DIY Snow Globe! Fun Craft to Give or Keep

Mason Jar Snowglobe from Anthropologie

Mason Jar Snow Globe from Anthropologie

So there I was, minding my own business, trying to get a bit of Christmas shopping done when I see this sweet snow globe. It was love. I was smitten.

Until I saw the price.

Forty big ones. Yikes.

Since you know I’m a sucker for crafts, it shouldn’t surprise you that I decided I could make my own mason jar snow globes and I’ll tell you what ~ they didn’t cost anywhere near $40 for the entire batch!

This craft is super simple. The only major time commitment is waiting for the glue to dry. Seriously.

ChristmasCraftStartHere’s what you’ll need:

  • Tacky Glue or some other white glue to adhere glitter to your trees
  • Mason jars. They come in all different sizes, find the one that works for your items
  • A glue gun and glue sticks to adhere trees to the inside of the mason jar
  • Trees, animals, miniature buildings, snowmen, ornaments, etc to put inside the jar
  • Glitter! I used silver for the accents and white for the snow

That’s it!

ChristmasCraftGlitterTreesNow let’s have some fun. First, you want to make sure your mason jars are clean and dry. Next, randomly add little globs of glue to the branches of your trees. Sprinkle glitter generously over the glue and allow to dry.

Note: I also added some glitter to the tops of the snowman’s hat to make it look like snow was melting. You can put glitter anywhere you’d like. It’s your craft, have fun with it!

For this step you’ll need your glue gun. Arrange your items on the inside of the lid until you’re happy with the look, then glue your trees, snowmen, animals, etc to the lid.


It’s time for more glitter! Add about an inch or so of white glitter to the jar, keeping it upright so you don’t get glitter everywhere. You want enough glitter to cover the bottom of the lid, but not so much you cover your trees or snowmen completely.

ChristmasCraftFinishedCarefully put the lid on the jar, making sure you don’t jostle anything or knock off a tree in the process.

Tightly secure the lid to the jar. If you want, you can add a ring of glitter glue around the edge of the lid for some added sparkle.

Turn your jar upside down and voilà! You have a gorgeous snow globe that your friends and family will love.

I purchased the trees, glue, glitter, snowmen, and animals from Michael’s. The mason jars I found at my local market ~ Albertson’s, I think.

Have fun with this. You can make it as Christmasy or not as you’d like. For other holidays, you can add hearts for Valentine’s Day, balloons for a birthday, Shamrocks for St. Pats, bunnies and eggs for Easter, pumpkins for Halloween or Thanksgiving, the ideas are only limited by your imagination!

If you make this craft, please share a picture of your creation, I’d love to see what you come up with.

What are some of your favorite gifts to make? OR, what homemade gifts do you like to receive?



36 thoughts on “DIY Snow Globe! Fun Craft to Give or Keep

    • Did you make them with The Adorables? My friend made them with her daughter and they came out so cute. They couldn’t find snowmen, so they used miniature ornaments. I love the versatility of this craft!

  1. Tameri, thanks for sharing. How fun is that? Do you get to add water to the jar before you secure it all in place or is that just a bit too messy?

    • It’s too messy. I kept it to just dry glitter. I’m not a fan of storing goopy liquids, but I do have another craft idea that uses water and oil to make starlight in a glass. I’ll have to share that one, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Very cute idea, Tameri! I saw one on Pinterest using a clear glass ornament. I think that would be a bit trickier trying to get objects into that teeny hole in the top. I lvoe this idea and my grandgirls would, too!

  3. What a cute idea. I love snowglobes and was looking for the perfect one to give my sister this year. Maybe you should start a business, Tameri. I’d be your first customer 🙂

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    • You’re too funny, Sheri. I’m sure you could do it and it would look fabulous. I can picture yours with little books inside! Hmmm, that gives me a great idea for next year. I should start working on them now…

  5. Very cute! I might just give this a try. They would make really great Christmas gifts. Like you, I love snow globes (and music boxes/figurines)…but I don’t like the price tag that usually comes with them. 🙂

    I saw something in a store once that I just loved, but it was about $30.00 for a piece of driftwood, a small piece of pine branch and pine cones. Nope. Not for me. I went to a park and found good sized pieces of bark, pine branches and cones on the ground, then bought tiny little colored bulbs, a can of snow, and a couple of red candles for the one I sent my dad…and made a bunch of them. So many, in fact, I was giving them away to people I barely knew. LOL…but it was fun. And I did all of it for a fraction of what it would have cost to buy the decoration in the store. No, it wasn’t exactly the same, but they were still really pretty. 🙂

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  7. I love a great, cheap, fun-for-the-kids craft, but I would want the “floaty effect.” I’m pretty sure that splurging and using about half a bottle of baby oil in the snow globe before gluing the lid shut would make the glitter float. I only say baby oil because it would be clear and not outrageously expensive. If we made miniature globes out of baby food jars, it would save even more money on the oil.

    • What a great idea! I love the baby food jar idea. So cute and teeny tiny! I’ve heard you should cut the oil with water, but all baby oil would work, too. I’d love to see pictures of what you make! Email me them and, if it’s okay with you, I’ll put them on the blog.

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  10. It is soo funny the things that keep coming up between us. You know how the kids make a unique ornament every year? This year we are doing little snow globes. And here you are posting about snow globes. Crazy. Of course we won’t use a mason jar. That would totally weigh down the tree branch. LOL. The kids would love to do a project like this. Thanks for posting this.

    • Use a baby food jar like Lorca suggested. That would make such a cute ornament. I have so many idea for next Christmas! I want to see what you and the kids come up with this year (even if it isn’t like this snow globe).

      • We’re going to use clear plastic cups. That way it isn’t too heavy on the tree branch. We won’t fill it with water. Little girl wants to do kitties around a tree. 🙂 I’m not sure I understand the boy’s yet.

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