A Day Out In Atlanta!

Downtown Atlanta at Night

Oh, Atlanta. City of humidity and grits. Of peaches and thunderstorms. How I do love thee.

Last week I told you all about the RWA Nationals Conference, so this week I’m sharing a bit of what we did when we weren’t at workshops or the bar. If you missed that post, click here to catch up!

Frankly my dear...

Frankly my dear…

You might say our day out was mostly about Margaret Mitchell and Gone With the Wind. Honestly, I had no idea how much Atlanta loves this woman and the book/movie. I remember watching the movie a long time ago, but not much else. Seeing the props and costumes made me want to see it again, so I got it on Netflix and sat down for all four hours of it. I’m pretty sure when I watched it the first time (probably 20 years ago), I stopped at the intermission because I didn’t remember any of Atlanta with Rhett and Scarlett being married! I thought it ended with Scarlett vowing to never be hungry again. Oops.

Kate ~ GWTW MuseumScarlett ~ Green DressTara

We visited a cool little museum called The Road To Tara. There were so many great items packed into this little train depot. It was as good as, if not better, than Margaret Mitchell’s House!

After the little museum, we got hungry and ate at this shack of a place called Dean’s BBQ. It was recommended to us by the museum lady and damn! This was one good BBQ place. Don’t let the looks fool you. If you’re ever in Jonesboro, head out past the gravel place and look for Dean’s on your left. You’ll be glad you did.

Dean's BBQ Shack

After BBQ, we went to Stately Oaks Plantation. If you ask me, Tara looks an awful lot like this plantation home. The closest Margaret Mitchell got to the place was the fireplace, though. Her great grandfather helped build it. We couldn’t take any pictures inside the house, but the grounds provided loads of photo ops.

Stately Oaks Plantation HouseStately Oaks ~ Fireplace

We also went to Margaret Mitchell’s House in Atlanta. It was cool to see the original door from Tara, as well as the portrait of Scarlett in the blue gown that hangs in her and Rhett’s home in the movie. I think what surprised me most was how tiny Mitchell’s home was! The kitchen is about the size of my guest bathroom. Which isn’t big at all. No photos were allowed inside the apartment, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Margaret Mitchell HouseMargaret Mitchell House ~ Scarlett Blue Portrait

The original doorway to Tara ~ Margaret Mitchell's House.

The original doorway to Tara ~ Margaret Mitchell’s House.

Having our fill of all things Margaret Mitchell, we ventured out to a creepy old cemetery ~ Oakland Cemetery to be exact. This place is fabulous. Some of the graves date back several hundred years. I could’ve stayed there all day, but it was way too hot and humid for this Southern California girl. I wilted within twenty minutes. Yeah, I’m a total wimp. I own that. 🙂

Oakland CemeteryOakland Cemetery ~ Grave StructureOakland Cemetery ~ Raised Bed

You can see more of the pictures I took in Atlanta on my Pinterest board here. As always, feel free to repin or swipe any you enjoy.

In all, I loved Atlanta. The people there are so freaking nice. And the food! Oh my. Diet wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary the entire week. I had a food bucket list and checked everything off: grits, peaches, fried green tomatoes, greens, BBQ, and chicken and waffles. My breakfast at The Flying Biscuit was so good, I took Barbara, Patricia, and Kate back there for more! The grits were luscious. Mmmm, and the biscuits and gravy? To die for. I think I need to head back to Atlanta just for some more Southern hospitality!

Where’s someplace you’ve been that you want to return for either the food or the people? Have you ever been to Atlanta? What did I miss (I need to know for my next visit!)?

I adore traveling ~ where do I NEED to go next?

***Next week I’ll have the top five (or ten) dragon names for the final voting! If you haven’t picked your favorite name, do it now! The winning name will be announced when the website goes live mid-August. Thanks again for playing along.


20 thoughts on “A Day Out In Atlanta!

  1. Cool pictures, Tameri! I visited some of those places when we went to the Georgia Romance Writer’s convention in the fall of 2011. (Way better time to visit in terms of climate.)

    The Margaret Mitchell museum was the first I learned the history behind the woman who wrote Gone with the Wind. She was ahead of her time in terms of independence and stepping outside established norms. For some reason, I was under the impression she was a spinster who wrote Gone with the Wind while sitting in a dusty attic. *snort*

    That apartment was so small. You’re right about the kitchen. What slayed me was the bed. So small! I pictured myself having to drape one leg off the side to keep from rolling into the middle — much like I did when I vacationed at my Grandma’s and slept with her. I dangled one leg off the edge, fearing Grandma might roll over and smoosh me in the middle of the night if I rolled down into the middle.

    It’s the people that make the places special for me. Have car. Long to travel.

    • That bed was tiny! I kept thinking, where would my husband sleep? 🙂 That’s funny about you and your grandma, I can remember times I had to share a bed with my siblings and it wasn’t fun. At all. That’s what sheets and living room forts are for, right?

      When you get your Winnie, I expect to see you here on the west side!

  2. I’ve never seen Gone with the Wind from start to finish. I’ll have to make the time!
    Great pics, Tameri. The Stately Oaks Plantation makes me think of the horror film The Skeleton Key.
    I adored Prague, but I visited the summer I graduated from college, and don’t think I paid enough attention to where I was. There was a lot of pub hopping on that European rail trip! I’d like to go back and appreciate it with more grown up eyes. 🙂

    • It was interesting to watch the entire movie all in one sitting. You definitely need to do it! On some Saturday when you’ve got an extra four hours to spare. 😉

      I’ve never seen The Skeleton Key, but that’s because I don’t watch much horror, but now I’m curious. I might have to get David to rent it so I can watch from Lurker Chair.

      David went to Austria once without me and I’ve always wanted to see Vienna and Prague. I bet your pub hopping rail trip was a blast! I’d love to do that, even with grown up eyes.

  3. Tameri, I do believe you and Kate made the most of our time in Atlanta. Next time I’m signing up for your tour! I’m dreaming of biscuits and gravy at The Magic Saucepan … um, The Flying Biscuit … with you again!

    • We totally did! Next time, you’ll have to join us on some of our adventures!

      You totally crack me up with your Flying Biscuit names. I still say my favorite was The Magic Sausage. I’m still laughing.

      One of these days, I’m going to surprise you either in Toronto or in France. We’ll have so much fun.

    • I was told I needed to go to The Varsity for chili dogs, but we never made it! Next time for sure. And I wanted to see the Underground, but we were warned that it’s a huge drug/hooker place. Which only made me want to see it more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get anyone to go with me. I don’t know much about Stone Mountain. I’ll have to check that out for my return visit. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Great pics, Tameri. I haven’t been to Atlanta. I think Georgia has mostly been a drive through state for me (on the way to Florida). It’s definitely on my list of places to see. Love the Gone with the Wind stuff. 🙂

    • Thanks, Coleen! I think you’d like Atlanta. It has a good vibe to it. In two years RWA will be in New York, is that close to you? I need to meet you in person for real. We’d have so much fun!

  5. I have only driven through one corner of Atlanta on the interstate on a road trip with my aunt. What I saw made me want to go back.

    One place my husband and I really enjoyed and have visited several times and have plans to one day move there is North Carolina, for all of the reasons you stated above. Hospitality, food, even the weather wasn’t too bad. And the land is just beautiful.

    I wish I could have been there to enjoy the day trip, but maybe someday.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Definitely someday! Maybe San Diego in 2016?

      I’ve heard North Carolina is a great place. My sister lived there for several years and enjoyed it. I’d love to visit there. Maybe my next trip to Atlanta needs to be an East Coast tour.

  6. Hi, Tameri. Thanks for sharing. Great stuff, great pictures! I flew in and out of hot-lanta a few years ago, but never had any time to visit the fair city. I was in the neighborhood for my brother’s wedding that was down in Savannah. In any event, it really does look like someplace I need to stay and tour. As for places that I want to return to it wold have to be…San Diego!! My wife and I are sorry that we left. Everything about it was awesome!


    • I’ve flown in and out of there a few times, too. But never had a chance to leave the airport (which is huge!). I’d like to see more of the state, too. Next year I’m going to the Romantic Times convention in New Orleans, so I’ll get to see more of the south. I love that area. But not as much as I love San Diego. You need to move down here! The next time you visit, we’ll have to get together for tea. I’d love to meet you and your wife.

      • Yes, we do need to move down there! 🙂 The next time we head that direction, I will be sure to let you know. Hope the week is treating you well, my friend. *waves*


  7. Fabulous! Ok, now I’m jealous. I read something a fellow author posted about Margaret Mitchell once and I have since been all the more interested in her. That is so cool that you got to see THEE portrait. OH! And cemeteries…I LOVE old cemeteries. Like you, I could walk around them for hours. If I had been there I would have gone to the underground with you. It sounds completely compelling. 🙂

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