Be Amazing With a Little Swagger

That’s Alexzandra before her amazing ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. This kid’s got swagger down! No one was going to tell her she couldn’t do it. She believed she could and she did.

When my daughter was in sixth grade she asked me what made the popular kids popular. I told her it was because they told everyone they were the popular kids. It wasn’t because they had more money, were prettier, were smarter, it was because they decided they were going to be popular and did what they had to do to achieve that goal. First up, they told the other kids if they wanted to be cool, they needed to hang out with the popular kids ~ meaning, them.

Confidence can go a long way in determining how others view us. A friend of mine, who is a terrific writer, was miffed a few weeks ago how another writer was able to snag a publishing contract when they wrote similar stories and neither story was far better or worse than the other.


My friend is adorable, but not terribly aggressive. The other writer is.

Does that mean my friend should go out and strut around like she’s Queen of the Publishing World? Hmmm, maybe.

By walking with a bit of swagger and having the confidence to tell the world you’re popular, then guess what? Pretty soon the world will start believing it, too. But it’s a balancing act. Too much swagger and you look like a jerk, but with enough humility and grace, your confidence glows and people will actually want to be near you just to get a little of that light.

I once read a line in a book whose title is now lost to memory, but the phrase stayed with me, it said simply, “You create your own reality”. It’s an ideology similar to whatΒ The Secret and Dr. Phil tell us ~ what you put out into the universe will come back to you.

So go ahead, put a little swagger in your step. Believe you are the Queen or King of Publishing, and don’t let anyone knock you down.

If someone doesn’t like your book, your photographs, your hairstyle, that’s fine. They are welcome to their opinion, but you ~ YOU are amazing and everything you do is awesome.

Believe it. Live it. Be it.

And with that, I send you out into the world today with one admonition ~ be amazing.

Share with us what you do to remember you’re fabulous. How do you put swagger in your step? What’s one thing you’re going to do today to be amazing?


40 thoughts on “Be Amazing With a Little Swagger

  1. I am not great with the swagger. And being that I just announced my book release, this is probably a post I need right now.

    How’d you know?

    Today, to be amazing, I am going to take my kid to the park and clean my house and think about how I can get my “swag on” for this book. πŸ˜‰

    • You should have all kinds of swagger! You are one of the coolest people I know and always, always inspire me to be a better person. Have fun at the park! If you need help with the swag, I’m here for you. Hmmm, author interview on the blog, perhaps? I’d love that.

      • I loved that Soulja Boy swag! Makes me want to saunter around the house singing it. Which I just might do.

        Let me look at my calendar and get the questions figured out and we’ll make this happen. So exciting!

  2. Great post Tameri. I was reading my O magazine the other day and wrote down the quote, “You control the way the world perceives you.” Kind of what your talking about. I am working on my swagger as we speak. Haha.

  3. I love this post and I love Alexzandra’s face in the picture!! As a personal trainer I completely agree with this philosophy! Wanting to be fit, strong and healthy is a great start but BELIEVING you will be fit strong and healthy is what makes it happen!

    • Yep, yep, yep. I love that you reminded us that it transcends anything we want to do ~ be it writing a book or getting into shape. Now, I just need to remember my swagger the next time we work out. πŸ™‚

  4. My step could use a little swagger. I do believe what we put out into the universe we get back but it’s so easy to doubt yourself.
    I went to a poetry reading last night as part of a local film festival and found a few other writers there. It was my first time actually doing a little networking for myself. I think that helped me grow in confidence just a bit.

    • Good for you, Emma! Getting out there and actually talking to people can be super scary. The more you do it, though, the easier it becomes. Who knows, one of these days you might be up at the mic doing a reading. I think that’s terrific.

  5. Great advice (to a woman who spent most of her life hiding behind her children or in the kitchen)! I’m so NOT the swagger type, however…it’s never too late to learn! Thanks, Tameri πŸ™‚

  6. Wonderful post! I think swagger is tied to confidence and risk-taking and sometimes when we are trying to find confidence we need to do a little risk-taking to get it – and voila Swagger! I think swagger can come as we get older too – it seems I care less what people think about me and more about what I think of myself through my actions. Not being afraid to show your uniqueness to the world gives us swagger! Lets all get a little swag on πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Donna! You’re exactly right. I love being older now because things that bothered me before, don’t even get a blip on my radar. It’s fabulous. I’m so glad you embrace your uniqueness!

    • Thank you, my darling. We’ve got some amazing kids, you and I. Your son definitely has swagger! I’ll let Alexzandra know what you’ve said here and please tell Mike the same from me. I’m still waiting for when I can see him in a movie.

  7. Great post! And one that comes at a much needed time for me. I love that quote, ‘You create your own reality.’ I’ll be putting that up in my office. Thanks!

  8. I was going to leave a comment, but I am just so damned amazing I don’t think I want anyone to know my thoughts today. Now, I’m off to sign some more (imaginery) books at my local (imaginery) book store and collect my huge (imaginery) royalty check!

    Ta ta til next time!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  9. I love this post! One of your finest ever, IMO Tameri, which says a lot.

    I get swagger from doing what I love and steering clear of unsupportive/toxic naysayers. For me, not having a backup plan also helps; I’ve no choice but to give it all I’ve got. I know what it’s like to lose my pizzazz and refuse to go back! (Can you tell I’m exercising right now? LOL Whew!)

    *inhales a calming breath*

    Your talented, sweet friend can get her swagger on without altering who she is. She’s lucky to have you, and vice versa.

    • Wow. Thank you, August. I am humbled!

      Seriously, you’re exercising and reading blogs? That’s talent, my friend. I’d hurt something or someone!

      When I think of confidence and swagger, you are at the top of the list of who I think of. I love that you’ve had struggles, but remain positive and willing to help others. You’ve got all kinds of swagger and apparently, know how to rock it at the gym!

  10. I get swagger by being around, and having some of the swag rub off from REALLY popular kids like Tameri!! πŸ˜‰

    You’re the best, my friend. You have to come visit me when I move now.

  11. Hey, Tameri. I’m back on a part time basis. This is a great post. I remember once my grandmother told me, “If you walk like you own the world, someday, somewhere, someone will believe it without asking you.” My mother was not happy with my grandmother but when I need an extra boost of confidence, I think of my grandmother’s advise and not my mothers. Great advise you gave your daughter.

    • Yay! Welcome back part time, Sheri. We’ve missed you and I hope things are going well for you.

      I adore your grandmother and am so glad you listened to her despite your mother’s unhappiness. Her words are so true. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  12. Believe it. Live it. Be it.

    LOVE that!! You are so right Tameri. The more we believe in our own awesomeness, the more fabulous we feel and the more likely our dreams will come true…the power of beliefs is truly awe-inspiring.

    What do I do to remind myself of my magnificence – whip on a pair of sexy shoes and stomp life’s runway with my shoulders back and head held high every where I go. Yes…it does look odd to some people but whatever. I am a real-life freaking supermodel…what can I say?! LOL!!

  13. “what you put out into the universe will come back to you” – There you go again. You take a few simple words and build a post that is inspiring, motivating and just SO very good. You make swagger sound easy.YOU are amazing!

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