Halloween Zombie Trick ~ I like turtles!

Image courtesy of Zombie Lynn Kelley, WANA Commons on Flickr

To get you in the mood for some wild trick or treating tomorrow night, I thought I’d share my favorite zombie moment with everyone. While I think Lynn Kelley looks amazing as a zombie, it’s a young boy who stole my zombie heart. Those of you who’ve been following the blog will remember Jonathan from last year. Yes, he’s back for an encore performance.

Happy Halloween!

Don’t you just love her reaction? It makes me laugh every single time.

What’s your favorite Halloween trick? Got a cool treat you like to share with all your favorite ghouls? Do you like turtles?


20 thoughts on “Halloween Zombie Trick ~ I like turtles!

      • That is so funny how they were so many miles away and still used that expression! Hahaha!
        Roxy does dress up! If you stop by my Cara Mia blog post, you’ll see us!

      • Too, too funny! It must’ve started somewhere and keeps making the rounds.

        Susie, I have your Cara Mia post saved in my folder to read this weekend while I’m recuperating. Looking forward to seeing Roxy all dolled up!

  1. ROFLMAO!! Stellar. Luv that video. Cracks me up every time I see it.

    Hubby and I have no cool tricks or treats up our sleeve for Halloween. How lame are we this year?! Yip. But maybe next year…seeing the pics on FB of every one dressed up makes me jealous…I want to play! LOL!

    • I’ve seen some uber super duper cool couples costumes that would be awesome for you and Hubby. But then, you should be Wonder Woman and he, of course, would be Mr. August!

      Happy Halloween, Natalie and Hubby!

    • Lynn is so darn freaking creative. She had a bazillion cool pics on flickr. Love her!

      Apparently the video is from 5 years ago and now there are all sorts of remixes and dub step things to it. I bet the kid is at once mortified and proud of his spotlight moment. Still, I’d love to find him and ask for sure. 😉

      Happy Halloween!

  2. Well jeez. If I’d known Lynn’s picture was going to go over so well, I’d have just taken one of me. That’s pretty much what I look like when I crawl out of bed every day. 😉

    It’s too bad there wasn’t a shot of the woman’s face when the kid said he likes turtles. But I can imagine it, given her reaction. Thanks for the giggle, Tameri. And Happy Halloween to you and your family. 🙂

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