Dragon Names! RWA Prep! Movies! It’s all here today…

Hey Everyone!

I’m wicked excited today. Why? Because the website is going to be up and running soon! That means all of you fabulous readers will have to re-subscribe to the blog (boo!), BUT you’re going to love the new place and I’ve got so many fun things to share with you once the site is fully operational. (Did any of you just hear that dude from Star Wars? Good to know I’m not alone in my geekery). 🙂

Laird has been working her sweet tail off to get the new website to look exactly how I want it. Think dragons and diamonds! Sparkles, castles, pink, yeah, it’s going to totally rock. I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Want a little teaser? This is the business card I had made up for Nationals…

2013 Tameri Etherton BIZ2

Awesome, amiright?

teacup-dragon[color]BUT FIRST! We need a name for our little teacup dragon. This will be the LAST week you can submit a name. Voting is going to start next Friday, so make sure you get your name in before then!

So far we have:

Blingaling         Annabelinda          Teodora           Mhegor             Twinkle            Isabela
Iremat              Jezebel                Tipsy            Earlie Grey       Darjeeling            Penelope
Blingling           Teavana               Pekoe
Larkspur          Zatima          Bob (short for Roberta)

What do you think she should be named? Add it to the list!

As most of you know, I’ll be in Atlanta next week for the RWA National Conference. Romance Writers of America puts on the best conference I’ve ever attended and I’m over the moon about going this year. Last year was my first time and, well, let’s just say I was woefully unprepared. This year? I’m on it.

If any of you feel overwhelmed like I did last year, here are some great links that will help ease your mind.

Angela Quarles has a bunch of posts about Nationals, and she has tips about the Marriott hotel, too. Check out this post for newbies and then make sure you read her other posts.

Are you pitching? Here are some great links for making the most of your pitch session. There are two from Angela, and another two from Laura Drake. Read them all. Trust me on this, it’ll ease your nerves!
Angela’s are here and here.
Laura’s posts are at Writers in the Storm here and here.

And lastly… packing. Ugh. That’s the bane of my travel existence. I always pack WAY too much. Well, Erin Knightley is here to save the day! And my back. You won’t believe how much she fits into one carryon, but since there’s a video to prove it, maybe you will. I’m in awe of Erin. Check out her blog here ~ make sure you watch the video. You too will be amazed!

The last bit of the blog today is about movies. Specifically, what’s your ‘Go To’ movie when you’re feeling down, or just want to escape for a bit?

Last weekend I went to see Much Ado About Nothing with my husband. I was psyched. Shakespeare, Joss Whedon, and my sweet Nathan? YES please!

But, well, I was underwhelmed.

So I went on Facebook and asked for recommendations of what I could watch that would erase the bad memories of the movie. As much as I wanted to love the movie, I didn’t, which put me into a funk. Hence, the question on FB.

The day before, I’d watched a super sweet movie called ‘The Magic of Belle Isle‘. My friend Kristy K James wrote a post about it and it intrigued me. Since it was available on Netflix streaming, I decided to give it a gander.

Well, I was smitten. More than smitten. I’m going to buy this movie to have on hand for those times I need a pick-me-up. Read Kristy’s blog here and let me know if you watch the movie if you love it as much as I did. Or, if you saw Much Ado, did you love it? Hate it? Were confused by it? I’d love to know either way.

I’ve given you loads to think about today! But don’t forget ~ I need dragon names and movie suggestions. I’ll be writing a future blog post about movies and need your help. Also, make sure you’re keeping up with the Summer Adventure story! Other than all that, I hope you have an amazing weekend. What will you be doing?


38 thoughts on “Dragon Names! RWA Prep! Movies! It’s all here today…

  1. I love the name Twinkle :-D. Larkspur is awesome too, and Pekoe. What’s your favorite tea? And I am in LOVE with your business cards! Seriously…beautimous. Can’t wait to see the new site, and to see YOU next week! I get there Wednesday around 1:00.

  2. LOVE the business card, Tameri! Hm, still can’t think of a name for the wee dragon, though I am leaning toward something starting with T. Maybe Z.

    I saw Much Ado About Nothing, and I was confused at first. I couldn’t help comparing it to Kenneth Branagh’s version. At first, the acting seemed stilted to me, but as the story went along and I got used to the modern setting/traditional dialogue, it did grow on me. I thought Sean Maher made an excellent Don John. There were some scenes I felt Branagh did better, and some scenes I felt this new version did really well, so it was a mixed bag for me, but I did laugh a lot, so by the end I was satisfied. 🙂 Sorry you didn’t enjoy it as much.

    • I had to stop myself from comparing it to Branagh’s version because I was driving myself nuts. Sean Maher was great as Don John, just the right amount of badness. I liked the idea and concept of the location, modernization, etc, but I guess I wanted more. Oh, well.

  3. I’d vote for Roberta/Bob – it’s my hubby’s name/nickname (from a airline ticket without spacing, it reads RobertA). Movie choices are hard – sometimes what picks you up once only brings you down the next time. I’d thought about going to Atlanta – so let me ask you writers: would a copy editor/proofreader get anything out of it? (Besides a chance to meet some of my authors – which I am looking forward to getting to do someday!) Looking forward to the new site and all the recap from RWA!

    • That’s so cute! RobertA. Oh, those airline peeps are just too comical.

      I agree about the movie. I’m wondering if I watch it at home, without old people opening candy wrappers and talking, if I’ll enjoy it more. We’ll see.

      I’ve been thinking about your question and I think so. Not only is it a great chance for you to network with other writers, but a lot of the workshops are about where the industry is heading and that’s good information for editors to know. I’ll ask around, though just to make sure. It’s a lot of money, but I think it’s well worth it.

  4. Movies: The Red Violin is – freaking amazing, and the music is totally haunting (great writing music for certain types of scenes). Women in Love, a 1969 British romantic drama film film directed by Ken Russell with Alan Bates, Oliver Reed, Glenda Jackson. OMG What a FABULOUS movie. Can I just say naked wrestling scene by firelight – young and handsome Alan Bates and Oliver Reed… YES please!

    Have fun at the conference!!!

    • Hey you! For some reason, your comment was hanging out in Spam. I rescued it…

      The Red Violin? I don’t think I’ve seen that one. I’ll have to put it in my queue. Um, and a naked wrestling scene? Oh, yes please! Both movies are at the top of my list. Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. O.M.G!



    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your business card and can’t WAIT to see the new digs. Can you say…BAM! It’s pretty, girlie, gentle, delicate, sexy, strong, fierce and ferocious all in one! I LOVE IT!!

    LOVE the name Jezebel for our little dragonnette (she is ADORABLE!) Name suggestions from me are: Glisten and Zoe.

    My pick me up movies are usually some kind of true story like Seabiscuit, Secretariat, or the Blind Side….

    Happy TRAVELS!!!

  6. Well, isn’t she just an adorable Tempest in a teacup! … Tempest … I know I gave a name already, but I like this one too, and it just seems so fitting, lol. Love the business card, Tameri! 🙂 Have a wonderful conference next week – can’t wait to read all about your next adventure! Love and hugs to you! 🙂 xoxox

    • Oooh, great name! Lady Tempest. Yeah, that works. 🙂

      Thanks, Julie! I’m looking forward to a week of adventures. You know I’ll have a fab recap. Take care and I hope you’re feeling better.

  7. Have fun at your conference! I love your new card! Oh, and can I tell you that I found myself at the movies with my brother, watching Much Ado About Nothing without expecting anything! I was actually pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it. Maybe because I expected nothing!

  8. Love your business cards! So adorable.
    And thank you for the newbie RWA links!!! I’m feeling a bit ‘chicken with my head cut off’ as I’m trying to get ready for it. I’m way too excited. I’ll probably be exhausted by the time I get there!!
    (Can you tell I’m excited from all the exclamation marks?!?!!! 😜)
    Great post.

    • Thank you! Aren’t those links awesome? I learned so much from Angela’s posts and I’ve been before. I’m so freaking excited, too!!! I leave tomorrow and feel like there is WAY too much to do before then. It’s going to totally rock.

      You’re ‘Anonymous’ on your comment ~ I wish I knew who to look for at the conference! I’d love to meet up and say hello. You’re going to have a fantastic time, just remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring business cards. Oh, and visit the goody room! They have great stuff there ~ and chocolate. Yum.

  9. I’m seeing “Pashmina” or “Zolena” for that dragon…I don’t know why. You guys are going to have the BEST-BEST-BEST time at National. I wish I was going, but I’m working toward fixing up the Hansen House instead. Bring back lots of pics and stories for me, OK?

    Thanks for linking to Laura’s pitch series at WITS!!!

    • Oooh, Zolena! Great name. Pashmina’s cool, too. Lady Pashmina. Yeah, that works.

      I wish you were going to Atlanta! It’s going to be amazing, but would definitely be out of this world awesome with you there. And we’re wearing the wigs! For real this time. 🙂 Next year in San Antonio, you’ll be there for that one, right?

  10. I love the cards!! They are very eye catching. Can’t wait to see the new site.

    And one more name to add to the list, since there’s already a lot of tea references up there, Oolong.

    Have super fun in Atlanta! I want to see pictures when you get back. I’m saving up for San Antonio next year. Can’t quite swing it this year.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Thanks, Patricia! I wish you were going to Atlanta, but at least I’ll see you next year. I can’t wait for that! We’ll have so much fun ~ I’ll bring the wigs!

      I’ll add Oolong to the list, that’s a cool pick.

    • Haha! Goonies. I love that movie. This is why I asked, because there are so many movies I absolutely love, but don’t necessarily think about. Now I miss Chunk and want to watch that movie. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Make sure you come back and vote for Bob. That’s a hilarious name for a dragon. Lady Bob. 😉

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  12. I know that you are at RWA Tameri, but I had to drop in and tell you that if your new site looks anything like those business cards…Holy Tea Cup girlfriend! Wow! Do you not love Laird? She is a genius! And you of course. I hope you had a wonderful time! 🙂

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