A Lucky Little Snippet of the WIP

Books let our minds soar…

You all remember my gal pal Gayle, right? Last month she hung out with us here on the blog, giving us great advice on self pubbing and being a multi-genre author.

Well, that crazy lady tagged me in the Lucky Seven Meme. I know! What is she thinking? I’m in the very beginning stages of this book and I already posted a little something from my fantasy, The Temple of Ardyn back in March. What’s a girl to do? Not one to take a challenge lightly, I decided to go ahead and put up something from Because of You, my fiction piece I’ve been writing while Ardyn is on hiatus.

In case you forgot, here are the rules:

1. Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript (fiction or non-fiction)
2. Go to line 7
3. Post on your blog the next 7 lines, or sentences, as they are – no cheating
4. Tag 7 other authors to do the same

Right, so here’s from page 77, line 7. Fair warning ~ it’s adult fiction with sex and swear words!

Later that night, after she showered the salt water from her hair and applied lotion to her chapped skin, she made a list of all the things Andrea said she needed to work on. She tapped her pencil on the paper trying to recall the details of their pact when her phone chimed. Thinking it would be Andrea texting her with another thing to add to the list, Elizabeth grinned with amusement as she picked up the phone. The laughter died in her throat when she read the text. It wasn’t from Andrea, but a blocked number.

*Bitch. You fuck with me, I’ll fuck you up.”

A picture accompanied the message. It was of a white rabbit covered in blood, the throat cut.

Now is the fun part! I get to tag seven of my writing friends to share a little something of their work. Since I love getting a peak into other writer’s worlds, I would love to know what these ladies and gentlemen are working on!

If you’ll recall from Gayle’s interview she’d rather wear a tiara instead of a baseball cap, but she didn’t have a tiara. Well, she does now! It looks great on her, too.

Please hop on over to Gayle’s blog to read her excerpt. Some of her chosen authors put their seven lines in the comments, so please read those as well. Also, our friend Indy Quillen participated in the Lucky Seven Meme on her blog. She doesn’t usually participate in these games, but had an interesting reason for taking on the challenge.

If you’d like to participate, please feel free to leave your seven lines in the comments, or better yet, post on your blog! Make sure you link back here so I know to tell everyone how fabulous you are and to check out your post.

What do you think of these internet games? Do you like them? Loathe them? Wish you could have more of them?


33 thoughts on “A Lucky Little Snippet of the WIP

      • You could do a different section of Shrilugh ~ page 7 instead of 77, OR something from book 2 ~ I’d love that if you had it. This piece of mine is a first draft, so it’s all good if you’ve only got a rough version. We’ll still love it.

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention how awesome that photo is! I wonder if it’s all right to put it on Pinterest. It will link back to your blog!

    • Sure! If you’re talking about the book picture, I got that off of Pinterest, so please, pin away. If you’re talking about the sweet pic of Gayle, sure! I’m sure she’d love to be pinned. 😉

  2. Holy bells of hell! What is she going to do?!?! Not a good situation. What a fabulous hook Ms. Tameri! It’s going around FB now. I got tagged there. Guess you don’t want me to tag you now. Hahaha. 😉

  3. Oh Tameri , how can you leave us hanging like that? What. happens.next??? Thanks for tagging me and, in your honour my dear friend, this will be the first time I’ve printed anything from my new novel except for a few lines on my blog a month or so ago. I’m still waiting for the edits to come back to me … and I totally agree with you that editing is great fun! Love it!

  4. Love the post – AND the seven lines from your book. Wow – you’ve got my attention! 😀 Thanks for the mention too. I’m new to all this, but enjoying it so far- thanks to so many nice writers out there for ongoing support and love ~

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