Today Let’s Celebrate YOU! Pimp & Promote, baby.

Pimp Dawg says y’all need to party it up and get pimpin’ or promotin’!

That’s right! In honor of my wedding anniversary tomorrow, I’d like to throw it over to all of you on the blog today.

Have a super fabulous blog you want to promote? Put the link in the comments!

Want to share someone else’s book release, post, or just plain awesomeness? You got it ~ put a link in the comments!

I hope you’ll mix and mingle here today and find some great new blogs to check out.

Need a start? How about this?

Have you met my friend Amy Shojai? She has this terrific blog where she talks about Blood, Bitches, and Bling. Well, today she’s got a fab post where you have a chance to name a character in her book. Not just any character ~ two kitty characters! Hop on over and check it out. Make sure you catch up with what’s she been doing in her writing career, with animals, and her stage work as well. This is one super busy woman who really does do it all!

We writers are visual people, for the most part. We have to visualize a world, room, or character in our head and then transfer that image to the page. Over at PhotoBotos, they have amazing pictures that they feature and, I’ve got to tell you, many of my imagined worlds have been inspired by them. Like this photo of Valdivia, Chile. The way the trees are lit from the sun to the mists on the other side, I can see this as being a portal to another world. What do you see?

Okay, I admit it, I love games. Specifically, puzzles and games that make me think. So when Kristy K. James started her ‘What In The World Is This?’ game, I was hooked. Every Wednesday she puts up a picture of something unusual and we’re supposed to figure out what it is. The comments are as hilarious as what it really ends up being! See if you can figure out what this thing is.

Following in this theme… Debra Kristi has started a fun game with Thor. That’s right, my sweet Thor is going on an adventure this summer with Debra and her daughter Monkey. Each week Thor is doing something and it’s up to us readers to figure out what. Last week he battled a donut. This week? Well, let’s just say I thought he was fixing the Millennium Falcon. What do you think he’s doing?

I’m loving these fun summer games. Now it’s your turn. Got something you want to promote? You know what to do. Pimp out someone else? Not a problem. We’re all about love and sharing here at A Cup of Tea and Sorcery! Spread the love, share the word.


55 thoughts on “Today Let’s Celebrate YOU! Pimp & Promote, baby.

  1. Happy anniversary, Tameri and Tameri’s Hubby! Squuuueeeeee!

    I love your Pimp and Promote posts, even if I don’t comment every single time, I always check them out.

    My friend, Bethany Lopez, is releasing the third book in the series. Check out the book cover reveal on my blog

    Our fabulous friend, Diana Murdock, is about to publish her second novel – YA paranormal Souled. I am so excited for her!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

      • I have to tell everyone that I’ve read these books and they are F.U.N! Bethany totally gets the 14 year-old girl and has written some charming books for this series.

        I’ll be reading Diana’s book Souled this weekend. I can’t wait!

  2. I am LOVING Amber West’s Tell Me A Story series. It’s amazing. Each week she posts bits about the story and then the readers tell her in the comments what they want to see happen next (or she prompts us) and she uses something from the comments for next week’s edition. AND she does character interviews. It’s fantastic! It’s got its own page so you can get up to speed:
    I think we are up to like #13 so if you don’t have time to read from the start, just jump it. You’ll be addicted in NO time!!! It’s my weekly fix.
    I also thoroughly enjoyed Kathy Owen’s post on ways to enjoy murder mysteries (LOVE)
    And was blown away by Lynnette Conroy’s post on the douchebags who text and drive. It was awesomesauce!

    • Ohmygosh! I love Amber’s Tell Me A Story series as well. I can’t believe I missed a week, so I had to go back and catch up. What was I thinking? I’m hooked on Kate, Red, Eli (oh, so dreamy Eli), Anton, and the rest of the bunch. Everyone should be into this fun little thing Amber has going on!

      I need to check out Kathy and Lynnette’s blogs. That’s what I love about this pimp and promote thing. More great blogs to read!

    • Yay! I’m so glad you came over to pimp and promote, Sheri. Your Friday blog posts are sure to become a favorite of mine. πŸ˜‰ I’ll have to stop over and check out the steaminess of it all.

  3. I’m excited about this opportunity to share the love of reading with underprivileged children in our local area and I think you will be, too! Starting June 22, give just $3 at your local Macy’s store and get a free book & $10 off your purchase of $50 or more! Macy’s gives every one of those $3 right back to Reading Is Fundamental to get books to kids in need in the SoCal area. πŸ™‚ Please help spread the word about this wonderful win-win-win. Thanks so much!
    Discover more:

    • I am SO glad you mentioned this here, Sheri! It’s such a fabulous event. In fact, I’ll do a proper post on this. RIF is such an important organization for getting books to children and this is an easy way to help. I know I have some shopping to do at Macy’s, I’ll just wait until June 22nd.

      • Ack! I forgot to mention that Sheri is the award winning author of two ADORABLE children’s books, The Little Rose and The Little Gnome. Both are available from Amazon. Also, Sheri is one darn amazing woman who gives back to not only the community, but to writers specifically in wondrous ways. A woman to truly be admired.

  4. I just hit the 40,000 word count in my first draft of my first novel and I am having a ‘Yea me!’ moment. I am happy to share this moment with one of my favorite people on on the world wide web (Tameri) and her friends.
    And, so as not to sound totally self absorbed. I would want to tell you all about a blog I found this week called The View Outside. Vikki had this great post last week called “What I learnt from 9 hours of the Lord of the Rings.” Check it out –

    • That is super duper way amazing awesome! I hope you had a ‘Yea Me!’ day, not just moment. What kind of novel is it? SO exciting.

      Thanks for letting us know about Vikki’s blog. I can’t wait to find out what she learned, and to compare notes with what I think I learned from 9 hours of LOTR. πŸ˜‰ Hint: Those dang hobbits can be whiny sometimes and make me want to fast forward through most of their journey. Also, I like to pause on Viggo Mortenson.

      • Orlando Bloom with those Elfin ears does it for me. Book is about a girl who lives in China, goes back home to America on a business trip and meets a guy. She finds it is actually harder to get back to America to be with him then it was to move to China in the first place. It is pretty funny. At least to me, anyway. HAHA.

    • You will love their blog. Every picture takes my breath away. Today they have a flying squirrel thing that makes me laugh.

      Reetta’s got a great blog for writers, thanks for telling everyone about her.

    • You are around everywhere! Especially over on Twitter where you’re one of the best twitterers around. Thanks for the link to your place, now we know where to check you out. πŸ˜‰

  5. Happy Anniversary!! You throw the BEST parties!

    Two things I’d like to promote:
    1. My friend and mentor, Prudy Taylor Board has started a wonderful new blog. Prudy’s published twenty-five books (and counting) and is a great writing teacher πŸ™‚ Her blog is at

    2. My children’s book is published! Yaay! You can find it at my website, It’s the TRUE story of my disabled cat and her adventures. Both inspirational and educational, it’s written for third grade level. All ages love it, but the third graders who reviewed it stood and cheered!

    • Thanks Ruth! Twenty-five books? Prudy is amazing. I’m so excited to check out her blog and books.

      Congratulations on your children’s book! Awww, I love the premise of the book and will definitely check out the link. I have lots of friends with that age children and also a few with younger kids, but it’s never too soon to stock up the bookcase, right? πŸ˜‰

    • What? You have a super secret ninja project? That’s so cool and now I’m totally excited to find out what it is!

      I’m reading Diana’s book this weekend and you’re right ~ it’s terrific. I am thrilled for her release coming up. I especially can’t wait for the hard bound book because it is gorgeous.

      Happy Weekend to you as well!

      By the way everyone, Elena has several awesome books available on Amazon. They’ll make you laugh, cry, and be grateful for life. Seriously, she’s amazing.

  6. Hi Tameri! Congratulations to you and your husband on what I hope for is a wonderful Anniversary! I am a believer of celebrating those girl! Every one of them is a milestone!

    This is so sweet of you Tameri! Okay. I want to promote Fabio Bueno”s post this week:
    “Sunshine and Other Simple Pleasures.”

    Then for some extra inspiration, ya’ll are welcome to come pop over to my place as this week I wrote a post called: “Brushstrokes: A Portrait of an Artist’s Reflection.” Amazing Paintings!

    Take care Tameri! Always great to see you. I was so overdue to come see you! Have fun! πŸ™‚

    • Oh Karen, thank you so much! I believe every milestone is to be cherished, as well. I’m not sure what we’re doing, but it will be special because I’ll be with my guy.

      Fabio has some amazing posts. I haven’t read this one yet, so I’m going to hop over there and read it right now. He’s such a talented writer.

      I also missed your artist’s post. What happened to this week!?! Right after Fabio’s I’ll head to your place. Thank you so much for the double dose of happiness.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and your lucky hubby, Tameri! Rock on!
    These posts are always so fabulous!
    I want to give a shout out to the talented Steena Holmes whose most recent novel, Finding Emma, is winning awards and selling like hotcakes – catch up with Steena here:

    Also want to add my congrats to our pal, Diana Murdoch, on the release of her novel “Souled” which I’m about to dive into this weekend. Find all of her great info here :

    And to finish off this very cool trifecta, hop on over to Jess Witkins’ Happiness Project where good things are always happening (A GIVEAWAY UNTIL TOMORROW MIDNIGHT) and I was thrilled to spend some time with her this week:


    • Yes! Thanks for bringing up CJ’s challenge! We need to get those comments up to 5000. His abs are worth it and we deserve to see them!

      Wow, you have such great promotions. I couldn’t agree more with you about Steena, Diana, and Jess. All three lovely and talented women. Thanks for the shout outs to them!

      Another talented and lovely women is yourself, Patricia. Your book, The Bridge Club is one of my favorites. Everyone should read this heart warming story of friendship.

  8. Happiest anniversary! You two deserve so much (more) joy. Hope you’re spoiling each other rotten. πŸ˜‰

    I’d like to promote Kathy Owen, who kindly shared her blog stage with me today as part of her tea & cookies series:

    Kathy doesn’t know this, but hers was one of the first blogs I ever admired. She’s such a smart and lovely writer and person, I was a tad bit intimidated at first. πŸ˜‰ Whether she’s blogging about Holmes, bacon or huingbirds, her posts are a treat! She’s also fast-drafting like a champ, so please cheer her on: @kbowenwriter. Thanks!!

    • Thank you, August! Kathy’s tea and cookie series is too much fun. Chai and oatmeal? Oh, yes please!

      Kathy’s post are always a good time. I forgot she’s fast drafting, so Go Kathy!

    • Paul, you are one funny, funny man. Bacon and chocolate party 2012!

      Seriously though, Paul is one of the nicest guys (even if I do scare the crap out of him half the time and the other half he’s really not sure what the heck I’m saying), and a very talented chef. He posts the food he’s making on FB and I’m telling you, dear readers, it’s all so delicious. Apparently, he’s writing a cook book. Finish is already, Paul!

      • Thank you.
        And the third half of the time, I’m confused before I even meet Tameri.

      • Thanks for the kind words, Tameri. Would you like a cabinet position if Bacon & Chocolate sweeps to victory in 2012?

    • MJ! You are too funny. Thank you, my friend. You should promote your blog because you have some funny stuff there.

      Since you didn’t I will. Hey everyone! Check out MJ’s blog at

      Today he’s got a special Father’s Day post not about his dad, but his lovely wife’s. I hope everyone reads it.

      • Stop! You are far too kind, my friend. I really appreciate you doing that. I was very happy to honor my wife’s daddy, so thank you Tameri.

  9. Have a great weekend celebrating, Tameri. I thought you’d like to know that L.H. Cosway, the author of Tegan’s Blood has released a free novella called Crimson, which is told from the vampire, Ethan’s point of view. You can download it free from Smashwords
    It might keep you going until the next book comes out.

    • Paige! Yes, she’s an awesome gal. Thanks for thinking of her and promoting her blog. She’s a total hoot.

      Susie is one of those amazing women I just watch and think, ‘Where does she get her energy?’! Again, thanks for linking up to her. Her Friday Flash Fiction is always so much fun. Check her out, people!

  10. Loved your Star Wars/Thor cross-over on Where Is Thor? Since this is pimp and promote, I’ve tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Congratulations! Your mini-tale of Han, Thor and Chewie was so much fun!

    • Thank you, Serena! Debra’s Thor posts are cracking me up, especially the wild comments. I’m glad you enjoyed mine.

      Congrats to you on the Kreativ Blogger Award and thanks for passing it on to me!

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