Fifty Shades of Funny

In keeping with the naughty theme this week, I thought we could lighten up our ‘playtime’ with some humor.

First up, we have Ellen reading from Fifty Shakes of Grey. Do not drink anything while you’re watching this. Ellen is awesome. Sorry about the commercial at the beginning, but even it is kind of funny.

Next we have Fifty Shades of Greyskull courtesy of Jimmy Fallon.

And lastly, we have this little gem. It’s a tad long at 3:34 minutes, but any video containing the words ‘Penis Joust’ gets my view! It’s a parody of E. L. James reading from her new book. Enjoy, but please, don’t spill your machiatto.

Thanks to Cheryl in the comments, we have this late entry. WARNING! Gilbert Gottfried uses all the dirty words in this reading. The looks on the women’s faces slay me. Be prepared to giggle (and don’t feel guilty about it, please).

Have a great weekend everyone! What’s on your agenda? Have these videos inspired you to rush out and be naughty? Or are you still laughing too hard to even think of sex?


45 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Funny

  1. There are a couple more I like too. I think the one with Gilbert Gottfried reading aloud from the novel is second only to the one where the guy who voices Duke Nukem reads from it. You should have a look at them 🙂

    • Ooooh, I’ll have to check those out, thanks Cheryl! Gilbert Gottfried is hilarious. I met him once right after he filmed that movie where he belched super loudly. He told me it was a machine and my innocence was lost. I really thought it was him. 😦 Duke Nukem might be way too much fun. If they aren’t too long, I’ll slip them into the post. Thanks again!

  2. Hahahaha! Loved them all – and so glad you added the last one; it was hilarious, especially the woman at the very end ……. LOL! What a great way to start the weekend, loved this! 🙂

  3. BAHAHAHA! So good! Here’s another – check out the Youtube SNL 50 Shades of Grey Mother’s Day ads – I’m just dashing out the door and don’t have the link. I’ll send it later.

    • He’s so awesome. I had the volume up a little loud and my husband came in, gave me a weird look, then backed slowly out of my office. I bet he’s still wondering why Gilbert Gottfried was yelling smut at me. 😉

  4. Penis jousting! LOLOL!!! You know, I think they need to make that an Olympic event. If ping pong can be considered a sport…then surely this could. I’d actually be glued to the television to watch it. 🙂

    Gilbert Gottfried, hmm? All I can say is if I wanted to have an erotic book read to me, he’d be at the top of the list…on the page that starts out 75,000,001. Now someone like Sean Connery, yeah, I imagine I could really get into those stories listening to his voice. 😉

    I’m afraid if I had to read Fifty Shades of Gray out loud, I’d be Ellen junior. She cracks me up!

    • I totally agree! Ping Pong is useless, whereas penis jousting has true merit. We need to get a committee together so this can become official. Of course, they’ll need judges and well, you and I could help out with that. 😉

      I totally agree about Gilbert’s reading. I’d be laughing too hard if he tried to read me a romantic story before bed. Ellen’s a riot. ‘Can I just paraphrase here? I’m going to paraphrase’. That just slays me.

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  6. I Googled searched Fifty Shades of Funny, and this popped up. I am actually co-editing an anthology with this as the title. It isn’t porn, or a parody. It is a collection of humorous relationship stories. Eclectic and hilarious content by some well known humor writers (W. Bruce Cameron–Eight Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter) and some new voices that we discovered by fun surfing blogs, like yours. Fifty Shades of Funny will be published on November 12, and will be available in soft cover, and e-book via Amazon.

    • Thanks so much for finding my blog, what a great way to do it! My husband LOVES W. Bruce Cameron. I’m making a note for the release date and will add it to my November Fantasy Friday First Looks post. I love it when the universe comes together like this. Thanks for following the blog. I hope you’ll find it entertaining. Looking forward to reading your book!

      There are so many more hilarious videos out there parodying the Fifty Shades books and there’s actually a book called, Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland if you were so inclined to read it. It’s exactly what you’re thinking it is. 😉

      • No doubt that the universe is coming together. You would not believe the coincidences–that aren’t coincidences–happening around this project. My co-editor is multiple-award-winning funny girl, Susan Reinhardt. Her first book, “Not Tonight honey, Wait ‘Til I’m A Size Six” is in its seventh printing! We met at the Erma Bombeck workshop six years ago and have been joined at the funny-bone ever since. My website is really out of date–due to rush to deadline with the anthology. I will keep you posted. Literally.

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