Blog Awards

To get an award, to be perceived by your peers as extraordinary, is a humbling experience. This little olde blogge has been awarded several by my fellow bloggers and so I thought they deserved their own page.

If you missed the original post of who gave the award and who they were passed on to, you can click on the award and you’ll be taken back to the original post.

Thank you everyone who thought A Cup of Tea and Sorcery was worthy. Much love.

Technically this isn’t an award, but I did participate in the Platform Building Campaign, so I consider it an award of sorts.

The super fabulous Sheri de Grom gave me the Booker Award. Now I need to find five books I love. Out of the thousands I have. This is going to take some time!


3 thoughts on “Blog Awards

    • Hi Sheri!

      Thank you so much for the award. I’ll skip on over to your blog and check it out. And also thank you for missing me, that warms my heart. I sort of lost last week to a ton of work I had to get done before the weekend and over the summer I was dealing with an icky inner ear thing that made it hard to focus, so my blog posts were sketchy. I’m all better now and caught up on my work, so the blog posts will be regular again. Hope that makes you as happy as it makes me!

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