It’s Pimp or Promote Time!

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It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Pimp Dawg and he’s ready to party!

You know what that means… break out the smooth moves, your gold chains, and start some pimping. Want to get the word out about a great book you just read, song you just heard, or recipe that blew your mind? Share it in the comments!

OR, if you’ve got something fabulous happening, let us know! Promote yourself. It’s all good here at A Cup of Tea and Sorcery.

To get the party started, I’d like to pimp out my gal Lissa Clouser over at A Quid for the Quill. She’s got this thing for Korean Keumyoil (that’s pop music to us non-Korean speakers, she’s pretty much fluent). Now she’s got me hooked on the music, too! Besides loving K-Pop, Lissa blogs about writing and life, with a few book reviews thrown in for fun. If you’ve never been to Lissa’s blog, I hope you’ll check her out. In the meantime, here’s a little Nu’Est. If you become smitten with them like I am, don’t say I didn’t warn you. They’re super cute and the beat will get your feet tapping. Since I know you’re going to ask ~ yes, they are all guys. And yes, I totally want that mirror jacket.

Next, I’d like to remind everyone that Angela Peart’s new book, Forged By Greed is out! She’s having a big party on Facebook and you’re all invited. Go check it out here.

Now it’s your turn! What would you like to pimp? Who would you like to promote?

Share with us in the comments ~ links, love, or laughter.

And remember… be amazing.


35 thoughts on “It’s Pimp or Promote Time!

  1. Awww….. thanks Tameri! You’re too sweet!! =) I’m just glad I’ve gotten you hooked on some of my boys too. hehe

    P.S. ‘Keumyoil’ actually means ‘Friday’! I used the KK title when I was on a blog schedule and posting my Korean stuff every Friday. Now I still use it if goes up on a Friday. =)

    • I love your movie quote posts! Lady Crawley is hilarious. We recently watched all the Harry Potter movies and I kept thinking Maggie Smith is such an excellent actress. It’s her wit and charm that make lady Crawley’s lines so snappy. Love her.

      My favorite quote from her was something like, ‘It’s like a Greek tragedy, all the best parts are performed off-stage’. I don’t know why, but that always cracks me up. She loves to be in the thick of the action, that Dowager Duchess!

  2. Cute video! Very boy-band-teenaged-pouty. Maybe you could be their manager. (Inside joke, folks.)

    I actually want to pimp AND promote the Duarte Author’s Festival, which will be held NEXT Saturday, October 6th, at Westminster Gardens (1420 Santo Domingo, Duarte, CA) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are lots of authors booths, from children’s books to romance to mysteries and more. This is a fundraiser for the Friends of the Duarte Library. You know me, I’m a sucker for libraries and will do anything to support them.

    This year’s guest speakers are T. Jefferson Parker (AKA Cutie Patootie Thriller Writer), Susan Straight (Award Winning Novelist), and Juan Felipe Herrera (California’s Poet Laureate – color me impressed).

    I’ll be there, selling books, and hopefully speaking on a panel. If y’all come on over to my Facebook page, you can find a super-secret-fun-surprise I’ll be handing out at the festival. (Visit

    • Love it! I totally should be their manager since my ‘ahem’ other boy band ditched me.

      I’ll be at the RWA pajama party all day Saturday, but I hope others can make it to your author’s festival. It’s an exiting event, to be sure! You and your Cutie Patootie author friends ~ you are so lucky you get to hang out with him as well as Susan and Felipe. Color me impressed as well!

      Have fun, love the author page. Games and surprises are fun.

  3. The book launch for Betty Tales in Sunday, Sept. 30 at 1:00 p.m. Murder on the Beach Bookstore in Delray Beach, Florida! Yaay! I’d also like to pimp out my mentor, friend and editor extraordinaire, Prudy Taylor Board. Prudy’s written some incredible books. The latest is “Devil Eyes,” a horror tale set on a remote island off the coast of Florida. Word to the wise, watch out for the steriopticon!

    • Yay! That’s today. I hope it’s going well and you have loads of fun people stopping to buy your book and chat.

      Steriopticon? That sounds like something I wouldn’t want to mess with. Thanks for the shout out to Prudy’s book and editing skills. We writers are ALWAYS looking for an excellent editor.

    • Awww! Charlie Bear is the absolute cutest. I can vouch that this book is heartwarming and will make you feel warm and squishy in all the best ways. Plus, BJ is one heck of a nice lady. She also writes wonderful stories in the Chicken Soup books, so check her out.

      Thanks for stopping by, BJ! It’s great to see you here.

  4. Hello Pimp Dawg – how nice to see you again! My fantasy/paranormal romance REMEDY MAKER is available in print and electronic formats. Please find the link here: Man by day, centaur by night, a remedy maker battles his nightmares to save the herd’s kingdom, and the life of a beautiful nymph.

  5. I have got to give a shout for my friend Katherine. She does some INCREDIBLE wirework and her jewelry is absolutely drool worthy! Here’s the direct link to the store, and the link to her Facebook page where she usually puts pictures of her pieces before they make it into the store. Prudence MacLeod is currently running a giveaway contest on her blog and she’s giving a gift certificate to the Purple Raven Boutique.

    • Charis, thanks so much for stopping in to share Katherine’s jewelry with us. It’s beautiful and I love the celtic/viking touches to everything. I’ll head over to her facebook page to like her and then stop by Prudence’s blog! Why do I feel like I’ve won the lottery here? This is all fabulous.

  6. What a fun post, and perfect for a Friday—this one in particular. I just had lunch with a fabulous writer friend, and would love to promote her blog. Marla is a professional matchmaker and memoir author, with 4 books under her belt. She blogs about romance, her writerly life, relationships and more:

    Have a fabulous weekend, Tameri!

  7. For those of you that followed my blog series on traumatic brain injuries know my husband lost his entire memory of 55 years. We’ve both worked hard for his recovery. He won’t regain his memory but the wonderful thing about the brain is that it can learn all over again. Tom, my husband, has recently opened his own shop at From not remembering who I was to not knowing how to brush his teeth – Tom is my star. Today he’s working on a gold and silver ‘book pendant’ special order for an author that just published her first book. They’ll engrave the name of the book and her name on the book – how cool is that!

  8. Hi Tameri, how are you? Thank you for letting us share. I would like to encourage people to read an interesting post by a fellow WANA-ite Julia Whitmore. She’s written about the importance of knowing the source of our food, about the farmer and the future of un-tainted seeds. It’s something that affects everyone world wide. Yes it is a serious subject, but oh how enlightening! You can read her post at

    Thank you very much Tameri and have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Thanks Karen! What an incredible post. I’ll admit that I know I need to know where my food comes from, but sometimes I get distracted by shiny things. Julie’s post is a good reminder that it IS important for everyone to know these things.

      I hope your weekend was awesome.

    • Diane is amazing! She is one of those amazing writers that is willing to share her experience and vast knowledge. I loved her blog post with you and am so glad you’re paying the love back. I wish you huge success with your writing! Thanks so much for stopping in to give Diane a shout out.

  9. I’d like to pimp the Incomparable Sheri Fink!
    Adorable New Children’s Book Your Family Will Love
    My friend, Sheri Fink, will release her third children’s book, Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose, on Oct 2nd. Returning to the roots of Sheri’s first #1 best-selling, award-winning book, The Little Rose, Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose takes children on an educational adventure through our natural world.
    Your little one will have fun learning the alphabet and identifying the plants and animals of the garden alongside the Little Rose. The book will be available on Amazon and the first 30 copies are signed by the author!
    Amazon Link:

    • I really can’t say enough about Sheri so I will second your words here and encourage everyone to pick up Sheri’s latest book (and her others if you don’t have them). They are my all-time favorite children’s books. I wish I had them when my kids were little, but at least now I’ll have them for grandkids!

  10. Oh my gosh! I was totally digging that and I didn’t even understand some of it. LOL. What fun! I want to pimp Lisa Hall-Wilson’s post today because you will laugh your butt off. At least I did. LOL Angela Orlowski-Peart is on my blog today. Stop by there if you’d like to learn a little more about some of the interesting goddesses that inspired her work. Oh, I must stop my Sheri’s digs. Monkey couldn’t stop talking about her and the little cardboard cut out Gnome last night. Of course, she wouldn’t smile or take a picture for me yesterday. Figures.

    • Lisa’s post about Thor was hilarious. What a great idea that was, Debra! I need top pop over to your blog and read about Angela’s goddess inspirations. That’s on my list right after I get today’s blog written. Yikes. Where does the time go!

      And of course, today is the day Sheri’s book is released. I’m so excited for her new book, thank you for promoting it here. Monkey looked adorable in all the pics I saw of her, so no worries, Mom!

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