Super Bowl Ads ~ Three Hits and One Noisy Miss

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the football game. Me? I’m all about the commercials. It’s the one time of the year that I have to remind myself not to skip forward during the two minutes and two seconds of advertisements.

So, which ones were my faves?

The Clydesdale commercial brought me to tears. Literally. In fact, watching it again for this post made me all misty eyed. This is the extended commercial because, well, I love it.

Grab a tissue, you might need it.

You gotta love a kid with spunk and this guy has it. No one wants to go to prom all alone, but he makes sure it’s a night to remember. Not just for him, either.

And finally… Oh, Calvin Klein you make my heart go thumpity thump! I will always buy my husband your underwear. Thank you.

Now for the stinker. Before I show you the video, you need to know that I have no problem watching people kiss or have sex for that matter. But this ad had me hiding my eyes and plugging my ears. I do not need to see a smooch this close, or hear it! Ugh.

You’ve been warned.

So tell us, did you watch the big game? Are you a fan of football or the commercials? What was your favorite commercial?

And what we really want to know is… what’s your favorite snack and beverage for watching the Super Bowl?


21 thoughts on “Super Bowl Ads ~ Three Hits and One Noisy Miss

    • Hey Susie! I loved the farmer commercial, too. And the Oprah narrated one about our military. They both brought me to tears. The elderly out partying was super cute ~ there were so many good ones!

  1. Commercials are my fave part of the super bowl. That Clydesdale one definitely tugged at my heart strings, and I liked the Toyota genie one, where the mom wished she had to eat chocolate. The next scene has her dr telling her that her chocolate levels are dangerously low. πŸ™‚

  2. I grew up listening to Paul Harvey and think he really understood Middle America, so I thought Dodge had a real winner that used his essay on the farmer. And I can barely think about the Budweiser commercial without falling to pieces. That was such a great story.

    I don’t like football, so I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I watched the commercials on YouTube.

    • Hey John! I know, Paul Harvey’s voice brings back so many good memories from childhood. I like to watch the Super Bowl, but during the regular season I’m a total fair weather fan. If the Broncos or Chargers are winning, I might turn on a game, but otherwise I forget it’s Sunday. πŸ˜‰ Isn’t it great that you can catch the commercials on youtube now? Man, things have changed since Paul Harvey’s heyday. Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

  3. I loved the Clydesdale commercial. I usually do. But this year’s made me tear up. I also couldn’t STAND the Go Daddy commercials, especially The Kiss. What was the point? Yuck.

    I also really enjoyed the Dorito’s goat and the M&M commercial. Both made me laugh out loud. πŸ™‚

    • The Dorito’s goat? I forgot about that one. The M&M commercial disturbed me. First of all, I’ve always wondered why no one ate the M&M’s, and now that someone is, well it gave me nightmares. πŸ˜‰ And it made me laugh. I need to google the Dorito’s goat now…

  4. Thanks for posting Tameri or I probably would have missed most of them. I’ll agree with everyone, the Clydesdale commercial is a winner and they’ll have a hard time topping it in years to come. Paul Harvey came in 2nd for me — not because of any sentiments for the late Paul Harvey (although he was a master at his game) – but the total representation was spot on.

    • Well then Yay! I’m so glad you got to see some of the highlights from the game. You know, each year I think they’ll have a hard time topping the previous year, but they seem to do it, but you’re right ~ next year is going to be tough.

  5. I think the Calvin Klein ad needs to be up on my blog. Side bar. πŸ˜€ I watched the Clydesdale commercial twice and tweeted – it tugged at my heart so much. As you know, I was running around and didn’t watch any during the super bowl. Thanks for this. Except the last one. Trying to wipe that from my mind. Ewww.

    OH – I want to know what happened to the kid’s date in the car commercial. Did he leave her high and dry, waiting at home? Bravery my . Dumb assery! Just sayin’.

    • I warned you about the last one! Ewww is right. Blech. The girl wasn’t the kid’s date ~ he went to prom alone and kissed the prom queen. Her date was the prom king and he’s probably the one who gave the kid a black eye. I love the commercial because of the look on the girl’s face. It’s all dreamy and you just know she and the kid are going to get together. Yes, I did write an entire story for them in my head after seeing the commercial.

  6. Clydesdale! *sigh* So sweet.

    The prom date– that was totally POV. What if you didn’t like him? What if he was the guy that ate glue? Or, what if he couldn’t kiss and he swabbed you down at prom, leaving you all stucky and spitty? Yuk!

    And you were right- that last one was gross… and totally for guys!

    I liked the Doritos commercial with the guys playing dress up.

    And my favorite Super Bowl snack is nachos-which I make- and apple cider, because I don’t like beer.

    • You are so funny! I’m such a romantic that I went all Romeo for the guy in the prom date commercial. I LOVED the Dorito’s commercial with the guys playing dress up. That was so cute and the wife’s face when she came home – priceless.

      Mmmm, nachos and apple cider. Now I’m hungry for both. Yum!

      • Tameri – I’m pushing as much as I can so don’t worry about being late with responses. I’m having hand and arm surgery on Friday so will be out for a few weeks to a few months — so I didn’t want the awards to just sit around. I’ve picked 10 pre-pubbed authors to promote this year (as in keeping your names out there for all to see) and guess what – you are one of them! I know I didn’t ask your permission but girl–you have talent-it shows up in your blogs over and over. I’ve had awards stacked up on my desk for a couple months and now I’m in the panic phase of getting them on-line. Respond to the awards if and when you like. Sheri

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