Interview with Fantasy Author Brent Weeks!

I’m not really one to get all gushy over a celebrity unless it’s Nathan Fillion, but as some of you know, I have a bit of a fangirl crush on Brent Weeks. So, when I saw him back in September at a book signing and asked if he’d do an interview for my blog, you can only imagine my giddiness when he said sure.

Love him!

Here’s the thing about Brent… when you meet him, he’s this totally cool, relaxed guy. When you read his books, you think, ‘Dear God! Where does this come from?’. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like that dichotomy in a person. His stories are complex, his characters compelling, and his writing is damn good.

I’ve met him twice and basically stalked him a few times at Comic-Con (little did he know then we’d be BFFs within a few years. I’m still not sure he knows this, but there’s always hope). Each time I’ve seen him, he’s been a total gentleman and more than willing to answer questions from writers and fans alike.

Like I said, super cool.

So, obviously I adore Brent, but I wanted to know who Brent got a little fanboy over and this was his reply:

Brent: I think this may be the one area in which I’m not very self-aware. I remember when I was in college and I had the chance to meet Tom Clancy. Now this was at the height of his career, and I really liked his books, but I didn’t think he was The Second Coming or anything. So I went up to talk to him and was suddenly barely able to speak. I like to think I didn’t squeak or anything, and I did ask my question, but the weight of fame kind of hit me in the face. And it really surprised me. I knew rationally that this is just a guy, but fame doesn’t really affect you on a rational level.

About a year ago now, I was able to meet George R.R. Martin, and that was really special, and at first I didn’t have anything intelligent to say to him. Luckily, I got a couple of extra chances over the course of a Con weekend, and I hope I redeemed myself. As for others, I’m sure that I would be blown away to meet all sorts of people. I’m just not aware enough of my own awe levels to correctly peg whom!

George R. R. Martin brings out the fanboy/girl in all of us. That beard! Those books! Glad to know I’m not alone in my geekiness. What’s the geekiest thing about you?

Brent: Have you seen the geek hierarchy? Not only do I fit in the coveted place at the top, but I also fit in numerous other places on that list! And no, I’m not telling.

Um, I’m not telling where I’m at either. If you’ve never seen this, check out the geek hierarchy here. It’s kind of awesome.

So, what are you reading right now?

Brent: Just today, I started the newest book on writing by my amazing agent, Don Maass. It’s called Writing 21st Century Fiction, and so far it’s great. I was just on vacation and I got to catch up on a little bit of my reading, and I recently discovered Stina Leicht, author of Of Blood and Honey, which I highly recommend. I also read some Chuck Wendig, Joe Abercrombie, and Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. 

Eclectic taste! Chuck Wendig is hilarious. His blog is a must-read. And Donald Maass. Ah, the holy grail of agents. Give me a moment while I dream of calling Mr. Maass, ‘Don’.

Okay, I’m back. So, you told me once that you came into the writing business kind of backward. What was up with that?

Brent: I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek when I said that. Most authors have a huge list of jobs they did while they were trying to get published — and then, quite often, jobs they did while they were trying to start making a living at writing. In contrast, I came to writing fairly directly: I started pretty seriously during college, then after college I took a job as a bartender and wrote days and worked nights. Then I got a job as a teacher and wrote not at all. And then I got married, and my wife supported me. And I was able to write full-time without having a day job at all. I also had no income, so that was the non-romantic part of the whole thing. But as you can see, not a long list. After 5 years and almost 3 books, I finally got The Call.

Your wife is awesome. I love how she helps out at the signings on your book tours. Everyone needs that kind of support.

Alright, let’s talk about your writing for a moment. I am always fascinated with where a writer writes. What’s your ideal writing space?

Brent: I’ve recently switched over to a treadmill desk, so I can walk as I write. Honestly, the whole sedentary job 6 days a week thing is really awesome, but it also makes you fat. I also find that the movement itself, walking for 4-6 hours a day, helps me focus a little better. I’m too distractible to really write in public spaces. If I’m at a coffee shop, I’ll be distracted by the girls talking about what a-holes their boyfriends are at the next table, or by the really quirky bum outside.

Okay, stop it! A treadmill desk? That’s freaking awesome. I’d like two, please. As for those girls in the coffee shop, I’m the same way. I love to eavesdrop. It’s a really bad habit of mine, but I’ve no intention of breaking it any time soon.

Considering you share this propensity of eavesdropping with me, do you also like to write to music, or do you prefer silence?

Brent: I like to write while listening to music. I usually listen to something fairly upbeat, which helps me keep energy as I’m writing. But honestly, it works best when I’ve listened to it enough that I still like it, but I can hear it without paying attention to it. It’s sort of a trancelike thing, where it blots out the rest of the world without taking any of my attention.

I totally get that. If the song it too new, I start singing along to it, which is bad for so many reasons. Speaking of bad, what character makes your skin crawl?

Brent: In The Blinding Knife, I introduced a character named Murder Sharp. And I am getting to spend some more time with him in Book 3 of Lightbringer. He is delightfully sqwicky. Every time I write him, he creeps me out. He has a fixation on teeth.

Yeah, he gives me the heebie jeebies, too. I have to hide under the covers when I read a scene with him in it. Seriously. Enough freaking me out! On to some fun questions.

What’s a unique hobby you have?

Brent: About six months ago, for my birthday, my wife got me a class in beer making. It’s been a lot of fun. See also the above 1) need for exercise, 2) fat, 3) treadmill desk.

I’ve decided I need to concentrate on making Porters and things that take 6 months before you have the beer ready to drink.

Mmmmm, microbrews. I might have to take a road trip to your place for some beer sampling (see BFF status above).

Okay, this post is getting long. Let’s do some fun, rapid fire questions.

Who would you want on your team to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Brent: Lots of slow people. And hot cheerleaders. Hot cheerleaders never make it through.

Love it! Cowboy hat, baseball cap, or tiara?

Brent: My glorious crown of auburn keratin is all I need to adorn my glorious melon.

Riiiight. Wine, beer, or vodka? But I think we already know the answer to this.

Brent: Most days, a microbrew. The Northwest has an amazing brewery scene, and there’s always something new to try. I thrive on novelty, so I love that.

Called it! If you could be a super hero, what power would you possess?

Brent: Exploding boogers.

Eww! But hey, those might be good on a zombie apocalypse team. What do you think readers would be most surprised to learn about you?

Brent: Exploding boogers.

Are you intentionally trying to ruin my fangirl crush? Seriously. What’s your favorite curse word?

Brent: Holy exploding boogers, Batman!!

Why doesn’t that surprise me? Finally, what’s your opinion of garden gnomes?

Brent: Anyone who’s ballsy enough to have a silent “g” gets my vote.

See why he’s so cool? I hope you check out Brent’s books. You can find Brent at his website, on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, or Amazon.

Brent Weeks was born and raised in Montana. After getting his paper keys from Hillsdale College, Brent had brief stints walking the earth like Caine from Kung Fu, tending bar, and corrupting the youth. (Not at the same time.) He started writing on bar napkins, then on lesson plans, then full time. Eventually someone paid him for it. Brent lives in Oregon with his wife, Kristi. He doesn’t own cats or wear a ponytail.

Do you have a favorite author you get a little fanboy/girl over? What about a celebrity? Have you met them? Did you keep it together like Brent, or become a complete spaz, like me?


34 thoughts on “Interview with Fantasy Author Brent Weeks!

  1. I would probably get that way over Terry Pratchett if I met him. Of course, now they’ve knighted him I’d probably curtsey and babble incoherently about how I’m his biggest fan 🙂

  2. “Sqwicky” may be my new favourite word! Great interview here! Brent sounds like a talented regular guy and I’m tempted to seriously dabble in some fantasy reading. Tameri, I am starting a movement to officially change your middle name to HILARIOUS. You do bring on those laugh-out-loud moments! I’m with Susie on loving the treadmill desk idea. Gotta get me one fast!

  3. What a great interview! Egad, you keep introducing me to new authors and I barely have enough time to read. But WTH, Brent’s books just went on the list.

    There are probably dozens of authors/celebrities that would make me all fangirl to meet them. Next March I’m having lunch with Dean Koontz (at our library’s author luncheon). Since I set the whole thing up, I get to sit at his table. Pretty sure I’m going to be excusing myself from the table several times just to find a quiet room where I can giggle like a schoolgirl.

    • Dean Koontz… yep, I can see you going all fangirl over him! But you’ll do fine. Even if you do giggle like a school girl, I bet he’ll find it charming. I’m so excited I brought you over to the dark side. It’s a whole lot of fun here in the fantasy realm!

  4. Ok, based solely on this interview, I have to go grab one of his books.

    He’s making beer! (That’s next on my list of hobbies to take up) Also, boogers.

    I don’t know that I have a writer I get all fangirly over, but that may change once I read Brent’s work.

    • Ah, thanks Amber! I know ~ beer. How cool would it be to do that? I kill plants, so I’ve always been apprehensive about making my own beer, but now I totally want to. And who doesn’t love a guy with exploding boogers as his special talent? Enjoy his books!

  5. Terrific interview, Tameri! I can see why you fan/stalk/adore Mr. Weeks. Any author who makes beer, loves his wife and praises treadmill desks is well worth the attention.

    As a side note, I sometimes daydream about an elipti-desk… I do much of my writing while exercising anyway.

    As you probably recall, I totally fanned-out like a kid when I met Mary Higgins Clark. I played calm in her presence, but I nearly burst into tears upon seeing her. So fun. We’re crazy lucky that writers tend to be warm, down-to-Earth, accessible people, right?

    • Thank you, August! Brent totally loves his wife, which I think makes him even sexier! An elipti-desk? I can barely use the elliptical now without hurting someone, but that sounds like another great idea. You and Brent are onto something here!

      I do remember that post about MHC. You are so adorable. And yes, we are totally crazy lucky that writers are awesome people. Makes me all warm and squishy inside.

  6. What an awesome interview, Tameri! Besides being introduced to a new author (sorry, Brent…better late than never, right?!) I have a new favorite word: Sqwicky! I don’t even care if it’s not a real word…it’s freakin’ awesome. Also a new piece of writing equipment to aspire to owning… the treadmill desk! Hahahaha! I would definitely break something. Best of luck with your writing, Brent and thanks for the giggles Tameri. 🙂

    • It’s never to late to meet a new author! So glad you stopped by and found a new word ~ I’m so in love with sqwicky, too. Considering I’m sitting here with my foot in a cam boot from surgery, I’m rethinking my wanting the treadmill desk. I’d definitely hurt something! Have a great weekend, Shannon.

  7. I love Brent! Great humor (just like yours, Tameri), loving husband, talented writer! AND he’s a fellow redhead! I would love to have a treadmill desk…perfect solution to finding time for writing and exercise! Both series sound intriguing! I’m going to have to jump into the fantasy genre with your book, Tameri, and Brent’s! Awesome interview!

  8. Not sure who’d I get all fangirly over…although I did get to meet Madeline L’Engle when I was *ahem* younger. I don’t remember acting too foolishly…I think. I totally second the treadmill desk. But it can be difficult to edit those pesky punctuation marks when you’re walking!

    • Whoa, that is so cool, Faith! Her birthday is coming up (November 29th). We should have a Wrinkle In Time themed party!

      Oh, yeah those pesky punctuation marks on a treadmill desk might get crazy. Can you imagine adding em-dashes while walking?!?! *Shudder*. 😉

  9. Fab interview! Really funny with unique questions – and answers!
    I did get the chance to meet one of the guys from a favourite band, while I was buying a t-shirt after the show. And…I completely choked. Bought the t-shirt, and didn’t even say hi. Ridiculous!! As for authors, GRRM might be the one to make me speechless, or ramble depending on the day. Can you imagine how many fans ask him, “Why did you kill _____?”

    • Hey Carla! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Now I’m curious what band it was ~ you must share. I’ve never met GRRM, but saw him at Comic-Con a few times and he seems like a totally cool guy. I bet his answer would be, ‘because I felt like it’ or something pithy like that. He strikes me as a pithy type of guy.

      What was the band dude doing at the t-shirt stand? So many questions are running through my mind about your band encounter.

      • The band was Spirit of the West, and they were playing our local uni pub, as some bands are cool enough to do even after some success. The pub had nearly emptied, and he was just hanging out having a drink. I don’t know why I got so chicken. They’re pretty down to earth, I think.

        My history with this band is rather funny actually. We went to see them in Banff once. One of my friends was a massive fan, so he wanted us to rush to the Rose and Crown Pub where he’d heard they’d be after the show. We were in a massive line up. I fainted in the line up(not from excitement, it’s just something I have trouble with)…but we got in right away, and my friend had something to talk to the band about. I had a massive headache…and requests to repeat the trick every time we found ourselves in a line up ever after. I think I’ll try to work this into my writing some day.

      • Yes, you must! That is a great story. My daughter has a condition where she can pass out at any given moment. She’s never done it in line ~ or asked to repeat it. I can see where that wouldn’t be much fun, but it did give you a cool story to share with the band. And fodder for a plot twist. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  10. Seriously, one of the best interviews I have read. You guys had me laughing! I won’t forget it, and it bumps his book up my list – since I have it sitting here.(Says to self, must read Brent’s book – after Tameri’s). Now a bunch of us will be searching the internet for treadmill desks. Is that not a great idea or what? Seriously awesome! And you know what? I love him for the exploding boogers comment. Ask 100 people, how many people would give you that answer? Love it!

    • Out of one hundred? One. That’s why Brent rocks.

      Thank you, my dear. Sorry it’s so long, but there was so much awesome Brentness I couldn’t cut anything. In fact, I kept thinking of more questions I wanted to ask him!

  11. I am such a fan geek. it’s good to know i’m notalone. I love the idea of a walking desk. it could go into my exercise room with all the other stuff i don’t use. OOPS. did I admit that out loud?

    • Hahaha! Yes you did, Louise. That’s okay. We are good secret keepers here at A Cup of Tea and Sorcery! We won’t tell anyone about the unused exercise equipment. Or your fan geekiness. Good to know I have friends who are just as geeky as I am. Love you!

  12. One of the best interviews I have read in a while! Tameri, thank you for letting us get to know Brent better 🙂

    As for my favorite authors – there are too many to list here, but I have to admit that I am a faithful fan of Neil Gaiman and Jim Butcher.

    • Ah yes, Mr. Gaiman and Jim Butcher. They’re two of my favorites as well. In fact, I have Butcher’s latest book staring at me right now willing me to read it. I am but a slave to the written word!

  13. Love the article! Me and my son met Brent at the book signing in SF. He really is awesome. My son and I kept it together while talking to him, but completely geeked out after. The wallpaper on my phone is of Brent, my son and me.
    Going to go check out the books and authors Brent mentioned. If he recommends them, they must be awesome!

    • Hi Kris! Thank so much, I’m glad you liked the post ~ and Brent’s books. That’s so cute that you and your son got to meet him and had a private squee moment afterward. He’s such nice guy! Patrick Rothfuss is another great fantasy writer, if you’ve never read anything by him I think you’ll like him. And of course, there’s Brandon Sanderson as well. He’s amazing.

      Happy reading and thanks for sharing your story with us!

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