Star Wars Punk’d Gyote Style

For those of you who were maybe not so in love with the Star Wars prequels, you’ll love this video.

For those of you who might’ve liked the prequels, eh, give the video a gander and have a little giggle.

For those of you who love Gyote and have no idea what this video is parodying, take the weekend off, rent all six Star Wars movies and watch them in order. No wait, if you do that then some of the plot won’t make sense. Eh, doesn’t matter! Once you finish your marathon, come back and watch the video. You’ll laugh like crazy.

Fess up! Who likes the prequels? I do. Yep, you read that right. I like them. The costuming, the love story, the costuming, a kickass heroine, what’s not to like! I just watch them as if they aren’t really a part of Star Wars and it dulls the pain.

I think it’s time for a Star Wars marathon this weekend. Anyone want to join me? Come on over! You bring the popcorn and I’ll have M&M’s. We can share.


9 thoughts on “Star Wars Punk’d Gyote Style

  1. I like the prequels on their own merits, (Well, I don’t like most of Episode II. The focus was all wrong in my opinion). But I do agree with the parody that the changes to the original have gotten a bit annoying. Not that I care which character ‘shot first’ the change to make it so that Greedo shot first is a really jarring bit of cinema and poorly done. Which when compared to the other (Surprisingly long lasting) special effects in the trilogy just looks horrible.

    And I’d totally marathon Star Wars. . . if I still had copies.

    • The next time I have a SW marathon, I’ll invite you over. We have them on VHS (the original three), DVD, and Blu-Ray. I’m a bit of a SW geek. During Episode II we can shout at the TV and throw popcorn during the especially silly parts. It’ll be a blast. Thanks for popping over to the blog, Patrick!

  2. I think your right. A marathon is in order. I will join you from this side of the world. When I need a quick fix, I always reach for an Episode 4-6, but I have watched them in order twice and I just take them for what they are. More knowledge about this world that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love the parody. I often wondered what Mr. Lucas’ reasons where for doing Episode 1-3. HAHA.

    • We’ll have a massive world-wide party. Can you imagine? That would be quite something! I think watching them for what they are is the best idea ~ they’re movies meant to entertain. When the plot holes start making me grumpy, I just focus on whether or not I’m being entertained and it’s always a yes. Like you, I have often wondered at Mr. Lucas’ rationale… 4-6 were fine on their own! Oh, well. At least he gave us Queen Amidala. She’s my favorite and quite the kickass heroine.

  3. Love that parody song. You come up with some great stuff, my friend.

    I thought 4-6 were the best. I think because we clambered for more SW, George felt like he HAD to do it. Kind of kept things alive. It also helped introduce a new generation to the SW family. We did get some interesting character’s out of it, as you mention in your comment.

    But the original will always be the very best one. So hard to top how I felt when that first came out. I think I saw it 4 or 5 times in the theater.

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  5. I definitely enjoyed the prequels as well. The part that killed me the most was casting Hayden Christiansen (or however you spell that) as teenage Anakin. He’s the Kristen Stewart of Star Wars. *facepalm*

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