It’s a Super Sunday to do Something Awesome. Indies Unite for Joshua ~ IndieGoGo!

Y’all know I don’t normally post on Sunday, but this is a special case. Writers are amazing folks and I’ve been lucky enough to meet some super awesome people here in the blogosphere, like Steena Holmes. This past week she blogged about a sweet 21 year-old guy who has some not fun stuff going on with him.

His name’s Joshua and you can click here to read more about him. I don’t know him or his father, writer Max Cynn, but I have a 21 year-old daughter and I know how devastated I’d be if this happened to us.

I was so touched by his story, that I wanted to share it with you, in the hopes that you can help in whatever way, large or small, that you can.

Some really cool folks have started up a campaign called Indies Unite for Joshua ~ IndieGoGo!

There are some fabulous items up to bid – and you know the money all goes to help with Joshua’s medical bills. A totally fantastic cause. What’s up for bidding? Everything you could need as a writer. Editing. Manuscript formatting. Book Covers. Books. Anything and everything! I know I need all of this, so I’m definitely checking it out! Click here to go to the IndieGoGo page.

Hop on over there, bid on some cool stuff or just make a straight donation. Everything helps.

I know today’s a massive football day, so thank you for taking a minute or two out of your busy day to do something nice for this young man. You totally rock!


18 thoughts on “It’s a Super Sunday to do Something Awesome. Indies Unite for Joshua ~ IndieGoGo!

  1. This is so touching, Tameri. Thanks for alerting us to Max and Joshua’s story and the awesome opportunity to support them. Wow…

    I was thinking of ordering some new shoes today, that I in all honesty don’t need. I now have a far better place to invest funds. Thanks!!

    • Aw, August, that’s so sweet. I totally get you, though. That pair of shoes can wait, Joshua can’t. Thanks for your support!

      Ohmygosh, just writing this reply I’m getting all misty eyed at your kindness. You rock my world.

  2. This is beautiful Tameri. I was checking out your links last night and got lost. Never made it back to tell you how great this is. You are such an amazing women. I’m proud to have met you.

    • I do that all the time, Debra. Especially if I’m on my iPad. Then I space out and forget to go back and comment, RT, etc. You are totally forgiven!

      Thank you so, so much! You are a treasure and we are all better for having met you (online and in the real world).

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