Who Was Your First Vampire Crush?


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I’m a child of the 80’s and as such, my first Vampire Crush was Lestat de Lioncourt from Anne Rice’s novel, Interview With The Vampire. That enigmatic, a-sexual (hyper-sexual?) predator of men, women, and children. With his marble skin, blue eyes, and pale blond hair, I always pictured Sting as a more fitting Lestat, certainly not Tom Cruise, but whatever. It’s not like Anne Rice asked me her opinion when casting the movie. They should have, by the way. I’m not sure I would’ve picked Brad Pitt for Louis, either. Although, Kirsten Dunst nailed Claudia. I still get chills from her performance.

Louis is a brooding, conflicted vampire, but not Lestat. He relishes his role and embraces his amorality. It’s hard not to be enchanted by him and beguiled by his charm. He knows exactly who and what he is and makes no apologies for being the killer that he is.

I thought it would be cool to travel the world with Louis and Lestat (as long as they didn’t snack on me). Claudia scared the crap out of me, and I sort of hoped she would stay home on our adventures. Think woman in a child’s body and you’ve got Claudia.

If you’ve never read Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire and you like those kinds of books, you should. Seriously. The story is richly drawn and you’ll fall in love as much with the vampires as you will New Orleans.

Whatever you do, read the book before you see the movie. Just trust me on this.

There you have it. Lestat was my first vampire crush. Who was yours? Do you have more than one?


31 thoughts on “Who Was Your First Vampire Crush?

  1. Amy Harper Bellafonte, the Girl from Nowhere, who lived a thousand years, in “The Passage” of Justin Cronin… 😉

    • Interesting you mention Amy… my fiend just bought this book and told me I had to read it. She said Amy haunts her dreams in the best way and I’m absolutely looking forward to reading about her!

  2. I think my first one was probably Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K Hamilton (the first ones that came out so long ago). Then Angel & Spike from Buffy, of course!

    • Oh, my friend Nicole is a huge Laurell K. Hamilton fan and is always trying to get me to read her (she’s been on my TBR list for ages!). Of course I adore Angel and Spike, don’t make me choose a favorite, I couldn’t. I love watching Bones now because every so often you’ll see Angel sneak into Booth’s character.

  3. I loved the Lestat of the books but not Tom Cruise’s portrayal of him. Kirsten Dunst was amazing as Claudia.
    I can’t remember my first vampire crush. I adored the Point Horror books when I was a kid but the vampires in those tales weren’t the attractive type.
    Probably my first memorable vamp crush was Angel in Buffy. I got over him as soon as Spike rolled into Sunnydale.

    • That’s fun, once Spike rolled into Sunnydale, all bets were off. I think a lot of women (and men!) felt the same way. Poor Angel. I don’t know the Point Horror books, but if you say they weren’t attractive, then I’ll pass. You’re always a great resource for modern vampire books. I think Ethan should be on your list.

  4. Lestat all the way. Love him. A friend of mine spent a night explaining Ann Rice’s Vampire books to me. Of course I had to have them. I like the way he looks in my head. I’ve been many place’s with Lestat again only in my head, yet such fun. I am a daydreamer.

    • Yes! I love that you had a friend explain the books to you and then you went out and read them. I think I just pictured Sting in my head. Remember, I read them when The Police were HUGE and Sting was super young and hot, hot, hot. Of course you’re a daydreamer! You’re a writer. I hope you’ve written some of those daydreams down in your books. I would love to read them. 🙂

  5. I saw the movie and read the book, but I don’t remember crushing on any of them. I think my first vampire crush was probably Angel, only to be supplanted forever, by Spike! 🙂 And, of course, I love my sparkly Twilight men, too. Great post, as always.

    • Yes, Spike. He seems to be a favorite here. That bad boy! And I know, you love, love, love your sparkly Edward. Ah, those Cullen vamps. I wonder what the next wave of vampires will be… maybe a mix of fae and vampire? Dragon vampires? Maybe we’ll return to the classics. 🙂

    • Like, maybe you’d had all the blood sucked from you? How odd. Not Bela? Interesting. Frank Langella. I can totally see that, because you are such a huge classics fan. He is hot, I have to admit. I wonder how he’d look in the sun. Somehow I doubt that he’d sparkle. 🙂

  6. I loved reading those books growing up, but I was more for Louis. At least in the first book. Now, in the second book, I began to appreciate Lestat more than Louie. I didn’t mind Tom Cruise in the movie. I thought he did a good job, despite everyone being angry that he got the part. Kristen Dundst was a perfect blend of spoiled brat and creepy as hell!

    • Louis, really? I think by the end of the series I was rooting for Louis to stake Lestat and break out on his own. We’re talking the end, end, end of the series where Rice was losing her mind and writing about Armand and Pianos and weird stuff like that. I forget which book it was that Lestat fancied himself a rockstar and was ‘preternaturally gifted’ and had something like the sun. I forget the phrase Rice used a few times. It’s when Lestat was actually able to go in the sun, that I was pretty much over the books. But I think around that time she came out with the books Debra mentioned below and so I moved on to the new series so I was happy. I had a new love with Lasher.

  7. I tried to read the book after seeing the movie and couldn’t. The movie ruined it for me. That usually happens. I can’t think of a vampire I crushed on back then, but I recall feeling for Lasher (although not a vampire, he was a confused and messed up immortal) in another of Anne Rice’s series.

    • Ah, Lasher. That bizarre, and ultimately creepy character that I loathed and loved. I have that entire series and keep thinking that some day I’m going to re-read it just to try to make sense of it because I read it at a very crucial stage in my life and I’m sure I missed vital parts of the story. We’ll see if I ever do, but it’s definitely a story that’s stuck with me.

    • I don’t think it means anything! Just that you’ve never crushed on a vampire, but it’s all good. I love that you have a fem-crush on Anne. She and her son both rock. Do you follow her on Facebook? She has some intriguing conversations on her page.

    • Ah, yes! That was slightly (but not much) before my time. I liked the remake movie though and can only image how freaky cool the soap opera would’ve been. I probably would’ve faked being sick so I could stay home to watch it.

  8. I LOVED Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries…the books, not the CW Series. Though I will admit casting Ian Somerhalder was BRILLIANT. He looks like and plays Damon so well. It’s not his fault the rest of the show… falters. *winces*

    ‘The Silver Kiss’ by Annette Curtis Klause and ‘Look for Me by Moonlight’ by Mary Downing Hahn and ‘Companions of the Night’ by Vivian Vande Velde are all still favorites from when I read them in middle school.

    Oh the days when ‘paranormal romance’ was not an entire section in Barnes & Noble. I love vampire literature, but the popularity has allowed for too many mediocre bits of work to be released. As far as more current stuff, the ‘Vampire Academy’ series by Richelle Mead was very, very well done I thought. Great characters, some original spin on vampire lore, and just an excellent story to tell. =)

  9. I am a child of the 80’s. My vamp crush has got to be Keifer Sutherland from Lost Boys. I didn’t care that he was bullying cold-blooded killer. He was one hot undead. I never even touched an Anne Rice novel until after I had read the whole Twilight series. And Edward is a bit angsty for me- Emmett is hot, oversexed, and immortal- is there a down side? 😉

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