19 Seconds of Ridiculous Dragon Fun and Steena’s WINNER Announced!

Hey All!

You know I’ve told you how amazing my son is, right? He’s hilarious and finds the coolest stuff on the internet for me. Like today’s video. It’s 19 seconds of bizarre nonsense, but I can’t stop watching. Help me.

Before you get to the video… we have a winner to announce! Last week the awesome and amazing Steena Holmes dropped by to tell us about her love affair with Indie publishing. Well, she also offered a free copy of her book to one lucky commenter and the winner is…

Coleen Patrick!

Congratulations, Coleen! Steena will be in touch to tell you how to get your free copy of Finding Emma.

And now, the video you’re all dying to see!

Crackle Sauce just might become my new favorite word.

How’s your week going? Did you love that video as much as I did? Are you as jealous  happy for Coleen as I am?


28 thoughts on “19 Seconds of Ridiculous Dragon Fun and Steena’s WINNER Announced!

  1. Tameri: You won the Dapper Dan Contest on my blog! Woo hoo! Just sent you a friend request on Facebook so you can message me your e-mail for the $10.00 Amazon Gift Card!

    PS I know it was a “throw everyone in the hat” contest, but I loved your little story!

    • Hey Ruth! I read that yesterday on the iPad and I’m just now getting online to read/comment on blogs and such. That’s so cool! Thanks for the fun story prompt. I’ll head over to FB in a sec to accept you as my friend (which sounds strange because you already are). 😉

    • You are such a hoot! I love that you play word games like we do. You totally got the Brit spelling on that one post and now you’re ‘draggin’. Love it! Now, if you just happened to play board games (not like Monopoly, but weird ones that no ones ever heard of but hard-core gamers), you’re a perfect fit for the family. Move down here already!

    • And that is what makes kids so super awesome. They find the craziest things to make us a little more nutso. My son keeps sending me pictures of Crackle Sauce, or new videos and I just love it. I’m insane, I know. 😉

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