cookies. David will whip up a batch when the mood strikes, but it’s Michael who usually makes them now.

I noticed a trend with Michael’s approach to cookies ~ he’ll make cookies when someone isn’t feeling well or has had a really tough week. Friend or family member, it doesn’t matter; if someone needs cheering up, he’ll make them a batch of cookies. Over Christmas, he made some for his P.E. teacher when he found out that her daughter needed surgery. When his sister visits, he always tries to make some for her even though she eats super healthy and would rather have a glass of wheatgrass. Which is kind of nothing like chocolate chip cookies, but there you are.

Ever heard of the Five Love Languages? Well, Michael’s Love Language is chocolate chip cookies.

The last time he made a batch, all I could think of was that my butt was too big and I didn’t need the fat and calories. Then it hit me that while my butt might not shrink overnight, my boy would be off on his own sooner than I’d like. So I gave him a huge hug and had some of his cookies. Then something magical happened and instead of ‘eat me!’, I heard those cookies say, ‘I love you’.

How do you show your love? Do you have a special way of letting those you hold dear know they are important? Come on and share with us!


34 thoughts on “The Magic of Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. My husband makes mashed potatoes. =) If we’ve had a fight or he’s done something wrong (not meeeeeeeee..never me!) the next thing I know he’ll ask if I want mashed potatoes. That means everything is right again in our world. =)

    • That is so cute! That is so sweet that he has a non-verbal cue that you totally understand. I’m curious, though ~ are mashed potatoes your favorite food, or did he just pick them at random? Either way, I think he’s fabulous for making them!

  2. I have chills, Tameri. Your son sounds as sweet as those cookies!

    Baking is one of my favorite ways to express love, too. Every January I made my grandma’s cardamom bread to honor her memory and the taste buds of plenty. And my hubby seldom goes to work without HBGs (healthy baked goods ;)).

    • My son is pretty darn sweet, but he’s 13 now, so there is also some sour in there as well. Mmmm, cardamom bread, that is not a flavor I would think of with bread, but sounds delicious. So do your HBGs! I’m in the process of moving my family over to healthier flours and such, we’ll see how it goes. Both David and Michael have told me not to mess with their chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Awwwww….love this!!! I ADORE your son – what a wonderful boy. So thoughtful and generous. He sounds amazing.
    I usually show love by a perfectly picked card with some kind of sappy thing written inside. Every birthday or Christmas people cringe and get the Kleenex box when they see a card from me cause they know, it’s gonna be a tear jerker! And if someone’s had a bad day or going through a rough time, I love sending them a card. There’s something about knowing someone is thinking about you that eases the soul!
    GREAT post!

    • Thanks Natalie! He’s pretty cool. So you’re the person who always has the perfect card! I’m terrible about cards – usually rush into the store on my way to whatever event it’s for, grab the first or second one I see, not really caring what’s written inside because I’m late, then dash out. That’s so bad of me, I know! If I plan ahead, I’ll make a card, but with my WIP taking over my life, I don’t have much time for that. I do miss it, though so I should make time because, like you, I enjoy sending a card just to say hello. I love how you put it, though ~ it eases the soul. Exactly!

  4. I LOVE that he makes cookies! How sweet.
    I’m with Natalie. I often send a card (even an e-card) randomly to people.
    However, I’m BRUTAL with Christmas cards. They never happen.

    I also like to send little notes and emails. Occasionally I surprise someone with a latte. Because who doesn’t love a latte!?
    Fantastic post!

  5. Cookies are love for my DH too. Well as a getting. He also likes when I set up his coffee the night before or make his sandwich. It is the little things.

    • You know, it IS the little things. Just a simple gesture that says, “I’m thinking of you and I love you, so here’s a sandwich.” That is so sweet. I bet he does little thinks for you as well. Thanks for sharing your simple pleasures, Asrai!

  6. I love that he makes cookies–so sweet! Baking is a big one for me too.
    We have a favorite quote that reminds me of your post–““Accept what people offer. Drink their milkshakes. Take their love.”
    Thanks for the smile Tameri!

  7. So sweet! I agree w/ Colleen – accept folks’ love in whatever form they love to give it. 🙂 The hubster rubs my feet every night. Every single night, without fail. If that’s not true love, then I don’t know what is. Especially these days when my feet resemble cow’s hooves more than anything else!!! I show love by being silly and making merry with those around me. 🙂

    Super-sweet post!

    • Oh, that sounds like a wonderful treat from your husband. Your feet do not resemble cow hooves! Sheesh, you’re like 80thousand weeks pregnant with your fourth kid, a little swelling is to be expected. You’re funny. I bet you’re good at showing your love in silly ways ~ you’re such a cool mom!

    • Thank you, Kate. He’s a total sweetie and still likes to give his mama hugs and kisses. Hey, at 13, I’ll totally take it!

      That’s so great that you handwrite notes and cards. It’s a tradition that is falling out of favor, but one I adore.

  8. What a sweet post, Tameri. I love the story and the photo – very creative. My son loves to help our in the kitchen. He’s only nine but he already knows how to prepare a few simple things. He has baked with me in the past and we both thought it was a lot of fun 🙂

    • That’s great that you have your son in the kitchen. When I moved out, I seriously didn’t know how to boil water, so I got my kids in the kitchen early. My daughter is an amazing cook and Michael likes to make dinner for us on occasion. We used to have him cook once a week, but that fell away. I might need to bring that back. ; ) All those times you are cooking and baking together are wonderful memories for both of you and that’s really sweet.

  9. So beautiful Tameri!. You have such beautiful family. It’s no surprise, with you as their mother. We don’t bake so much in our family since two people need to cut the carbs out and the other goes absolutely crazy on the slightest bit of sugar. But I do find it a lovely tradition that you can bond over. Thank you so much for sharing. You filled my heart up with all kinds of warm feelings!

    • Aw, thanks Debra! You have crafting with your kids to bond over, it doesn’t have to be baking. And you’re so good at it that I bet your kids think it’s better than cookies! Glad I could fill your heart with warm fuzzies.

  10. Your family does sounds wonderful, Tameri! But then how could they not be with a mom like you? How sweet that your husband passed this along to Michael and it’s easy to see how the message those cookies deliver is “I love you”. Keep munching!

    • We’re pretty cool, but we do have our days! Right now we’re enjoying a happy respite, so it’s all warm snuggles around here. ; ) I had to let Michael finish eating the cookies since I had to work out with Nicole and she isn’t as forgiving as my stretchy pants.

  11. nice post, Tameri. made me feel ‘awwww’. Chocolate chip cookies for me are home, hearth and warmth. I had forgotten about home made cookies – I’m a celiac so don’t bake anymore.

    the woman who marries your son is a lucky woman. she’s going to get a sensitive caring attentive man who is in tune with his environment and the people around him. lucky

    as for me, i am present in people’s lives. i share love with my granddaughters by going to most of their swimming lessons and cheering on their activities. I don’t give advice to my kids – I listen and let them figure things out (almost all of the itme). My friends know I am available as a sounding board whenever they need one. time is an important gift from me and to me.

    • You sound like an awesome mom and grandma! You’re involved and there for family and friends, which is so important for everyone. That’s a bummer about the celiac, I have a lot of friends with that and it can be a drag. It sounds like you’ve found a way to recreate home, hearth and warmth, though, by just being you. Thanks for stopping by and sharing this sweet story with us.

  12. I’m joining your son’s fan club! What a sweet, tenderhearted young man! Sounds like he takes after his father. You are a very blessed woman. 🙂

    I guess the way I show I care is by listening to people, encouraging them, and then trying to help if I can. I’m terrible at remembering to send notes or cards

    This is one of the nicest posts I’ve read in awhile. At least the sort that makes you go ‘aww.’ Thanks for sharing that. Now can I have a cookie that says ‘I love you, please?’ 🙂

    • I am truly blessed, Kristy, thank you! Your way of showing love is one of the best, I think. You’re there for people, which like I told Louise above, is important for everyone. Just the fact that you make time for loved ones shows how much you care about those in your life.

      Send me your address and I’ll send you a whole bunch of cookies that say, “I love you”!

  13. Hi Tameri…

    My husband will surprise me with morning buns or dim sum on the weekend, both of which I should apply topically to my thighs. In our family, food is the language of love. I’ll make his favorites, mac and cheese or anything that goes with gravy. I bake once a week. It’s cheap therapy, but I usually end up giving it away. Better that the neighbors get fat than moi.

    • Hahaha! I love this comment. Your husband sounds like a fabulous guy and the fact that you bake once a week for pleasure and then share with your neighbors? Awesome! I bet they love you and look forward to your gifts. Food is love for me, too. It might sound corny, but whenever I’m cooking for my family, I feel such gratitude that I have these wonderful people in my life and I’m able to nourish them.

      Thanks so much for your comment, it made my heart smile.

  14. That is so sweet. What a blessing. My love language is not gifts or acts of service, so I often feel like I come across aloof and uncaring. My love language is time; I prefer hanging out with my friends. That’s how I show love and how I feel loved. Not an easy way to show it in today’s busy everything.

  15. Tameri, I’m pretty sure my love language is “receiving gifts of chocolate chip cookies!” So please feel free to send them my way next time. 🙂

    Great post and great book about love languages by Gary Chapman. I need to go back and take the profile again. It’s been many years. Thanks for this sweet share.

  16. I love this! All my kids cook and each sort of have their thing — it mostly involves egg-dishes, which is my husband’s specialty.

    My middle child is my 13 year old son and he’s as sweet and caring as they come. His specialty is flaming desserts. Yep, he sautés up some fruit, tosses in some liquor, ignites fire and lets the flames fly! Hee Hee I think he likes the cheering and applause which immediately follows.

    And, even a health nut like me would LOVE to have some chocolate chip love cookies! Shall I send you my address. *wink*

  17. How sweet – literally – of your son!! 🙂 One of the sweetest gestures my daughter ever did was to prepare dinner for the family when I had meetings into the evening. I’d come home and she’d have pot roast and veggies and rolls set on the table. It was sooo sweet of her. 🙂 Can you tell I miss my college girl right now? lol.

    Maybe I can convince my daughter who is at home to start baking . . .

  18. What a great kid you have and it’s especially wonderful that his father teaches him ways to make others happy. That’s a really important lesson. So he will grow up to be a caring guy who isn’t afraid to show his feelings for other. That’s what parenting is all about.
    I send cards to family and friends, spend as much time as i can with them too. My hubs, massages my feet, brings me tea when I’m working, and supports me in every way possible. I tell him how important he is to me and show appreciation for everything he does. We’re a good team when it comes to taking care of the house and move thru life totally in sync.

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