Ho Hey Cluckin’ Fun! Plus, a Witchy Quick Giggle

What goes great with cake? Fruit! Especially chocolate covered fruit.

What goes great with cake? Fruit! Especially chocolate covered fruit.

I know today I’m supposed to have the first part of our Summer adventure for you, but yesterday was my son’s fifteenth birthday and the celebrations kind of took over our lives for the past two weeks. Finally they’re over and I can focus on other things besides cake!

The story will officially begin next Tuesday. Rain or shine, vertigo or birthday cake, it will happen.

Until then… I couldn’t leave you without anything fun, so here are two videos that cracked me up this past week.

The first one is Jimmy Fallon performing ‘Ho Hey’ in a rather unusual way. Can you say, The Chickeneers? Oh, yeah. It’s awesome covered in chocolate.

Next we have a ridiculous kid on a broom. Just try to watch this without laughing!

I love youtube, don’t you? What’s the most random thing you’ve seen? Post a link in the comments!

Teacup Dragon

And don’t forget, this little sweetie needs a name. So far we have:

Blingaling          Annabelinda          Teodora
Mhegor             Twinkle                  Isabela
Iremat               Jezebel                  Earlie Grey
Darjeeling         Penelope                Tipsy
Blingling            Teavana                 Pekoe
Larkspur           Zatima          Bob (short for Roberta)

Add a new name if you’d like. I’m so glad you all are voting on this, there are way too many great names here!


31 thoughts on “Ho Hey Cluckin’ Fun! Plus, a Witchy Quick Giggle

  1. LOL! I don’t know how they did that without ‘cracking’ up! Hahaha! Still giggling. 😀 Oh, and that adorable little dragon made me think of “Persephone” … blame it on my classical upbringing! Love your post! 😀

  2. I love that Blake Shelton is willing to sacrifice his dignity to wear a chicken suit. That was awesome! As for random youtube… Well, mine’s not random, but I did find it pretty hilarious.

  3. There are so many awesome names for the dragon! I would caution against using ‘Teavana’, though. I don’t know if you guys have them in Cali, but it’s actually the name of a fairly prominent tea store chain, and is likely trademarked.

    If my creation, Zatima, doesn’t get picked, I do really really really like Earlie Grey, Teodora, and Darjeeling :D.

  4. Blake Shelton in a chicken suit? Never thought I’d see the day.

    And the boy with the broom – what was that all about?

    Too much random weirdness for me.

    Happy birthday to your kiddo!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • I really don’t know what that was, but it was awesome! Especially the kid with the broom. That one makes me laugh at random times during the day. I’ll just think of that sound the kid is making and die.

      I love Tipsy, too. I’ll have a poll up later so make sure you put in your vote then!

  5. How do you always get to eat cake???? I want to be you. How exciting that your son is 15! I had a quinceanera for my daughter two years ago when she turned 15. It was lot’s of fun. 🙂

    • I wish I could always eat cake! That would be wonderful… How fun for your daughter! Those are some amazing parties. I’m actually loving this age for him, he’s so mellow and cool right now. And he still likes to hang out with me, so I’m holding onto that for as long as I can.

  6. Those videos have me dying! I actually had chicken for dinner last night and THEN I read Kristy’s comment. Too funny. I don’t know, I think I really like Pekoe for some reason. I’m thinking everyone’s suggestions aren’t going to help you any. We’re going to be all over the map. Hehe.

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