Admiral Ackbar Gives Relationship Advice

Hands up, who’s a Star Wars fan?

Me! Me, me, me!!

Those of you with your hands up will appreciate the following pics. Those of you not holding your hands up, get thee to a nunnery! Okay, maybe not a nunnery (that’s one of my favorite Shakespeare lines, I’m mixing meme’s here on the blog. Bad form, I know).

When it comes to relationship counseling, Admiral Ackbar knows his stuff…

Whatever question you ask him, he replies, ‘It’s a trap!’.






What do you think? Is Admiral Ackbar a genius or what?

What’s you best relationship advice?

Here’s a little something for my super fabulous geeky friends. It’s a Sheldon/Admiral Ackbar ‘It’s a Trap!’ mash up. How awesome is this? Two of my favorites in one place. Enjoy!


34 thoughts on “Admiral Ackbar Gives Relationship Advice

  1. RIOT!!! And so true…those were ALL traps!!!
    Best relationship advice – Let It All Hang Out! Meaning, just be yourself and shoot from the hip 100%! If he/she doesn’t get you or like it – then it’s likely the relationship isn’t going to last anyway so better to know sooner rather than later.

  2. Admiral Ackbar gives great advice! He should have his own blog. I’ve lately (within the past year) become a Big Bang Theory watcher, so love the Sheldon. Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning!

    • You’re so welcome. It took us a season to get into the BBT mode, but once we started watching, we were hooked. Now it’s on the DVR every Thursday (tonight!!). We like to say that in our house the Hubs is a mix of Sheldon and Leonard and I’m definitely Penny. And yes, they make me sing ‘Soft Kitty’ to them. Mostly the Kid, but sometimes the Hubs, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I found a comment the other day from someone else besides me who never watched Star Wars. Can’t remember who it was, though. I take it Adm Akbar was on Star Wars . . . so who is Sheldon? Nevr mind. I don’t need to know.

    • I think that was on Natalie’s post… but you hadn’t read Harry Potter, was there another non Star Wars person? Yikes! Yes, Admiral Ackbar was in Star Wars. When I bring out the whole series on DVD to show you, I’ll bring some Big Bang Theory as well. We’ll have a total geek weekend. It’ll be great, I promise. ๐Ÿ™‚

      When should I show up?

  4. Ha! Ackbar is a wise riot. I admit to using such traps in my younger yearsโ€”sometimes without full awareness of my motives. Nowadays, I sway on the side of overly honest. The best relationship advice? Hmm… Get fulfilled as a single person first. You’ll then attract someone who loves you for who you are and vice versa. Great post!

    • Yep! I used to say dumb things like those quotes up there, too. But that was just because I was so insecure. Now that I’m comfortable in my own skin, I don’t need to trap anyone. Like you, I’m a bit overly honest now and need to choose my words carefully. Awesome relationship advice. It isn’t until you truly know yourself and love yourself that you can give that kind of love back. Thanks so much, August!

  5. *Waving arm high in the air!* Yes, I’m a Star Wars fan. I’d say Admiral Akbar is definitely a genius. That video is a crackup!

    • Yay! So glad you enjoyed it, Lynn. I think my family is getting tired of me saying it, but I’ve got another good three or four days of pointing out that ‘it’s a trap!’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Big Bang Theory is so funny, and I laughed out loud at that clip cutting back and forth. All the relationship advice above is so true. I think my best advice (based on the hurting people I’ve talked to lately) is to remember that no one is perfect. When you start to think only about the things you don’t like about the person you’re with, remember that they don’t like things about you too, and redirect your thoughts to the things you love about them.

    • Yep, great advice! We all have flaws and when we can accept that, we open our hearts a little more. Thank you so much for sharing that, it’s something we all can remember every day.

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