I’m super lucky and so are YOU!

Some pretty cool things have happened this week. On Saturday you all got to know me a little better. Then on Monday we had an amazing cracklesauce party (I’m still dancing, how about you?). Yesterday ~well, you know it was my birthday so it was super fabulous~ and today is my 100th post! I can’t believe I have more than 2 posts, so to have 100? Blown. Away. To mark this crazy happy occasion, I thought it only fitting to share some of my novel, The Temple of Ardyn with all of you. Why? Because I got memed.

Not just once, not twice, but three times! That’s right my friends, the super fabulous Rebekah Loper tagged me then Myndi Shafer got in on the action and finally Debra Kristi.

What exactly is The Lucky 7 MEME? Here’s how it works:

  • Go to page 77 of current WIP
  • Go to line 7
  • Copy down next 7 lines/sentences/paragraphs & post them as they’re written
  • Tag 7 other authors
  • Let them know

Fabulous! Let’s get started then. It’s a little strange to be posting something that throws you into the middle of a scene, but rules are rules!

Sword. The voice rasped in her mind. There was no pain, just a sense of panic and fear.

The sword hung by the thinnest of threads above his chest. She had to do something before it broke free and pierced his heart. An idea came to her. It was crazy and Rhoane wouldn’t approve, but it was all she had.

Hang on, Taryn told the voice and ran full speed at the bed.

When she got a few feet away she jumped as high as she could and kicked out. When her foot made contact, it sounded as if every bell in the world rang inside her mind and her pendant shrieked against the burning pain that shot up her leg. Shreds of ShantiMari snaked around her boot hissing and snarling as if it were alive. Rhoane stepped aside just before she and the sword went crashing to the ground.

Another slice of pain cut through her shoulder when she hit the ground. The cacophony of sound disoriented her. Time slowed. Rhoane was speaking to her, helping her up, but all she saw were the threads of ShantiMari tightening around the man. A faint voice in her mind said he couldn’t breathe. She had to help him. Faelara and Myrddin called to her and somewhere in the deep recesses of her thoughts Brandt told her to remain calm, to remember to focus.

She grabbed the sword that lay at her feet. When she touched the handle a shock ran up her arm. Not like her leg, which felt on fire, but a soothing feeling as if the handle welcomed her touch. The pain in her shoulder lessened. With a powerful swing she raised the sword and brought it down over the man, slicing through the threads that sought his life.

“Taryn, no.” Faelara cried out and amber threads of Mari shot toward her, but they were blocked by Rhoane’s Shanti.

“Hold, Faelara.” Rhoane’s voice was like iron. “She won’t harm him.”

Now’s the fun part! I get to tag seven lucky recipients to play the game, but like Saturday, I’m going to tag all of you! Hey, it’s my birthday week, I’ll do what I want and that means breaking all the rules. We’re keeping this blog party going, so go on, tell us what’s happening on page 77 of your work in progress.


40 thoughts on “I’m super lucky and so are YOU!

  1. Happy Birthday! (look, you got five of them out of me!)

    I love your excerpt! I want to read more! So, when I finish Undoing, we’ll swap, k? 😀

    I’m super fabulous? Really? Sweeeet. 😉

  2. Hi Tameri!
    Love your excerpt! I could see the whole thing playing out as I read it. 🙂
    Have a terrific weekend!

    • Myndi, I love you so much! Yep, both beta have returned the book and the critiques were very favorable. I have a better idea of where I can cut and they both found places where I had a character do something that was completely out of character, which I never noticed in my five thousand readings! Betas are the best. Even their tough critiques were of value since it’s all to make the book stronger and my writing better. Love!

  3. Wow! That fell in an exciting scene. Woot woot! Fabulous! LOVE IT! Can’t wait to read the finished product. LIke Myndi, I want to know if there has been any feedback from the beta readers.

    • Thank you!! The betas were awesome. I have such a clearer idea of where I can tighten and even on the drive home from Disneyland yesterday I thought of a whole chapter that could be cut based on their critique. I need that word count to come down, so that’s a very good thing. Plus, it was a chapter that I love, but doesn’t move the story much. 😦 Kill your darlings, isn’t that what they say? Ouch.

    • Emma, it warms my heart to read that. I will noodle a name for days until it feels just right. I had a character with a name that every time I read it, it pulled me out of the story. Then one day I was getting groceries and the bagger dude’s name jumped out at me and I just knew that was the right name for him. I love it when that happens!

      I’m glad you like the excerpt. As much as I love this book I never know if anyone else will! Thanks so much.

      • I love how random events can move your story along. Naming your characters brings them to life. Good luck with your book.

  4. Way to go, Tameri! 100 posts is an exciting milestone and … hey … something else to celebrate this week while you are in full party mode!
    Love the excerpt and am looking forward to release. Another party!!!!

    • I know, right! Not that I need any more excuses to party.

      Ooooh, a release party. That is an excellent idea. I’m going to start planning it now. This one was way too much fun! Thank you Patricia!

    • Thanks Cassia! You’ll know when it’s out ~ I’m sure I’ll be dancing all around the blogosphere with balloons and champagne. 😉 I’m so glad you could stop by and help celebrate. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  5. Fab work, Tameri, both in the WIP excerpt and reaching 100 posts! Something else to celebrate! Like I need a reason…heh. And yes, I’m still dancing from your super fun B-Day party festivities. I’ll come spin tunes for you anytime. 🙂

    • I know, right! We don’t need much of a reason to break out the tunes and the bubbly and that’s why we’re super cool. 😉 Thanks for your continued support. I saw you and Lena will be rocking the ROW party. Good job! You’re the unofficial official DJ of all our parties and I love that!!

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