All You Beautiful Women and Men, Flaunt It!

I had a really cool post for you today, all about a kick-ass heroine, but then August McLaughlin did this amazing thing and I thought maybe we could kick ass another way.

By celebrating women.

August started a beauty revolution with her Beauty of a Woman Blogfest and while I was a little late in getting to the party, I still wanted to support this incredible idea.

So for today, I want you to hop on over to August’s blog because she has a list of awe-mazing posts for you to check out. They are all about celebrating women’s beauty, inner and outer.

Before you head over to August’s place, leave a comment here telling us why you are a beautiful woman (or man) ~ you know you are, so don’t be shy! And then I want you to Flaunt Your Fabulous Blog!

That’s right, tell us something beautiful about yourself and then let us know what’s happening on your blog today. Or if you have a special event coming up, tell us about that. We love to hear what’s going on in your world. Want to spread the love about someone else’s blog, go ahead! Promote yourself or your friends, it’s all good.

Happy Friday Everyone and hey, Stay Beautiful!



28 thoughts on “All You Beautiful Women and Men, Flaunt It!

  1. I think the most beautiful part about me is my sense of humor. Without it, my life would be so dull.

    It’s a big day for me so take your pick or read both!
    Friday Flash Fiction – An Evening Swim – which will make you think twice about going for your next swim.
    Beauty of a Woman Blogfest – Reflected Addiction – I used my sense of humor when I wrote about my sick relationship with a horrid tool……

    Thanks Tameri!

    • You are so welcome, my darling. What an awesome idea you had, so I just had to spread the love. The kick-ass post will be up in two weeks – next week I have Angela Wallace guest posting! Thanks for all you do, August. You are truly beautiful on the inside and out.

    • Hope your weekend is fabulous, too! I think humor is SO important to have. Especially the ability to laugh at oneself because, really, we’re hilarious creatures, don’t you think? Thanks for sharing your beauty with us!

    • Your beauty post still resonates with me! I love reading whatever you have to blog about, so I hope folks will stop by your gorgeous blog and hang out for awhile. Have a fab Saturday and thanks for being such a beautiful person. We love you!!

  2. Ah, Tameri. You are the beautiful one. You know that, right? My post has been all about inner beauty and I think it’s important that everyone let their true selves shine. That’s what beauty is. That is cool that Tameri is gracing Angela’s blog next week! I am so there for that.

    • Your post gave me goosebumps and misty eyes. And thank you for the compliment! Although, I am going to have to say the same thing to you ~ you are such a caring, compassionate, and beautiful woman. Your inner beauty shines in every word you write. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. What a great post, and I’ve been following August’s terrific posts, too!

    Inner beauty, outer beauty, hmnnn, I suspect the most beautimous thing about me is that animals seem to find me attractive. And I bathe and everything! I tend to be an optimist and maybe that makes me more attractive to others. My blog today celebrates some of the surprising ways cats show love for Feline Friday (had to do equal time because Woof Weds featured the same thing for dogs).

    • Not just animals! We all think you’re pretty darn fabulous, too. Optimism is one of the greatest gifts a person can posses, I think. With a good attitude, anything is possible. Okay, but can we talk about your flawless skin for a minute? I mean, look at that picture of you! Gorgeous! Best part about it, though? The way your inner beauty shines through your eyes and your smile. Those animals sure are lucky to have you around.

  4. I didn’t get involved with August’s great blog a thon, but I think it’s an amazing idea and I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs. So many talented women out there. I think the thing I am most proud of are my children. They are both amazing and I’m so amazed at how both talented and humble they are. My 15 yr old son is a nationally ranked racer. The confidence and calmness he shows before a race astounds me. Before every race, when he is in his kart waiting to go on the track, he folds his hands and says a prayer. Whether he wins or loses, he is also humble and a great role model for younger racers. Then there’s my daughter. The person that can push all my buttons and drives me nuts, but at the same time is my best friend. She’s caring and smart and way more mature than I ever was at 17. The thing I’d like to brag about is she is now contributing one day a week to my blog. Here’s her first post.

    • Your kids are great. Even though I didn’t get to meet your son, just the way your eyes lit up when you talked about him, I could tell he made your heart smile. Your daughter is fabulous! I loved her first post and look forward to more from her. Annnnd, she’s just as stunningly gorgeous as her mom.

      Congrats on the release of THAT WEDDING!! I hope everyone stops by your blog to check out your fun posts and see what your daughter has in store for us.

  5. I so admire August for her fabulous idea of this blogfest. I’ve been visiting blogs on her list and all of the posts are really interesting and worth reading.

    As for the question “what’s most beautiful about me” — hmmm, I would rather someone else answer that since I don’t like talking about myself. But okay, if you really have to twist my arm, I think I value myself for being a good mother, true and caring friend, for going an extra mile to help others, and for helping those in need.

    Today Traci Bell and I are wrapping up our week-long celebration of her book, Entangled. We had a contest (see my post from last Monday ) and today Traci just announced the winner – which is… drum roll please! AUGUST!!!

    • I know, August deserves three cheers for her great idea. What a fun way to celebrate being a woman! All the blog posts are inspiring and creative.

      Thank you for sharing what you think is beautiful about yourself. It’s hard, isn’t it? But it shouldn’t be! You definitely are one of the most caring and kind women I’ve met in a long time. Not to mention you have the most amazing style of anyone I know. Seriously, when I lose my weight, I want to go shopping with you.

      Loved your celebration of Traci Bell and I can’t wait to read her book! I’ve got it all downloaded and ready to go, but have to finish Elena’s first. Too many good books to read! Thanks for stopping by to flaunt your fab self and congrats to August for winning the book!

      Hip hip hooray!

    • Totally kick ass. How can you not feel inspired and good about yourself after reading them? I never knew so many women had big calves like me! I mean, really, I’ve got a whole tribe of large calved women to hang out with now. Awesome!

      Good luck on your 12X12 challenge – you should’ve flaunted that! I love your little picture book reviews you do, too. Everyone should read them even if they don’t have young children in the house anymore. They are super fabulous!

  6. lovely post Tameri. As usual, we can depend on you to put a different spin on things. What’s beautiful about me? I’m reliable and dedicated and I have a deep understanding and acceptance of people. I’m particularly proud of the latter because it’s a learned skill and I use it all the time.

    • Aw, thank you Louise. I’ve been telling everyone about your abuse series and how much it’s helped me sort through some things. Your care and devotion to people shines through each post. You know what’s also beautiful about you? That skin. Like Amy above, you two have the most gorgeous, flawless skin! Thanks for stopping by and flaunting yourself!

  7. I am so sorry I missed out on August’s blogosphere event and I love your celebration Tameri. Amazing.
    What’s beautiful about me? I think my sense of humour, my empathy and compassion, and my love of animals make me beautiful. Oh and my laugh….yes it’s loud and proud and I love it!!!
    Wonderful post darlin’!!!

  8. I love listening to other people, just giving friends and family the chance to tell me about their day and what they’re up to.
    It’s funny but I’ve justed posted a review of a short story The Beast in the Mirror on my blog today; it’s a modern Beauty and the Beast tale.

    • Oooh, I’ll have to check out your review. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all-time faves.

      I’m so with you on the listening to other people thing… my day’s usually pretty boring, so I like to know what other folks do. Thanks for stopping by, I’m heading over to your blog to check out that review.

      • Dear Tameri,
        Jeez, I don’t think I fit in at all. I am 61-y-o and just don’t feel very physically beautiful to a man. Why? Perhaps because I am not that in shape, and my skin is more wrinkled now. And because my 65-y-o “boyfriend” picks up the Sports Illustrated Magazine at the grocery store and holds up the photo of a perfect specimen of female physical beauty (which I used to look like but don’t anymore) and I just want to be loved and cherished, you know what I mean? There is no way that I can look a way that will really turn on a man, just from looks, so Perhaps I should give up. Oh No, but men (and boys) will always be attracted to female physical beauty, don’t you think. Soooo… what can we do when we have to face all these young beauties showing all their physical beauty to all? Guess we just have to let it go and pray that the man will be able to be satisfied with the INNER beauty. Love, Lynn

      • Oh, Lynn! I just wish I could give you a giant hug and tell you that your outer beauty is nothing compared to what’s inside. Let your boyfriend pick up the magazine and enjoy the young models, he’s with you, isn’t he? That means there is something about you that he does cherish and love. I’m a middle-aged overweight woman and my husband thinks I’m the sexiest thing around. Okay, maybe not the sexiest, but whatever! He loves me just as I am and had never once made me feel inferior because I don’t look like one of those models. Not that I’d want to… they are too skinny and need to eat a donut. Seriously.

        It’s my confidence and optimism that makes me a strong and sexy woman and I’m sure you’ve got that inside of you as well. Think of what you’ve accomplished in those 61 years. WAY more than those silly models, that’s for sure. You have wisdom and experience that you can share with the world. Don’t beat yourself up because you aren’t a beauty queen anymore ~ looks are superficial and if you put too much importance on them then you’ll never truly appreciate how gorgeous you are as a person.

        Love who you are now, not who you could’ve/should’ve/would’ve been. Be the best 61 year-old Lynn you can be and let your inner beauty shine.

        Hugs to you!

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