Mr. August Crush of the Month ~ Scott Kennie!

Mr. August is ready for his close up.

You know what makes Scott Kennie so darn crush~able?

Besides the fact that he’s married to ‘the one and only Natalie Hartford‘? (His words) It could be that he’s a reality show junkie like someone else we know. Who? Me? Never! Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s one of the funniest, sweetest, most real men I’ve ever met online. Some day, we need to meet in person because he and Natalie are just too much fun.

Before we get into the heart of Scott, here are his beauty pageant deets:

Scott is 41, an Aquarius with one son (who stands 6’8″ tall!), he has one dog who owns him, Tess, and his favorite season is Fall. In this photo Scott is wearing his formal wear, which he sported for his wedding to Natalie. Come the weekend, he opts for a more casual appearance.



When Scott isn’t working as a ‘keyboard jockey’ with a title longer than the entire works of Shakespeare, he can be found helping out with the environment. Here he is recycling an old pair of boots and, um something else.

To relax, Scott participates in practically every sport ever conceived for both the winter and summer Olympics. Seriously, this guy is active!

Here are a few of his favorites depending on the season~

  • Winter: snowmobiling, skiing, skating, snowshoeing, swimming
  • Spring: diet/exercise in prep for spring trip to Punta Cana, golf, canoe
  • Summer: Golfing, stock car races, beach, fishing, canoeing kayaking, hiking, atving, camping, camp fires, biking, river tubing, swimming.
  • Fall: Hunting, hiking

I’m exhausted just reading that list. Seriously.

When I asked Scott if he were to star in his own show or movie, what would be his role? The answer wasn’t what I expected.

Scott: The movie would be called the Book Club! It’s about a wife that hosts a weekly book club in her home and the husband in his best efforts to “lay-low” in Hubby’s Corner constantly interrupts the book club with zany observations and heckling comments while he does maintenance tasks around the house.

Guess who would play him? Vince Vaughn. Yeah, I can totally see that. By the way, if you’ve never read one of Scott’s ‘Hubby’s Corner‘ posts on Natalie’s blog, you should remedy that. Just don’t read anything while drinking a beverage. That goes for most of what Natalie posts as well.

If given the choice between a cowboy hat, a baseball cap, or a tiara, Scott doesn’t play favorites. In fact, he gives equal love to all headwear.

Cowboy hat…

baseball cap…


…and this thing. He sure can rock a hat!

Aside from being frikkin’ hilarious, and quite possibly the most romantic guy I’ve ever known, Scott is devoted to his family. Not only to his son and lovely wife, Natalie, but to his sweet Mamma K.

Three years ago Mamma K. was stolen from Scott’s life due to the selfishness of one drunk driver. Since then, Scott and Natalie have made it their purpose to help eradicate drunk driving in Canada. I’ll let Scott tell you a little about his mom and the legacy she left.

Mamma K: Mom and I were real close…mostly because we were a lot alike. Both were mischievous and full of laughs and humor. Not afraid to laugh at ourselves. Mamma K worked by day at the Saint John Regional Hospital in the Oncology wing as a Patient Service Worker, which basically means she cleaned rooms and washrooms.


She always enjoyed meeting the people on her floor and their families. She would go above and beyond her job by coming in early to cook some special breakfast foods, fetch pillows, nurses and chat them up. She would often be upset at the news of a patient that lost their battle and often received postcards, cards and letters from the families of patients for years afterward.


After Mom’s death, the hospital administration did a couple things to honor her…they ran the flag half-mast which, up till that point, they had only ever done for dignitaries; and they created an employee recognition award that gets awarded to a patient service worker that exemplifies a similar work ethic as Mamma K and the recipient is elected by the peers annually.


Mamma K’s other passion was being a union executive. She always wanted to fight for what was right and to create a better workplace for the employers and employees. She was well respected by both. After Mom’s death we met union members, representatives, executives from all across Canada. Her local created a bi-annual scholarship in her name.


And lastly she was an awesome mother, grandmother, sister, friend, and colleague.


I love hearing about Mamma K and Scott’s love for her. Please check out Natalie’s Friday posts where she writes about ways we can be more involved in stopping drunk driving. This was her post from Wednesday, a touching tribute to the lady we all now know as Mamma K. Bring a tissue. Just saying.

Because Scott and Natalie are awesome and don’t just sit around feeling sorry for themselves, they decided to take action. They recently walked in MADD Canada’s Strides for Change to raise money and awareness, but they also have decided to get involved with their chapter of MADD. Again, I’ll let Scott explain.

Natalie and I have decided to get more formally involved with our local MADD chapter; the Greater Fredericton MADD Canada Chapter. We have put our names forward to become board members at the September annual general meeting. Once on the board, we look forward to working hand-in-hand with the current members to continue creating awareness about impaired driving. On the horizon, we have a ton of ideas that we look forward to working on and implementing: a short-term and long-term strategic communications plans, a social media strategy (web, Facebook, Twitter), stronger victim services and a victims’ outreach campaign, building a stronger board and volunteer base while continuing to increase public awareness through a number of events.


Since the crash happened in Saint John in 2009, MADD Saint John stood by our sides at every court date, gave us support and guidance on procedures, support avenues, judicial system, etc. They sponsored 4 members of our family to attend the National Victims Conference over the last 2 years. Their involvement and support has been invaluable. So we want to get involved with MADD Greater Fredericton and give back what we can and make a difference in Mamma K’s honor and in the hopes that our efforts might save a life or make a difference in a victim’s post-crash experience.


The call to action would be to push for random breath testing. It has been proven that random breath testing reduces impaired driving accidents and related costs by up to 50% in the first year of implementation. Canada and the US are two of the last similarly sized countries in the world to implement random breath testing. People have a common misconception that random means police will randomly pull somebody over and that isn’t the case. It’s more like what I’d call selective breath sampling.


Random breath testing would enable police to perform breath demands at road check stops. The argument has been put out there that random breath testing is a Charter of Rights and Freedom’s violation but…to me… driving is not a right, it’s a privilege! And if you want play by the rules and possibly have your breath tested at check stops then that’s the price of driving on safer roads…maybe you’ll (and others) will live long enough to exercise your other rights!

Scott’s passion for saving lives reminds me to be a better person. There have been times when I’ve wanted to have a drink with friends, but would think of Natalie’s posts and refrained since I knew I’d be driving soon.

If their words, their commitment can make even the smallest impact on someone, then that’s a step forward. A life saved.

When I asked Scott what was the takeaway he wanted the readers to get from this post, this was his reply,

Leave your mark on the world – not a grease stain! Laugh as much as you can every day and live life like it should be lived. Love and respect your life – love and respect your wife!

I just love this guy!

So go out there, leave your mark, laugh often, find love, share your bliss.

Because I know you’re clamoring for more pics of Scott, here’s a little eye candy for all of you. But first, who’s your ‘Real Life’ hero? Is there someone in your life who works hard to make a difference, even if it’s by just bringing a smile to your face when life gets you down? Share with us! Tell us who inspires you to be a better person. Or, if you’re the one doing the inspiring, we need to know.

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52 thoughts on “Mr. August Crush of the Month ~ Scott Kennie!

  1. F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. ! We have all fallen in love with Scott and Natalie. Now you are going to take them viral! Way to go, Tameri – what a wonderful post on one fine guy. (I’m still waiting for the announcement of their reality show. Who wouldn’t want to watch it?)
    In answer to your question of who inspires me, I would have to say at this very moment the answer is YOU! Honestly, your ability to focus upon, articulate, and share your take on life in ways that are touching, meaningful and just plain laugh-out-loudable is incredibly inspiring. Thank you for being the very special woman you are!

    • Hubby was trying to convince me to try out for Big Brother Canada…LOL!! But the winning cash is only $100k…not enough for me because lord ONLY knows the stuff I’d say on live TV…HAHAHAHA
      We’ll wait for the networks to come to us…LOL!!
      HUGS and tons of luv!!!

      • Awww, Patricia, you always say the sweetest things! I totally agree that Scott and Natalie need their own reality show. All we need is for one network peep to check out Natalie’s blog, then it’ll be a done deal!

  2. Scott’s my FAVORITE crush ever! A really real man! Natalie and Scott are an awesome couple and so inspiring in their dedication to wiping out impaired driving! Scott, you are adorable and the kind of man every woman should have. I loved this interview and am so happy to know more about our adopted ‘Hubby’, Scott. We all love you, buddy!
    The inspiring person in my life is my best friend, Helen, who lost her sister-in-law last year to lymphoma. Helen works so hard for the cancer society to raise money and awareness about lymphoma. She sponsors fund-raising walks in our hometown as well as her brother’s and late sis-in-law’s town. She posts on social media regularly to keep it present in the hearts and minds of everyone she knows. Besides that, she’s been the most amazing friend to me for the last 25 years. She’s ALWAYS there for me, as I am for her. Her humor has brought me back from the edge many times. But she’s not only like this for me–she has at least 10 other close friends that she puts herself out for, also. She is most supportive and loving, fun person I’ve ever known.

  3. Aw! My eyes are all misty—tends to happen when I think of Natalie and Scott, their relationship and loving acts of friendship (like this post). My favorite Scott moment has to be the video he posted following my maxi pad story. It’s still a major laughing point between me and my mom. 😉

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  5. Snifffffff!!!
    First, Tameri THANK YOU for such kind, wonderful words and support and LOVE !! You just rock and hubby and I cannot wait to meet you and YOUR hubby (and kids) someday soon. I know we’ll be BFFs forever girl…squeee!!! Remember, if you can happen to make it, Punta Cana 2013…LOL!!
    And everyone in the comments…wow…I can’t tell you how deeply touched and moved both of us are by your kindness, generosity and uberlicious friendship. We’ve both been just blown away by how quickly you’ve all become entrenched in our lives and how much each of your friendships mean to us. This blogosphering has been a huge blessing and I count you all as CLOSE friends – virtual or face-to-face is no matter to me!
    Love y’all!! Y’as are the BEST!
    Here’s to a long and hilarious friendship!!

    • Amen, sister! Love you, too. Oodles and oodles and more than poodles. Thanks for letting me have a crush on your hottie husband. You are two of the coolest people I know and I can’t wait to meet you in person. Girl, that’s going to be one for the record books!

  6. I LOVE this post!! Scott is totally crushable and I’m so glad you featured him Tameri! Whenever I read Natalie’s blog and he’s mentioned (or comments) I always think of what an awesome husband he is.
    Seriously, Natalie, you guys are awesome! Keep rockin’.

    • Scott and Natalie are two of the most real, totally awesome folks I know. Their comments (on hers or anyone’s blogs, really) always crack me up. I now know not to drink anything while reading them.

  7. Thanks for the great post Tameri. Had a ton of fun answering all of your questions. Looks like you forgot the pics of me sporting a halo and walking on water.hahaha. I’ll be more available tomorrow for comments. Nat and I bought a tent trailer last week and have spent all day getting a site, set-up and “supplies” ( Nat style supplies). Thanks everyone for the kind words and most importantly the laughs….hope you meet you all someday soon!
    PS: Nat has Hubby’s Corner all ready for Monday….I promise you do NOT want to miss this one!!!!@

    • Are you seriously blogjacking my blog post about you? Too freaking hilarious! But then again, that’s one of the reasons we love you.

      The pic of you with your halo was too bright for WordPress. Every time I tried to load it, an error message came up that said, ‘This picture is way too awesome for public viewing.’. Sorry, I tried. 😉

      Hope you had fun camping!

  8. Add me to the roster for the Hottie Scott Fan Club. Can I be VP of Creative Sneakiness? Yes? Woot!

    Me mixes the real deal, full-range of emotions — from heart-wrenching, to loveable, to snark riddled hilarity.

    Nat and Scott? Soul mates? I vote YES!!!

  9. Where did Natalie find this hunk? 🙂 What a nice tribute Tameri to a special man and a special couple. Scott and Natalie really do walk the walk. Now who is my hero? It has to be my hubby Bill. He is no doubt the best thing that ever happened to me.

    • Thanks Paul! The like button is up there just above the comments. Don’t get too attached to it, though. When I switch over to and there isn’t a like button don’t freak out, okay? You can still like me even if a button doesn’t say so.

  10. My heroes are all men who love their wives. A big thumbs-up to Natalie’s hubster for being a family guy and a fun guy. I pray that my own sons grow up to make me as proud as I’m sure Mamma K was of Scott.

    • That is so sweet, Julie! Men who love and respect their wives are the best sort of heroes. Your comment about Mamma K being proud of Scott made me tear up more than a little. He’s an awesome man for our son’s to look up to, that’s for sure.

  11. I. Love. This. Post!!!

    My favorite quote:
    Laugh as much as you can every day and live life like it should be lived. Love and respect your life – love and respect your wife! (I’m with Julie…I’m putty for dudes that love their wives to pieces.)

    Last of all, I’m dying to know how you’re doing these cute slide shows! Is that an add-on widget, or just something I missed??!

    • Scott had so many great things to say, I had to cut most of it for length. I’m going to find a way to get those Scottisms into the blog. Some how, some way, I’ll do it!

      For the slideshow, upload all the pics you want in the slideshow, then go to Gallery. They should be all lined up and you just put a number next to it saying in what order you want them shown. If you only want the slideshow, then don’t click on ‘insert into post’ or you’ll get all the little thumbnails like in my RWA post. Pretty cool, huh? I was so proud of myself for figuring it out!

      • Aww, Michael and Scott, you two are way too sweet. It’s having awesome and amazing people around that makes me strive to be the best person I can be. Thanks both of you for being in my life.

  12. Well look what I had with my coffee this morning! Mr. August. LOL. What a fun, inspirational way to get my day started. An awesome trifecta!

    All I can I say is, I love you guys. (((group hug)))

    I am in total agreement with Patricia. You, Tameri amaze me with your love and amazing gift for goodwill and humor.

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  15. Just loved this post, Tameri – love that your August crush is a real life awesome guy. After reading this post, I just had to visit Natalie’s blog to see what she and her hubby are all about – love them already and am following! ~ Julie 🙂

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