Dear Downton Abbey, we love you.


If hindsight is 20/20, then I need some new glasses and a swift kick in the pants.

Way back in August, the amazing and awesome Amber West blogged about a new show on PBS ~ Downton Abbey. I read her post, did a half-hearted search on my DVR and, not finding anything listed, promptly forgot about her recommendation.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and there she was again, that Amber, recommending the show on her blog. Ugh! Give it a rest will you, Amber!?!? I couldn’t find the damn thing, stop torturing me. But thanks for the pic of Nathan Fillion on your blog, that was a nice consolation prize.

I left a comment saying pretty much the same thing and do you know what that lovely lady told me? If you search for Downton Abbey, you don’t find anything listed because this is a Masterpiece Theater show. Do a keyword search for ‘Masterpiece Theater Downton’ and you should find it. Also, you can get the first season on Netflix streaming. What? Shut the front door! I don’t have to remember to put it in my queue, I can just stream it? And if I missed one, I can watch it on PBS online?

So you know what I did? Yep, completely forgot about it again. Stupid lame memory.

Enter into the picture the gorgeous and talented Jennifer Tanner. Over on her blog she wrote about this amazing new show everyone is watching and why am I such a do-do for not watching it ~ Downton Abbey.

Paper cuts with lemon juice. Ouch. Or, was this a sign from the gods that I need to be listening to these women and watch the darn show already!

Last week I had to get a root canal, which really isn’t as fun as the brochure made it out to be. There I was, looped up on pain meds and unable to write or read with any sort of coherency (I’d like to take a moment here to apologize to anyone whose blog I left a rambling comment on, or a comment filled with typos. I blame the drugs. Really.)

What’s a girl to do when she can’t really do anything? Grab your husband (he needed to man the remote. Seriously, I was that out of it), and watch this fab new series everyone is talking about.


We’re in love. Both of us! We started with the first season and after the first episode we were hooked. We wanted to know more about the snarky servants and pampered people they took care of. The only thing that perplexed us after that first episode was who do we like?

We have to like a few characters to keep us interested and all of the characters seemed bitchy and snobby in that first hour. So we gave it another episode and the lines were clearly drawn: O’Brien and Thomas are evil. Anna is good and we adore Bates, please don’t sack him! (I won’t give away the spoiler, but let’s just say there is a Bates-Anna storyline coming up. Should we call them Banana? Annabate? Baann?) We have characters to cheer on and some we wish horrible things upon. Like, really really bad things need to happen to O’Brien and Thomas. Jus sayin. And perhaps Mary. Ugh!

We’re up to episode five of the first season and have the second season set up to record on the DVR. To say we’re in love might be a bit of an understatement. Two days in a row I’ve woken up my husband to ask him something about the plot. Poor dear, he isn’t even awake and I’m saying, ‘Wasn’t that hilarious when the cook said that about Thomas?’. I call that a bit of obsession.

Downton Abbey is decadent fun. The dynamics between upstairs and downstairs is fascinating and all of the characters, even the servants, are well-drawn out, which is what gives the show its charm. This isn’t a typical show that stereotypes the haves and have nots. While clearly some of the servants are happy in their job and take the term serviceΒ with pride, there are others who hate their lot in life and infect their venom on others. There is a subtle parallel between the upper class family and the servants who wait on them. I’ve kept myself from reading anything about the future shows because I want to relish in the story as it unfolds, not with any sort of expectation, but with breathless anticipation.

If you haven’t seen this show yet, as Amber says, WATCH IT NOW!

Are you watching Downton Abbey? What do you think of it? What’s on your ‘must watch’ list? Share with us, you know we’re dying to find some new obsession!


48 thoughts on “Dear Downton Abbey, we love you.

  1. YAY! While I am not happy you had to have a root canal, I AM glad that it forced you to watch Downton. I am going to refrain from going into full on gush mode.

    The show has infiltrated my dreams.

    And if you want extra entertainment (once you are caught up) @PattonOswalt live tweets during the episodes on Sunday night. πŸ™‚

    • This show has infiltrated not only my dreams, but my whole life! I’ll text my husband or spontaneously blurt out something about the show and he always knows what I’m talking about.

      I’ll have to check out those Sunday night tweets. I’ll bet he’s hilarious. Oh, if we tweeted the comments we make, I think we’d make people blush.

  2. I am totally obsessed as you well know from Facebook. And I had to chuckle that you finally watched it while recuperating from root canal (ugh) and I finally watched it while recuperating from shingles. I heard about it from like three people too and then put it in my Netflix queue, but like you, just didn’t get to it right away. One episode and BAM–I caught up to the current show in Season 2 in a week.

    • You know, there is no better time to get addicted to something than when you’re recuperating! We need to watch Episode 1 from Season 2 (on the computer since it isn’t airing anymore) and then we’ve got the rest DVR’d and ready for us. We’ll have a Downton marathon. I can’t believe it took me this long to listen to my friends!

      Hope you’re all better from the nasty shingles. That totally sucks.

  3. Ouch on the root canal honey – sorry – tough week but it sounds like it paid off big! I read Amber’s post but hadn’t put much thought into searching it out but I will. Sounds like I’m gonna have to finally break and see if Netflix Canada is decent and start to try and find these fab finds on our own stations. Thanks for the review….eekeee…I’ll keep you posted if I can track it down!
    Here’s to a better tooth week! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, root canals are no fun, but it’s mostly pain free now. At least I got really good pain meds!

      You would LOVE this show! It’s totally decadent fun that will drive you nuts and make you smile. Mostly drive you nuts, but in a good way. If you have Netflix streaming, you can get the whole first season on there, or you can watch episodes online at, I think. Like Anonymous says, try searching PBS for Masterpiece Classics or Theater with ‘Downton’ also in the keyword search. It shows here on Sunday nights at 9pm. I hope you find it!

  4. Tameri, I wish! If the full seasons come out on DVD, then I’m all over it. We love watching series on the boat, but can’t get Netflix due to low band with on the internet. So frustrating.

    • Definitely check Amazon, or maybe even libraries if that’s feasible. I imagine being on a boat makes it difficult to loan books or DVDs from the library, but maybe? I hope you are able to get it because the show is scrumptious.

  5. Welcome to the club, Tameri! Amber does know her television. I got hooked last year and, as you have discovered, that’s the end of the discussion. It becomes part of what you MUST do each week! My sympathies too about the root canal but, hey, look what you got in return! Enjoy!

    • Thank you! I’m loving the club and if a root canal is what it took to get me there, then whoohooo! for the root canal. Next time, though, I’m just going to take Amber’s word for it and skip the pain. ; )

  6. OMG. I LOVE Downton Abbey. I’ve written a post for next week and I had no idea that Jennifer and Amber wrote about it too. I’ll certainly link to all three of you. It’s been a long time since a T.V. show has captured my heart and sadly I’ve had no one to talk to about it. No one in my family watches nor do any of my friends. They simply don’t know what they’re missing. You just made my day Tameri! I’m so happy to find other “gushy” (quoting Amber) fans! I’m off to check out Jennifer and Amber’s posts.

    • You too, Kate? It’s such an awesome show. My husband said this morning on our walk that it took him 41 years to get addicted to a soap opera. That’s kind of what it is, but the British accents makes it so much more, don’t you think?

    • You should hear my Hubs whenever O’Brien or Thomas start up… he wishes evil, vile things to happen to them and it makes me laugh. They are awful! I won’t tell you anything else because I don’t want to spoil it, but they get worse. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone I told you. : )

    • Getting better, thanks! On my list of super fun things to do, don’t you know root canal isn’t there! At least it’s done and once the pain is gone, it will be gone for good. Yay!

      Ooooh, Myndi you are going to love this show. Get your husband to watch it with you ~ mine’s totally hooked as well and now it’s our little thing to watch together. It’s so cute. We get all snuggly on the couch and yell at the TV. Awesome!

    • That was me, too Lissa. I’d read about it and then forget to put it in my queue. Thank goodness for pain meds and not being able to do the 100+ things I’m usually doing (you can totally relate, I’m sure!). Now that I’m hooked, it’s set as a priority on my calendar. Everything else can wait, I need my Downton Abbey!

  7. I’m late to the party again. Have not heard about this at all! But it sounds too good to miss. Thanks for review, Tameri. I’ll be queuing it up this afternoon!

    • Well, now that you’ve heard about it, you should check out an episode or three. The first one was a little confusing, but by the second one we were all in and just had to watch another one. It’s addictive, I’ll warn you now, but oooooh, so good.

      The costumes are terrific as is the decor of the abbey itself. I’ve learned a few things about the time period that I now need to change in my book. So, it’s kind of research.

  8. Hi Tameri!

    I was on the phone with my husband last night. He’s back east right now. He told me he had to get off the phone and get his snacks ready for his hour of Downton. He keeps calling it DowntoWn Abbey. πŸ™‚ I was shocked that he actually listened to me and watched the entire first season in one sitting. He’s hooked now.

    The series has also given me some insight into stories involving multiple characters. All of my manuscripts have multiple characters. At times, I’ve been told that there are too many. But the way Julian Fellowes creates a story for each Downton character that either makes you want to cheer them on or hope they get what’s coming to them, has given me a little hope that I’m on the right track.

    So glad you and your husband are enjoying the series! Thanks for the mention…and check out #downton on Twitter. See you there!

    • That is so cute about your husband! I’m fairly certain my husband is a bigger fan than I am. He’s looked up the actors, figured out that Bates is 15 years older than Anna, and who knows what else.

      I keep looking at the rooms and costumes for research ideas for novels. The multiple character angle is what moves the story line along, so I say if your novel has many characters, you can totally make it work!

      Thanks for your blog post about DA, it really did give me the kick in the pants I needed. I’ll have to add #downton to my twitter feed, thanks!

  9. Okay, I’m officially sold! I, too, failed to watch Downtown Abbey after Amber’s enthusiasm suggested I do. I even have it here on DVD! I think you had a better excuse. πŸ˜‰ I WILL watch it. I WILL. Thanks Tameri and Amber! I’ll be sure to let you know what hubby and I think.

  10. So this show seems like it’s my type of show, but after I watched the first episode when the show first started I didn’t bond with it. Now though I’m wondering if I should give it a second shot??

    • The first episode didn’t do it for me, either. It was the second one where I really got hooked. I think they tried to cram too much into that first hour and I ended up not liking any of the characters. Now, though, I’m in love with almost all of them. Evil O’Brien and Thomas will never have my affections, I’m happy to admit.

  11. Oh man! I’m so sorry about the root canal. 😦 They are absolutely NO fun.

    Well fiddle sticks. So you’re telling me this is sooo good I must add this to my queue? I don’t need another show here ladies. What are you doing to me? LOL Looks like something the Hubs would enjoy watching with me though. πŸ™‚

    • It’s only 7 episodes per season, so that’s not a huge commitment, right? πŸ™‚ I think you’ll like it and if your husband is anything like mine, he’ll be hooked too. I’m actually quite shocked how how much David likes the show, but I’m not complaining! It’s an hour of snuggle time with my guy. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

    • I hope so, Angela! I don’t know why it’s got me hooked, but I can’t stop watching. We got caught up tonight and now I have to wait until next Sunday and I’m not sure I’ll make it. Total fangirl of the show.

  12. Would you believe this is a TV series that I have NOT watched one single episode of? I know, I know. Amber has been singing it’s praises for almost a year now. I must get with the program.

    • I would NOT believe that! In fact, I thought it was your blog I read about this show and searched for it there, but then found the link to Amber’s blog. I’m shocked that you’re not watching it. You really must get with it!

  13. I did the same thing!! Finally decided to give it 5 minutes while eating lunch last week and spent the rest of the week catching up on the first season. Then spent a couple days catching up on season two online and now have it set to record every week πŸ˜€ Sooooo good πŸ˜€

  14. shhhh, I’m trying to get rid of distractions, not find more! It’s hard enough to keep up with NCIS, Once Upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother, and Grey’s Anatomy as it is!

    (but is the whole season available on PBS online? Because I just might cave.)

    • I know, Rebecca. There are a lot of good shows out there, but you must make room for this one. Trust me, it’s waaaaaay better than Once Upon A Time. At least, my husband and I think so and that was our decadent treat before Downton Abbey came along.

      I’m pretty sure the whole season is online. Sorry for the distraction! I like to think of it as research ~ there are so many characters to study as well as the costuming and landscaping. Yep, I’m going with research.

      • Of course you had to say costuming *headdesk*. My one weakness besides writing *sigh* . . .

        I can’t give up NCIS, I’ve been a faithful pawn since season 1, lol. And I adore Once Upon a Time way too much, especially since it’s the only show both my mother and I watch! Something to bond over, ya know? πŸ˜‰

        hm, I guess Grey’s Anatomy will have to go . . . oh well!

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  16. Tameri – I stayed away from this blog post just in case there were in spoilers. (Should have trusted that you wouldn’t!!!) Anyway, we are as hooked on Downton Abbey as you and your husband. We are now into season 2 and are just hooked. What a great series. We ordered season 1 off Netflix and dvr’d season 2. I did read that they are filming season 3 so I’m happy, happy.

    We are still in the early part of Season 2 but are planning a marathon this coming weekend. My hubbie is out of town so the rest of us can’t watch it until he gets home. Ah!!! πŸ™‚

    Just love it!

    • I’m not allowed to watch it without my husband either! That’s funny that they are in to it – each week David will say, WHY do I love this show? As if he’s constantly surprised that he likes it.

      We’re finally caught up to the weekly show and it’s agony. I loved sitting down to watch a marathon of them and always want more at the end of the hour. David has read a little bit online about what’s coming, but I won’t let him tell me. I want to be surprised.

      Another Downton fan, yay! There are more of us out there than I ever knew, which makes me happy happy because maybe the series will go on and on.

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