Be the wind… feel the universe… quit your chatter!

Life is crazy and we all need to take a moment each day to recharge our spirit.

Sometimes, those around us just don’t get it.

What do you do to recharge? Are you a yoga fan? Does your family let you find a moment to be one with the universe? Or do they insist on badgering you with questions while you’re trying to find your center?


46 thoughts on “Be the wind… feel the universe… quit your chatter!

  1. Cool video! I remember as a young mom there were days when it seemed there was nowhere to hide and have a little peace. I lived for the kids’ bedtime when I could retreat to the tub fully of warm soapy water for solace. 🙂

  2. For cuteness! My family doesn’t keep me from calmness, but I often do. I’m much better at active relaxation than sitting still and quiet, which I’ve been learning to prioritize. Walking, going to bed early to read or doodle and music have become staples in my life… When I bypass them, not so good. Yoga remains on the maybe/someday/should-I? list. 😉 Thanks for inspiring me to give it a try.

    • Ah. Monkey mind? I suffer from that as well. I find walks and naps work best – doodling just stresses me out because I can’t draw.

      Let us know when/if you ever try yoga – especially hot yoga. Since Jenny Hansen’s post on it, I’m afraid of it. But I do like regular yoga. Now that I think of it, I’m surprised you aren’t a yogi. 😉

    • Oh, no! As long as no one shouts out, “I have football practice in an hour!” you might be fine.

      I’m going to blog about the wild weekend in two parts. Monday will be a sweet love letter to the directors and in a few weeks I’ll blog about our ‘field trip’ Friday night. I think. It was pretty crazy. We’re talking Natalie Hartford kind of crazy. 😉

  3. HAHA! I love this video. Thankfully I come from a mom who “gets it” and likes to take time to soak in the wow moments of nature when she can. And thankfully too I have a husband who might check on me once and awhile if I’m in a zen mood, but otherwise lets me be. He doesn’t always “get it”, but he understands that it’s important to me!

  4. WAHAHAHA!! Love the video. Reminds me of hubby and I! Hubby will leave me in peace if I head into my office and close the door. But try to work on the couch or somewhere in his eyesight and…well…he’s a chatty little thing! God love him! LOL!!!
    Tks for the FAB laugh…

  5. Ack! My phone won’t let me watch the video…but I think I get the idea. 🙂 LOVE it when I’m attempting yoga at home and SweetZ decides I’d make a great fort when I’m in the downward-facing dog pose…or when she tries to perch on my knee in a warrior pose. The best, tho, is savasna. She likes to pull my eyelid open while asking me very sweetly if I’m okay. 🙂 Not a lot of meditating going on these days! 🙂

    • Aw, try to come back later on your computer. It’s really short and cute.

      I laughed so hard when I read your comment! What a sweetheart your daughter is. I can just picture her climbing up and under you as you move through your poses. Gives a whole new meaning to being flexible, doesn’t it?

  6. Ha ha, I love their accents! I actually don’t know how to relax and just switch my brain off. I seriously need to take up yoga or meditation before my brain explodes.

    • Or, like August said up there, try music or doodling or walking. Or naps. I love naps. I find when I do yoga I can only focus for about 20 minutes before I start thinking of all the things I’m not doing while I’m trying to relax. Sort of defeats the purpose. I’ve never been one to meditate, either. My mind wanders to the far reaches of the universe and takes me with it.

      Maybe that’s why I like naps – at least then I fall asleep and that’s kind of like meditating.

    • Yes you do and we love you for it! Now I’m curious, do you watch the episodes without doing anything else, or do you multitask? I don’t think I could sit in front of the TV for all the shows you watch without doing something else. But then you miss stuff. Hmmm…

  7. Ohmmmm. Ohmmmmmmm. I’d like to go to my happy place, but the damned taxes keep interrupting me. After this weekend, my happy place might be the PuPu bar at the Crowne Plaza hotel, telling stories about field trips.

  8. Ha ha ha ha! Oh, Tameri, this is the video of the week for me. The chatter bug one was my mother in the ER Monday night, hitting me with question after question from the waiting room to triage to regular room. Yes, she invited herself back. Imagine a person in pain trying to find their inner comfort spot with a chatty Cathy pinging words. It is funny…now. Heh.

    • Oh, poor Barbara! I’m sure Mom meant well, but they can be so chirpy when all we need is quiet. Still, I’m glad she was with you. Hope you’re feeling better soon and give your mom and huge hug from me! Hey, at least she went with you…

  9. Putt on some good classical music – either really stirring stuff like the 1812 overture, or more gentle stuff like Pachelbells Cannon. If you don’t know that last one, look it on youtube. It will have in Rhapsody. I guarantee it or your money back.

    • Yep, I like to write to classical music and soundtracks. They are very soothing.

      And walks with the dog are awesome, except my little Jack Russell wants to stop every five feet, so she doesn’t get to come on the power walks, just the strolls through the woods.

    • Zen on your pizza? That’s hilarious. What does zen taste like, I wonder.

      “How long is this going to take?” I get that one a lot. Um, as long as needed, but I’m certain it will take longer than it would to hide the body.

      That’s what I always say. They never take me seriously, though.

  10. How to stop the chattering inside your head? LOL!

    Always something going on inside. Cute video. I love the peacefulness of taking a walk. I’ve been trying to take Hubby along, but since the surgery it hasn’t worked out to well yet. And it seems that I am a social walker. Who knew?

    And then of course there is the peace and quietness of reading a good book. I love it. I’ll take that over watching TV any day. Too much chattering sometimes. 🙂

    • Knee replacement, right? Hopefully he’ll be able to walk with you by summer. Those surgeries are no fun.

      I still haven’t figured out how to stop the chattering in my head, but I keep trying. There are just too many voices up there clamoring to tell their story. Generally I can get some peace when I read, but only for a little while and they start putting themselves into the book I’m reading. It’s bothersome at times. 😉

  11. As a young mom, I remember never having a moment to myself. and the sense that I could only get that if I “ran away from home”. it was a typical situation for a new mom. Ironically, it took a long time as a single woman to know I could relax alone at home – I still had the sense I had to run away for some down time. LOL

    • I know, right? Being a mom to young kids can make anyone a little nuts and want to escape. Especially if they badger you like the pups in the video (mine always did!). I love my alone time, but like having others around. Even if it’s just the dogs. Thanks for stopping by, Louise!

  12. I had an early bed-time for the wee ones, so part of the evening was available to relax and recover. Later when I worked, and the kids were teens, I would stay up late to reap the alone time. Now that I should have an abundance of time, I create an impossible schedule but am learning to allow/schedule leisure.

    That video? Fabulous. I am still smiling. Thanks Tameri.

    • You are one smart woman, Marion. Getting the kids to bed early is key ~ mine were 7 1/2 years apart, so always had differing bed times and now, well, they go to bed after me!

      Definitely find time for yourself in your hectic day. Even if it’s for five minutes to savor the feel of a breeze on your skin, enjoy a moment of peace. We never stop learning, my friend. Glad I could bring a smile to your day!

  13. We don’t hav groundhogs in my part of Texas, so I had never seen them until we visited Oklahoma on a family errand. At one point, we stopped at this public park. I took a walk, and these groundhogs kept popping their head up and watching me. They were too cute for words.

    As for what I do to recharge: I read fiction. That has been my escape since I was so little my favorite books were Berenstein Bears and Curious George. Sometimes I listen to music. When we move house next–hopefully to a place with some acreage–I look forward to sitting outside on those rare cool blue sky days and enjoying the peace and quiet.

    • Reading seems to be on everyone’s lists. It’s a great way to escape!

      Ooh, to live in a house with acreage, that is a dream of mine. I love your idea of sitting outside and just being present in nature. Maybe you’ll even have some prairie dogs to keep you company. 😉

  14. Love that video! Oh my goodness – to recharge??? Alone time. That may mean getting up at 4:30 but I have to have it. Time to sit quietly and think. My family tries to give it to me, but they just can’t – or can’t for any length of time. Such is life. In another season of my life, I’ll be craving their interruptions so I won’t complain now. (Although you’ll hear a grumble or two if you listen closely. 🙂 )

    • I am so with you, Bridgette. I often get up super early so I can have a little quiet time before the day starts. Not even the dogs will bother me then. And I totally understand about enjoying the interruptions now because pretty soon it will be much too quiet in the house. It’s a catch-22.

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