2013 Will Be Phenomenal! Dream Big, Plan Accordingly

Unlike my girl Sleeping Beauty, I won't drowse away 2013. It's time to wake up, kick butt, and make dreams into reality!

Unlike my girl Sleeping Beauty, I won’t drowse away 2013. It’s time to wake up, kick butt, and make dreams into reality!

Happy New Year my friends! It’s the beginning of a new year and for many of us, a time to reflect on the past year. What worked, what didn’t, where would we like to be this time next year, etc.

I love goals. Resolutions, if you will. Dreams made real.

Every wish, every step toward attaining a goal begins with a dream. A whispered desire to your soul. Writing down that wish then becomes a goal. Having a cute journal to keep your wishes in makes it fun.

Last year, I didn’t make any resolutions, instead I focused on being grateful each day, which was interesting and fun.

For 2013, I’m still going to keep that practice, even if I don’t post a picture everyday on Facebook. This year, I’m going to challenge myself. Professionally and personally. And I invite you to do the same.

Write down your intentions, set goals, work toward achieving those dreams.

Post your goals in the comments, or leave a link where we can all hop over and support you in your journey! I’m of the belief that writing goals down makes them more real, something concrete you can see. But if you keep them hidden in a drawer, they are yours and yours alone. If you don’t achieve them, the only person who knows is you.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone this year and sharing with you the lofty goals I’ve set so I have accountability. I have all of you to share my triumphs at the end of the year. I’m sure there will be some failures as well, but that’s okay. Sometimes success is built on failure. A lot of time, actually. So even my failures will be successes for us to share.

On with the goals!

Writing Goals:

In 2013 I will…

  • Attend four conferences ~ Southern California Writers Conference in February, SoCal RWA Conference in March, Dallas Writers Conference in May, and RWA Nationals in July. **For each conference I must have a competed MS to pitch to agents.
  • Finish edits forΒ Because of You and start submitting to agents and editors. Take BoY to all four conferences.
  • Write two books under a pen name. Book one to be completed by March for the SoCalRWA.
  • SubmitΒ The Temple of Ardyn to agents and editors. Take to SCWC, DFWCon, and RWA Nationals.
  • Write book two of the fantasy series with the first draft being complete by the end of December.
  • Continue blogging twice a week.
  • Learn to love Twitter
  • If I don’t have a contract by the end of 2013 for any of the four completed books I’ve written, self publish. It’s my dream to traditionally publish, but sometimes dreams need to be tweaked. πŸ™‚

Personal Goals:

  • Live with intention every day.
  • Notice the little things and don’t stress what I can’t change.
  • Be more mindful of what I put into my body. It’s not getting any younger, you know!
  • Be more active. Writing is my passion ~ I could do it 24 hours a day, unfortunately, the size of my ass is telling me that’s not such a good thing.
  • Smaller ass by the end of 2013 (see above).
  • Laugh more, worry less.
  • Not everyone is going to like me. Accept this and love myself anyway.
  • Play more board games with my husband. It might not be my thing, but it’s his and he’s always supported my wild ideas and passions.
  • Have more sex! Yes, I’m putting this out there for the universe to see. Sex it great. I should never be too tired, too stressed, tooΒ anything not to enjoy this fabulous activity.
  • Stay connected with friends. Facebook makes it far too easy to skip calling or sending a short note in the mail. This year, I’m going to make sure I see more friends face-to-face.

Now it’s your turn. What are some dreams you’ve got cooking up in your brain? My friend Debra Kristi gave me a cool mousepad for Christmas with a picture of a mock-up book cover for my fantasy novel. All around the edge is the word, ‘Believe’.

Believe it and make it so. Go out there and kick some 2013 butt!

If you feel like being even more inspired to set some goals, check out these cool blogs.

Patricia Sands reminds us that it’s not just about setting goals, but remembering those who came before us and to celebrate the human spirit. It’s a lovely post, please do read it.

Ellie Ann Soderstrom keeps it light and fun with her goals. 1st prize for sand sculpting, huh? Yep, she’s a wackadoodle and that’s why we love her.

Sydney Aaliyah keeps it real with reading, writing, and arithmetic goals. Math? Sure, why not! Read it to see what she’s talking about.

Elena Aitken gives us five tips to setting goals. I especially like #3 and #4.

And of course, Tiffany A White has some great T.V. related stuff for 2013. It’s not goal making, I know, but by now we need some relief from all the champagne and resolutions!

Whatever you do in 2013, be amazing.


55 thoughts on “2013 Will Be Phenomenal! Dream Big, Plan Accordingly

  1. I’m so thrilled to hear about your resolutions–there’s a lot of writing in there, which I’m excited about because I’d love to read your book someday!
    And thanks so much for the shout out. I’m so glad you like the whacky side of me. Because I’m not sure if I have another side.

  2. I’m going to Atlanta too – SO excited about finally getting some “in person” time! The party will rock! Great goals, Tameri, ~ I just know 2013 is going to be a banner year for you!

  3. Hey Tameri, I know it’s a stretch, but it works. HAHA. Thanks so much for your support last year and I am so happy to have meet you. Great goals. I agree. 2013 is going to be special.

    • Oh! Should’ve read this before posting my comment. You’ll be at DFW Con? Sweet! We’re going to have so much fun. I’ve never been to that one, so it’s always good to have someone you know with you so you don’t feel alone. I can’t wait!

    • You’re so cute. I’m working on getting my …ahem butt… down to a decent size. We can work on it together and give each other support. We can be the butt buster buddies. πŸ™‚

      Happy 2013 to you, Louise!

  4. Oh wow! Go Tameri! I’m so excited for you. Believe it or not I haven’t set ANY goals for this year. Yes. Me. Miss Git Er Done. I took a couple of weeks off before Christmas to regroup for a ton of reasons — mostly exhaustion — but I’m feeling much better. You and Patricia have made it even better by sharing your wonderful insights, I have a feeling I’ll be thinking more about my goals in the next few days and be ready to start working towards them in the coming weeks. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Wow. No goals? Maybe just getting yourself rested was a good enough goal. You were a busy woman this past year! So glad you’re feeling better.

      When you do get your goals figured out, I’d love to know them so I can help support you and make them come true.

  5. Squee! Let’s hear it for the butts! Ha ha ha ha ha. Love your goals! I need to list mine for both writing and personal/career as well as the specific steps. I like the idea of having plans for the conferences you are attending. I have a few on my agenda as well this year and want to have a plan for what I’m looking to do whether it is networking (with targets on specific people) or pitching something (quiver). And I will catch you in Atlanta – can’t have you get that close on the east coast without swooping down to say hello. πŸ™‚

    • Hahaahaha! Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head, “Let’s hear it for the boys”, but instead of boys it’s butts. Too funny.

      The plan for the conferences was huge for me. In the past, I’ve just gone and hung out, without a definite reason why I was there. Sure, it was fun to meet people and chat, and I’m sure I’ll still do that, but I also need to get myself in front of agents and editors if my goal is to publish traditionally. The idea actually makes me feel a wiggly inside. I can be a bit shy at times, especially when it’s talking about myself or my work. Shocker, I know!

      I’m so excited you’ll be in Atlanta! So far, that’s four of us. Now we just need to get a few more 711’s down there.

    • Thanks Serena! Actually, a few of your posts inspired some of my goals that I didn’t list here ~ to get out into the garden and do something with it. I have those posts of yours bookmarked since I loved how your garden looked. I even had my mom get me some organic gardening books for Christmas. Now I just need to read them and figure out what to do with all the dirt. πŸ™‚

  6. Tameri, your goals are phenomenal! I’m so excited for you. It’s a privilege to have you in my life <3.

    Here are a portion of my major personal and professional goals for 2013.


    To Launch BeABestseller.com in January 2013 and in the next 6 months have a subscribers list of 10,000 and net earnings of $10,000 a month.


    To have 2 Amazon #1 Bestselling Books by March 2013. I achieved half of this with The Gratitude Book Project :-). I will do a real launch of my kindle poetry book very soon!


    To transition my personal and professional life from Los Angeles to New York City by June 2013.

    Just keepin' real and grateful every day.

    • Hey Jennifer!

      Those are great goals. You’re going to move to New York? I think that’s wonderful and your parents will be so happy to have you close. I’ll miss you, though. You’ll have to come out for the conferences, still. πŸ™‚

      When you’ve got BeABestseller.com up and running, let me know. I’d love to give you a shout out on the blog. I know you’ve put a lot of work into it and it will be a great success.

      You’re going fantastic keepin’ it real! Love the gratitude, too.

  7. Fantastic list of goals! Of course, my favorite is MORE SEX! Sex is very important for your creativity. Just sayin’. My goals are two conferences this year – one in Albany, NY with Barbara McDowell and either RWA in Atlanta or ThrillerFest. I plan to get two books on the market this year, beef up my website, create a merchandise page for the website and go on Tim Ferriss’ 4-hour Body diet. Hubs and I decided to get in the best shape of our lives this year so we can take off Pago Pago or some such island place to get some US time. I also plan to spend less time procrastinating at my computer and more time having fun.
    Have a fabulous 2013, Tameri! You are one hot inspiration!

    • I love the less time procrastinating and more time having fun!

      I knew you’d like the more sex. In fact, I almost deleted it, but then thought of you and your sexy women posts. You’re such a great inspiration.

      Love the rest of your goals. A merchandise page? That sounds cool. What would you sell?

  8. Pingback: Intent | MokaExec

    • Thanks Coleen! It’s scary putting them out there, but now the world knows and I can’t hide them in a drawer where they’ll shrivel and die from lack of action.

      I hope 2013 is amazing for you. Actually, I know it will be!

  9. Great Resolutions!
    Mine will be to:
    Pub the third book in my trilogy
    Pub Nissa
    Pub books 4 & 5 in Stories about Melissa
    Join RWA and go to local meetings
    Attend SCWC in Feb and UTopYA in Nashville in June
    My husband will be deploying this year, so it may be a little more difficult to find time, but I’ll do my best!

    • Whoa. You are the busiest woman I know and you STILL find time to get so many books written and pubbed. Awesome!

      And you know I’m super excited about you joining RWA and coming to the meetings because then I get to see you!

      So sorry your husband is deploying. Enjoy the time you have with him home and keep kicking ass on the writing front.

  10. 2013 is a year for finishing things for me. Finishing and sending off a book this year. Also going to do something for my wife and son. Sending them to Spacecamp together this year. My wife always wanted to be an astronaut, and my son seems to want the same thing. Great post!

    • That sounds great, Brian! Spacecamp… Best. Husband/Dad. Ever. I can’t wait to read about it and hopefully see some pictures. As for your book getting finished and sent out ~ yay! Again, can’t wait to read it.

  11. Tameri, I love this. I just posted my own goals and reflections, and it is so inspiring to read yours, and others. (Damn, why did I not put sex on my list?) Enjoy — and good luck for all of 2013! Great post.

  12. *smiles* Good luck with all of your goals for 2013, Tameri. For me, I want to continue to push forward with my writing. I also want to continue working out on my treadmill. I also want to spend less time on the social networks and more time with family. We’ll see how that goes.
    Happy New Year.


    • Hey Sweet Jimmy!

      I hope you’re not writing while on the treadmill, that might get messy. Or maybe I’m the only spaz around here who would kill herself multitasking on a treadmill.

      Those sound like great goals. I totally know what you mean about the social media/family thing. That’s huge for me, too. Good luck in 2013!

  13. WOOT WOOT! Amazing. I love your goals and how you’ve outlined them. I have no doubt you’ll nail them. When I read your comment about your ass I near fell out of my chair. LOL!! I hear you and it’s a major goal for me this year as well – get physically healthy and fit!!!

    Here’s to an amazing 2013 and all the fun to come. Luv ya doll…MUAH!

    • Aww, thanks Natalie. I’m excited to see what the year brings for us all. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and am sending good vibes your way. Love you and Hubby so much!

      You can join Louise and me with our Butt Buster Buddies program. Maybe we should call it the Bodacious Booty Busters. Butts Be Gone? Shrinky Dink Butt Club? No, that sounds like a stripper club, but not with women dancers, if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

    • Aw, thanks Emma! I hope we meet in person some day, too. I’m thinking I need to take a trip to Ireland soon. Or I’d love it if you came to SoCal, but I still want to go to Ireland too.

  14. Absolute best of luck in the New Year, Tameri! I have set both professional and personal goals this year… 2012 was good to me–I almost reached my resolution in its entirety. 2013 will be even better!

    And thank you for the linkage today!!

    Happy 2013!!

    • Wow! You almost reached all your goals? That’s fantastic. 2013 is going to be incredible. I know you’re working on Football Sweetheart 2, but will there be more than one book out for you? Hope so!

  15. Oh yes, it’s that time of year. Time for goal setting!

    I’m not a big fan of setting goals, but I do have them. Most of my goals are the same every year so I just stopped making them goals and more like lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, etc.). But, I do have some goals for this year as well, mostly, saving money. I need to put more into the IRA and less into Starbucks. I need to put more in the savings account and less on wine tasting adventures.

    I will also play the piano more this year. Finding time to sit at the piano is like finding time to sit and write and the latter usually wins out, but playing the piano is just as satisfying and also fills the creative well.

    Good luck on your goals!

    I had a similar post to start the new year. If you get a chance, swing by and check it out. http://www.jansenschmidt.wordpress.com

    Happy new year!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Ooh, thanks for the link, Patricia! I will definitely swing by and check out your goals. I love the piano goal and saving money. I also decided that Starbucks doesn’t need my money as much as I need a trip to France. For every latte not bought, I’m a step closer to Paris. It’s kind of cool still having money in my wallet a week after I get it from the bank. Best wishes to you for the new year!

  16. I love your goals, Tameri, and your gratitude posts on Facebook have lit up many of my days. Best of luck as you rock your way through ’13!

    This year I’ll strive to keep learning and growing, prioritize adventure, work harder and smarter business-wise, record more of my songs and finish my sequel this year. Wow. That felt good, just writing it all down. πŸ™‚ I have you to thank for that.

    • Thanks August! This year I’m keeping a gratitude jar ~ I loved the Attitude of Gratitude 366 so much, I have to keep it going somehow. πŸ™‚

      This is going to be an awesome year for you! I’m so excited for you and all of your accomplishments.

  17. Your goals are AMAZING! Sorry I’m late getting here. You posted during my time off. Because it was my time off I have yet to sit down and write out my goals. That’s my first goal – write out my 2013 goals in the next day or two. You can get on my ass about that. Kisses!

  18. Don’t fall off the chair Tameri. I finally made it here! Yay! Good God it’s been crazy! As you may know, I’ve been incognito for over three months. Life got the best of me. I hit the wall. I would ask how you are, but from this list, and I do mean list, as in, the list of all lists that are sacred. Oh, your list isn’t sacred? Well, I was very impressed with your list. I think your list is an amazing list. You better take all your vitamins Lucy. You’ve got a whole lot on your list. “A smaller ass by the end of 2013.” LOLOL! I am NOT laughing at you Tameri. You just crack me up. I love your honesty. I think a smaller ass by the end of 2013 is very doable. I think with all the things you’ve scheduled on your list makes this a reality. You are going to be toting your smaller ass all over the place with that fabulous MS under your arm! Work it Tameri! And have more sex while your at it! Way to go girl! {{Hugs!}} πŸ™‚

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