A Surfing Santa and Wrens on a Stick? It must be Christmas!

Hey Friends!

I’m at Patricia Sands’ blog chatting about holiday traditions around the world. Can you guess where Santa arrives by surfboard instead of a sleigh? And those wacky kids in Ireland! Wait until you read what they do for Christmas cheer. Hop on over and find out. While you’re there, give Patricia’s other posts a gander, you’ll be happy you did.

But first… it’s that time of year for a little SNL naughty humor. Yes, it’s Justin Timberlake’s D*ck in a Box!


10 thoughts on “A Surfing Santa and Wrens on a Stick? It must be Christmas!

    • Oooh, what did you do to have to travel so much? I think if I were single, that would be my dream to travel the world during the holidays ~ getting to experience other cultures is something I value far more than a postcard or trinket. Thanks for your comment over on Patricia’s blog!

      • All the traveling was back in the day of working for the government before I retired. It was great as hubby and I married late so he traveled with me most of the time. Of course, it’s great going back to all those places because we know our way around you are so right in that the holidays are the perfect time to be there – especially Europe.

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