There I was, all comfy in my home, reading through various blog posts when I came upon Emma’s book review of Tegan’s Return by L.H. Cosway. I don’t read vampire books. I don’t like first person books. I didn’t read the first book about Tegan, Tegan’s Blood. So why would I care about this review? Well, because I adore Emma and I find her reviews charming and fun. Then I did something crazy. I went to Amazon and downloaded both of the Tegan books. I don’t know why, maybe I was possessed by a preternatural sense that if I didn’t I would immediately be blood sucked until I was nothing more than a simpering mass of goo.
Anyway! I downloaded the darn books. Wouldn’t you know, I found myself sitting around my doctor’s office for several hours on Wednesday with nothing to do, so I opened up my Kindle and started reading.
I’m hooked.
I’m truly, madly, deeply smitten with Ethan and I honestly fear for Tegan’s life. I’m only halfway through the book, so I must finish it to find out what happens next, but I wanted to tell you all about it since I’ll probably be up until four in the morning finishing it and would forget to post this then. So you’re getting my post a bit early.
Go check out Emma’s reviews for both of the Tegan books and then download them for yourself. Even if you aren’t a fan of vampires and you aren’t crazy about first person, you’ll fall in love with Tegan and her sassy wit. At least I hope you do.

Emma's Ramblings on Supernatural Fiction

Having read and loved the first book in the Ultimate Power series, Tegan’s Blood, I was expecting great things from the sequel, and I’m delighted to say Tegan’s Return didn’t disappoint.

After the drama of the first book, Tegan is attempting to live a quiet life in Manchester under her middle name Alexandra.  A mundane existence is not to be however with the arrival of the flirtatious vampire slayer Finn.  He invites Tegan to return to Tribane and help him find the kidnapped daughter of his governor.  This mission means Tegan will have to return to the vampire club Crimson to find Ethan Cristescu, the powerful vampire she fell for two years ago.  Ethan is working on the opposite side of Tegan and she’s going to have to betray him in order to complete her mission.  On top of this, her father has gone missing and Tegan is trying…

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  1. I didn’t make that clear, did I? Must be the pain meds. I’m reading Tegan’s Blood, the first one and I’ll start on Tegan’s Return tomorrow after I beta read something for a friend of mine. So much reading to be done!

  2. Love being surprised by a book I didn’t expect to thrill me! Enjoy!

  3. isn’t it wonderful to find an incredible book that completely you hooks you? I just started Finding Emma by Steena Holmes. I expected it to big, but it’s amazing. truly amazing. and it’s been a real treat to find it.

    • Thanks Patricia! I’m fine, just a bit of laser surgery to remove an old tattoo ~ it was super painful this time, I don’t know why. It’s healing up nicely now so no more pain meds, which is why my replies are so late. I find it best not to comment or reply when I’m all goofed up. 😉

  4. Hi Tameri,
    Thanks for the mention and I’m delighted you’re enjoying these books. I must Tweet the author later. I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear more people are enjoying her work.
    Kindles could have been invented for waiting rooms 🙂

    • You’re so welcome, Emma. I’m so hooked, but book two left me out to dry and I need to know if Ethan ever forgives her! 😉 Kindles are the best for long waits. I don’t know how I survived without my iPad before now…

    • I can’t recommend the waiting room option, it usually means icky stuff so stay away from that. However, I do recommend putting some time into your schedule every day for pleasure reading. Sort of like those office hours I was telling you about, make relaxation hours. 🙂

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