Thor’s Ultimate Birthday Surprise and Easter Takeover!

As some of you may know, last Friday was my birthday. Okay, okay, I promise, this is the last time I’m going to mention it! Even I’m getting tired of hearing about it. πŸ™‚

Well, something kind of cool happened that I’ve been waiting to tell you about ~ Thor finally visited me! My super fabulous friend, Debra Kristi had this crazy idea back in the summer to send Thor on a world tour and I immediately said YES! Thor’s been to England, Canada, all around the US, and now he stopped at my house. Just in time for my birthday. How special. You can catch up with Thor and his wily adventures on Debra’s blog here, or you can check out the pictures of him on Pinterest here. It’s been a fun romp, so be sure to check back often because you never know where he’ll end up next!

Thor's 16 oz snack

This was Thor’s steak. Mine was a petite 6 oz. filet. πŸ™‚

So, what did Thor and I do all weekend? Oh, my. What didn’t we do? First up, Thor surprised me at my favorite restaurant. We were enjoying a nice dinner out when there he was, demanding to be fed. This wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy him

Thor wishes me a happy birthday! He went on to devour half of my meal and most of my dessert. Thankfully, he didn’t blow out my birthday candle. Which left me to make my wish. I can’t tell, but I’m sure you all know what it was.

Thor's WorkoutThe next morning Thor got us up bright and early to work out because, as he said, we needed to work off that cake. (Technically it was bread pudding, but I wasn’t going to argue. That hammer packs a punch. If you know what I mean!)

After a tough workout that rivaled Nicole’s (she would be so proud!), we had breakfast with an old friend of Thor’s ~ Queen Elizabeth. Tea, toast, and protein drink. No time for finger sandwiches or scones for us, we were off to the beach. Thor wanted to learn to surf. Too bad the locals got in his way.

Place me upon that board so that I might ride the waves.

Place me upon that board so that I might ride the waves.

What's this? A fiend is trying to eat my leg!

What’s this? A fiend is trying to eat my leg!

Arrgh! It's got me! Get back! I am a God. I will smite you!

Arrgh! It’s got me! Get back! I am a God. I will smite you!

Thor is saved by a giantAlong came a giant to help poor Thor untangle himself from the fray.

Needless to say, Thor wasn’t much interested in surfing anymore. Except atop my car. We took Thor home and gave him a nice, hot shower. Then it was time to decorate eggs. Seems Thor never heard of Easter or egg decorating and wanted to do everything. First, though, I had to get him to stop flirting with all my Barbies! You’d think after the disaster that happened at Kristy K. James‘ place he would’ve taken one look at those women and ran, but not Thor.

Thor's head gets a little big from all the attentionYou should’ve seen his big head after chatting up the ladies. I managed to snap this quick pic, shhh, don’t tell him.

We almost had to poke him with a pin just to get it back down to size. It sure was fun to make it bobble about, though. πŸ™‚

Once he got himself straightened out, he was a great help! He supervised the making of cupcakes, decorating of eggs, and later the cupcakes, but there was a slight issue with Thor and the frosting. Our favorite Norse God likes the sweet stuff a little too much. Who knew!

Later that night Thor joined my husband and me for a second birthday dinner out with the in-laws where he learned to appreciate the finer points of Mexican cuisine. With no ale in sight, he settled for a margarita. Two, actually, but since he wasn’t driving we let him live a little. We did have to take the chips away. Dang, but he can eat like a teenage boy!

The next morning Thor was thrilled to find an Easter basket just for him filled with all kinds of chocolates. Because that’s just what he needed after all that frosting from the day before.

Before we knew it, Thor declared he was tired of us and searched my home for some new minions, of which I thought I had plenty, but he found them all lacking. And so, hopped up on sugar, I bid my sweet Thor farewell and sent him on to his next destination. What an amazing weekend we had with him! I hope he finds what he’s looking for ~ somewhere.

It’s been five days and the Barbies are still asking when that handsome blond will be back… oh my.


36 thoughts on “Thor’s Ultimate Birthday Surprise and Easter Takeover!

  1. Wowzapalooza! You and Thor do know how to celebrate a birthday in style! That was quite the surprise visit from a mega-celebrity and I’m not surprised he chose you to hang with. A superstar always recognizes another superstar!

  2. Man! Thor is really soaking up the fun while in the California sun and getting really spoiled too, I see….. πŸ™‚ A birthday and Easter??? Wow! That guy knows how to party!

    • We totally spoiled him here. I didn’t want him to leave, but you know how he is… always looking for the next fix. I was so excited we got to celebrate my birthday with him. I wanted to take him to Disneyland, but there just wasn’t enough time. Still, I think we did enough, right? πŸ™‚

  3. What a fun way to start my day – living vicariously through Thor! Love the picture of him with the Queen – I hope he bowed properly when they were introduced. I know she was waving at him – or was she waving YOU off, as in, “Go away. I can take it from here”?

    • You should host Thor! He’d have so much fun with you and Snoopy. Oh, the trouble that God and horse would get into. Poor Frosty wouldn’t know what to do with them. It might make a great book… Hmmm…

      Liz, as she’s called in my office, was totally waving at me the whole time in an “I’ve got this, get the hell out” sort of way. If you know what I mean. That Liz and her wave! πŸ˜‰

      • You know, I do have a whole Barbie entourage AND a Colin Powell GI Joe. Hmm… the fun Thor could have – and trouble he could get into.

    • Yeah, margarita jacuzzi, that’s what we called it. He loved it. So, are you going to host Thor? I think you should! Show him a bit of Ireland. In fact, I’ll fly him over personally, just to be sure he makes it safe and all that. πŸ™‚

      • I wouldn’t mind a margarita jacuzzi myself.
        I really should host. I keep seeing Debra’s posts!
        That’s really kind of you. Thor would appreciate you seeing him safely to Ireland!

  4. Reminds me of a time a year or two ago when Leann Shirtliffe sent a p[air of twins – I think their names were One and Two – on a round the world tour. I don’t remember if they ever got back home or not.

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  7. Oh man. I thought I was trapped in the picture gallery forever. I couldn’t get out. LOL. I am soo blonde today. Did you notice how irritated Thor looks with QE and the minions? Hehehe. You sure did have a good time with him.”Eats like a teenage boy.” Hahaha Love the big head comment, too. You are too funny. πŸ˜€

    • So sorry about that! Darn picture gallery. It traps you in there and just cycles around and around making you view the same pictures until you’re not sure what’s reality and what’s not. It’s madness, I tell you! I love my bobble head Thor, he’s great fun. Heck any Thor is fun!

  8. I’m SO glad that Thor had such a good time with you. The poor little guy was completely miserable at my house, thanks that little twit…I mean Barbie. The second he saw her running toward him in that wedding dress…you could just tell he wanted to be anywhere but here. He wasn’t terribly fond of the snow either.

    Anyway, I’m glad you were able to make it up to him, and that he got to enjoy a little sun and surf (even if it was from on top of your car). πŸ™‚

    And Happy Birthday again! πŸ™‚

    • Well you see, none of my Barbies are brides, so he felt relatively safe. In fact, most of them are queens or warriors of some sort so he felt right at home. A little too cozy. Those plastic monarchs were ready to kick his godly butt to the couch after about fifteen minutes of his schmoozing. Especially the way he kept eyeing Josephine’s cape! The surfing adventure was a riot. We were afraid Poseidon was going to drag him out to sea and then what would I tell Debra?

  9. Wow, what hospitality, Tameri! And great pics! I think my favorite is the one where he’s upside down checking on the eggs being dyed! The one on top of your car is great, too. Oh, and the big head Thor! Good one. Fun, fun, fun post. Now I have to follow in your footstep! I don’t think Thor will be spoiled at my place. He might be so disappointed, he cuts his visit short! Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Lynn! That’s one of my favorites, too. Thor was such a sport allowing my son to assist with the assisting. We had WAY too much fun coming up with ideas for Thor. There were so many that had to be deleted because of time, but it gave us great moments of giggles just thinking of them. Which in the end is a total win, right? I think every family should have those Thor giggles. I hope you enjoy your visit with Thor as much as we did. I’m so curious what capriciousness the God will bring to your home!

  10. Very cute. I saw the photos a couple of days ago, but with the new job I have just taken, I didn’t get the chance to reply until now. If the Scarlet Witch shows up, be sure and give her my number. πŸ˜‰


    • Hey Jimmy! I totally get what you mean. Sometimes I’ll read a blog on my phone or iPad and it takes a day or more for me to get back and comment. I could probably do it on those devices, but they are so tiny and my fingers aren’t… πŸ˜‰ I’ll be sure to keep a watch out for the Scarlet Witch, she sounds like fun, though. More cupcakes might be in order!

  11. Hi Tameri! I came across your blog while chatting with susielandau and her blog. I enjoyed this post very much. I look forward to reading some more. You mentioned a medical situation you are dealing with, that stuck a nerve since I too am coping with a medical issue. Amazing how much support and laughter you can find in the blogging world!

    • Hey there! Hmm, not sure if I should call you Brick, House, or Chick. Or Brickhousechick. So glad you popped on over from Susie’s place, she’s awesome. I’m also glad you liked this post. Some days I’m funny, other days not so much. Not that I don’t try mind you, but well, what can you do, eh? Stick around, there are some really great folks who comment here and they have fabulous blogs, too. If you blog, I’ll be sure to check you out too! Great meeting you Brickhousechick!

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  13. I’m glad Thor got to experience Easter… And sees the Queen! He has met Barbies before, but I’m sure he was impressed with their outfits… never have I seen such regal Barbies. You really know how to show Thor a good time… let me know how those Barbies are doing in a few months.

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