Words Have Power ~ Choose Well

This weekend I’ll be hanging with (more!) writer pals at the SoCalRWA Conference, but I wanted to leave you with a little something to inspire you while I’m away.

My mom used to always tell us, ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.’ It took until my 20’s before I fully understood what she meant. Words have power. They can unite, belittle, define, motivate, or destroy, all depending upon the words you choose to string together.

This video always makes me cry. Yes, because of the message, but because it reminds me that as a writer, I have an obligation to choose my words well. To illuminate what is not often visible between those words.

Have a fabulous weekend my darlings! Are you doing anything amazing?


15 thoughts on “Words Have Power ~ Choose Well

  1. Grrrr!

    I heard the music and the words, but I didn’t see the video that went with. Maybe that’s the point. It’s the words that carried the message.

    Me? This weekend? I plan to force myself not to pout about SoCalRWA Conference, and anticipate the pics I hope you share, Tameri.

    I plan to write. I plan to finish deep cleaning in preparation for a tour with a home stager on Monday. This house is going on the market at a prime time for our area, and I want it to have that *gasp* factor when prospects walk through the front door. It’s essential to my plan.

    By this time next year, perhaps this Writer with Wheels and Bed-on-the-Go will be in SoCal for the Conference.

    BONUS! I’ll have time to shop for a proper cobalt blue wig. Have fun! Hug my buds! *sob*

    • Oh Gloria, I hope you can get this working on another computer. You really need to see it.

      SoCalRWA was awesome. Bar none. When you get Winnie up and cruising around the country, you’ll come out for the next one ~ 2015. Mark your calendar now! And bring the blue wig!!

    • I didn’t even break out the wig or tiara. It was a mellow conference for being romance writers, but it was still amazing.

      I like how you phrased that, ‘They strike harder and last longer than the tangible’. So very, very true.

  2. Wow! How very sweet! Thanks for sharing that, Tameri.I think I’ll have to let that percolate over the weekend to remind me of the power of words.
    This weekend I am simply thankful that I don’t have to work. That’s something that has not always been the case of late. I’ve got some yardwork to do, but that’s okay. Spring is here after all. Then I’ll work on building some more buzz for my upcoming cover reveal for my latest. It’s a paranormal romance… That’s right! The horror guy is now doing romance. Who knew? Lol!
    Enjoy your weekend!


    • What? You’re writing romance? You should think about joining RWA. It’s a great place to meet fellow writers and get a strong support group. That, and we LOVE having men join! 😉

      Hope you got to relax this weekend.

  3. Ahhh … that brought tears to my eyes, thank you! I shared the youtube on my facebook page; a wonderful message for everyone to read. Hoping your day is filled with love and light! xoxox

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