A Little George R. R. Martin Humor

This weekend I’ll be down in San Diego getting my freaky geek on at Comic-Con, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still party it up here on the blog. Next week I’ll have a full recap of the con, the panels, the stars, the costumes (no, I don’t dress up, sorry). Today though, I found something super fun to share…

So there I was, checking my twitter lists when I saw this tweet from my sweet Nathan Fillion:

I don’t know why, but my brother’s shorts remind me of my cancelled tv shows. say.ly/ifW3Ftp

Wait, sorry that wasn’t the one. This was:

This is only for Game of Thrones fans WHO READ THE BOOKS. youtube.com/embed/j7lp3Rhz… You’re welcome.

Being that I did read the books, okay, so I only read the first three, I figured this meant me and therefore I could watch the video. It’s hilarious. If you haven’t read the books and want to watch the video, go ahead. We won’t tell.

If you know anything about George R. R. Martin, you know it takes him AGES to write his books. We’re talking five, six years between each one.

I had the good fortune to see him at Comic-Con last year and he really does wear that hat with his scruffy beard. He’s a hoot and a half, but please! Write faster, George. For the sake of all those Game of Thrones fans, you simply must.

Have you read the books? Are you a fan of the HBO series? What’s the longest you want to wait for a new release? Half a nanosecond? Me too!


13 thoughts on “A Little George R. R. Martin Humor

  1. I did read the books, all five of them, and am patiently waiting for him to write like the wind and bring out the next one!

    Love the video, had seen it before but it’s always worth another watch.

    • Ack, the rest of my post got eaten! What I tried to say was that I did enjoy the series so far, even though they stray from the books a little to simplify things for TV audiences (and add more sex because it’s HBO and apparently George didn’t include enough).

      Enjoy Comic Con (I’m soooo jealous that I don’t live on the west coast anymore)

      • Oh my. You have more patience than I do! I’m waiting for the HBO series to end then I’ll get them all on DVD and gorge myself one weekend with a GoTs marathon. It’ll be awesome. What happens if the series catches up to the books before he writes more?

      • Well there’s a good chance of that, since the last book took him 5 years to write and only came out last year. Five books means 3 more years on the series, so we’d be waiting another year for the next book before they could make the series. And then he’d have to write the last book in a year! Argh! He’d just better not pop his clogs before he’s done or I’m going to be annoyed 🙂

  2. Awww, I’m sure you are having a blast! I love Nathan Fillion. I recently watched Game of Thrones. I sat down in one weekend and watched them all, they are fantastic. I haven’t read the books, should I pick them up?

    • The books are great. No one (well, maybe Robert Jordan), can beat G.R.R.M. for his descriptive writing, but be warned ~ they are long. Loooooong, I tell you. Like, six pages to describe a meal, long. Still, a writer can learn tons from reading his books. I pick them up every so often to remind myself it isn’t just about the action, it’s also in the small details of emotion or body movements. If you want a fabulous fantasy read, check out Brandon Sanderson. He writes well crafted stories and he’s fast. He’s also the guy Harriet Jordan chose to finish the Wheel of Time series. That’s another series of loooooong books. I think they are up to twelve now, but Brandon promised they are going to end soon. Too much information? 😉

  3. I recently read the review for the latest book. The second review on Amazon – omg! I was cracking up so hard. Dances with Dragons. If you haven’t read it you should pop over and read that review. It might put you into a giggle fit. Hehe Had a blast with you.

  4. I’m actually boycotting Martin for this very reason. Well, not just the fact that he writes slow. If he admitted he wouldn’t have a book out for six years, it’d be different, but to say it’ll be out, have it up on Amazon for pre-order, then keep changing the date for two years… Yeah. Where he really lost me was when we (his fans) were waiting for Dance with Dragons and he essentially told us to leave him alone and he wouldn’t give anymore updates until the book was done. Radio silence for MONTHS after that, aside from constant blog posts about baseball games, conventions, book signing tours…pretty much everything BUT writing. If you get paid in advance to write a book, you need to write that book in a reasonable time. I honestly don’t expect him to finish this next one. And if he does, it’ll be 8+ years from now. On a side note, he is an excellent writer and I loved the first four books. Won’t read the fifth anytime soon, though.

    • Perhaps we could get Brandon Sanderson to finish the GoT series? He’s a pretty fast writer, certainly he could write another Mistborn book, the end of Jordan’s series, and take on this one with perhaps a week or two to spare for some fun at Walt Disney World. After reading the reviews on Amazon, I’m done with this series for good. I don’t have time to meander through a thousand pages without any story fulfillment. It saddens me that George messed with his fans like that. Not cool. I met a cool new fantasy author at Comic-Con, I’ll let you know what I think of his book after I have a chance to read it. I don’t think he’d leave his fans stranded for five years. I know I won’t!

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